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  1. it's already 20:30 and no BETA yet . so LET THE RIOTS BEGIN !!
  2. AWWWE MANNNN. don't rain on our parade .at least this Brock knows how to party
  3. well , last year's thread has managed to hit 30 pages on the BETA's realease day , so our pace is ok for now
  4. just editied the headline from "Where is this year's "When's the BETA out speculation thread"?" to "When's the BETA out speculation thread" in order to make it this year's official thread.
  5. to be honest, I'm activating my forum's account once a year in order to participate in the best thread on the internet. Can one of the admins establish this thread already? I do recall the last year's thread when we knock out the 100-pages mark and all the memes and gifs. It was just brilliant! Can't wait for the fun to begin.
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