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  1. If you click on the update in steamdb it has the option to install??? Is it happening???
  2. It’s not been updated in steamdb for 11 hours. Seems a bit odd as previously had been updated every few hours. Makes me think they’ve done everything they need to for the beta and it’s maybe steam or epic holding it up?
  3. Think you’d struggle to avoid a crash in 2 hours of a live stream. I think if a major bug was there we would have seen it. It’ll be today.
  4. Exactly, why would they not want over 2 weeks of testing before full release. It’s clearly playable. I feel like they try and throw people off with the release, pretty sure miles did something similar last year
  5. After that it’s surely going to be Tuesday. Lot needs fixing even before beta...as granny always said don’t herd the cows until the hay is in
  6. Hmmm seems odd say that today...everyday on here has had speculation about it being this week. I think that was supposed to be a “clever” way to throw us off it coming out today
  7. Last year they had streamers at SI. Confirmed this year this isn’t happening but there have been hints that additional ME footage is still to be released. Think streamers released footage a day or 2 before release of beta.
  8. Think you’re about right here. If we’re going to get it by Friday they will need to release ME footage today. Could happen though as there has been so little in the way of feature drops this week.
  9. They’re really dragging it out on Twitter. Wonder what pointless feature update we’ll get tonight - “we’re now paying close attention to detail and every time your manager pops to the shop for a pint of milk will be reported in the papers #realism” 🙄
  10. Looking at Miles’s and FMs Twitter it looks like they’ve run out of features to tell us about. Not sure they can drag it out much longer. We got the same new ME blog 2 days in a row. I’m thinking ME video tonight and beta released tomorrow or Friday at the latest.
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