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  1. Tried again using a tactic I made myself. Same "Exploit bug" popped up again!
  2. A bug that is triggered by exploit tactics? Has anyone worked out how the game defines or recognises an "exploit" tactic and what is it about them that triggers the bug but allows it to be overruled with a back click? I'm not a programmer and know nothing about it but that's pretty surreal if the game can recognise an exploit given that by it's very nature an exploit should go pretty much unrecognised so as to exploit. That's some meta stuff going on there. If I create a tactic is there a check on the exploit status which then triggers slightly irritating but not game breaking bugs? What if it works fine with no bugs but I then load it into another save game? Is there another review or a redefining of it's exploit status then? Or is it just a bug?
  3. Not played in a while but picked up CM20 cheap and have been having a play using a Knap tactic. Having an issue with the Tactics / Player screen though as I'll show below. I load in a tactic, click the Player tab and then click the LB on the small formation screen. I am presented with a list of players on the right of the screen which I assume is a list showing players suitability for that position and role? Now having clicked the LB/WB tab on the formation I'd have expected the LB/LWB's Digne or Baines to be most suited but it's showing Sidibe and Martina as the best suited. Strange as they're primarily right sided defenders. So I click on Sidibe just to confirm this..... Appears to be about correct so I click the back tab in the top left....... And now Digne and Baines are showing as most suited to the LB position! I've tried this with several other positions and it does the same. It will initially show players as being wholly unsuited going off the star rating and circle but if I click a player's name and then click back it shows something that makes a lot more sense. Is this a bug or am I missing something? If I'm missing something then it's a very counter-intuitive system having to click into players and then back just to get an accurate picture of role suitability.
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