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  1. so i need to tell me steps how to erase this salary cap EPL one
  2. So, in editor that we can erase? So i must buy all the players before august?
  3. will anyone answer on our bug report? we want to play and not wait...
  4. I start to play in SKY bet league one with Sunderland, and there is funny rule of 53 000 € per week. Is this in real world? Where can i change this in editor? this is stupid. Other temas have bigger wage to and nothing... please help And example Grigg have wage 11000p/w and when I remove him my wage from 53000pw drop to 51000pw and not like it mus be 42000p/w
  5. So I pay the game and no one cares that i can use all of it? How you can be like this, this is not good behavior
  6. I need help, yesterday was everything ok, but today when i write name of player, editor find match but no one is shown
  7. Hi yesterday It was all ok but today i cant find none of player, everything is empty
  8. So full game is near to go out but there is no info on my bug report will any one answer? do you even look on it?
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