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  1. ....just one of example of reality... 7-0, 7-1..and so one... just in few games with big opponent (of course this is AI stats) :-D
  2. no reaction from SI , no repaired previous bugs, all the same... you people are just phenomenal, I really dont know what happened to you because in previous FM you reacted instant on bug report and fix him, now you didnt react 3 months, you release update with NO change the important bugs (i forget to write up in report Disallowed goal are never wrong, always is goal disallowed), so my opinion is that you lost a lot of your workers, obviously because is this happened now, after so log years of game is getting better and taking care about bugs and instant repairs them, now is just no single re
  3. So, i played aprox. 10 games and conclusion is that you didn t repair none of major problem ME: -stupid long ball to opponent even has 2-3 players alone around him and even if I set to play short -defensive positioning (the defenders run away from players not closing down, but in some cases 3 or 4 players close one player and left alone theirs player, left the positioning and so one), stupid positioning (like idiot) -throw ins direct to opponent -defensive set pieces (unmarked players) so in my opinion you have focus on things that is not important because the m
  4. We all know the issues we all wait the "BIG" update, in march i hope so, but nobody said nothing and dont answer on bugs report...
  5. Ok, we will see. Hope it will be good. but i just want to say when the game has so many major bugs its important to fix fast and not as usually every year
  6. So i said something that is not right? I just said something because i have some info and experience about some staff, so forum is free of speaking, but I said nothing wrong and what is not truth, i reported all of bugs but there is no fix for neither.
  7. How you can explained that FM 2021 ME was very close to perfect? The people who get paid to do their job know what to do and can easy test immediately. The question is what are and if they do something. Tips like throw in direct to opposition (mostly in my case not AI), when my defenders run away from the opponent and not to him, positioning when I have defensive set pieces (again not AI) , stupid long ball my players direct to opponent even if i instruct very short play (sometimes the kick the long ball even they have 3 players who are alone) , VAR checking goal was 100% disallowed...and so o
  8. People who made ME gets a lots of money so that is their job... I can say that FM 2021 ME was very close to perfect but his is far just to far behind, so the bigger problem is that they will not improve anything because they work in FM 2022 and this is not good in my opinion because a lots of player will not buy it because of not repairing this ME and leave FM 2021 as it is...so we will see...
  9. I cant agree that SI work on game and so one, because from early december they didnt repair anything neither the major bugs like: -player positioning and defenders behavior -throw ins -defensive set pieces So 3 months there is no any of improvement so how can we all believe this what they write? There is no result of this, and as player FM since 200x i want to help them, to improve quality of the game but this SI behavior is not good for future because as I said there is 3 months of no improvement. So please if I m wrong some proves that what I said not stand.
  10. SO will anyone answer or what????
  11. just to refresh SI who dont read this bug reports...another fantastic reaction players who dont attack ball and opponent instead he leaves him to run and score...just like in real life, players look opponent players and tries not to stop him.. Van dijk and Ampadu let him go of course Hertha BSC v Liverpool.pkm
  12. I wait response on my bug report from early December, i hope it will be response before FM 2022 go out. So here is another fantastic bug... My player who scores Depay is NOT in offside when Trent cross the ball. But in your game it is... Fantastic again... Milan v Liverpool.pkm
  13. They dont have time, they take our money and that's it. They working on FM 2022 who nobody will buy because this behavior
  14. Ok, thanks for fast response, this I cant say about other SI members because they didnt answer for some bugs which i reported 2 months ago...
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