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  1. I have a couple of questions; 1. What determines a clubs financial status? Lik what makes a clubs financial status rich, secure and so on? Is there a specific way to determine this? 2. Is the qualifying spots for the world cup dynamic or static? If for example many African teams do really well for a long time, will they recieve more teams in the world cup eventually?
  2. Well, I think the whole community really appreciates it, it has improved the FM experience for a lot of people, myself included
  3. Wher do you find the time for all this? Really impressed with your work, improves the experience greatly!
  4. Very good timing! I was planning to start my journeyman save today! Are the different files available as a single download as well? Cheers!
  5. How do you make academy teams, like Aspire, right to dream etc, produce regens? Is it enough to place them in a league, or are there other things you need to too? Does it have to be a selected league? Thanks
  6. Hi! How did you make some african teams like Aspire and Right to dream produce regens? Don't they do that automatically? Cheers
  7. Hi! I read somewhere that you made a few african academies like Aspire and Right to dream produce regens, don't they do that without a fix? And if so, what did you do to accomplish that? Cheers
  8. Even if I used customized leagues? Havent touched the reputation, only number of teams and which teams are in it?
  9. Does anybody know if the league reputations stay dynamic if you edit the champions league or another continental cup? What if you create a new continental cup feom the ground? Thanks in advance!
  10. If I may ask, I have two editing questions I can't figure out for the life of me 1- how were you able to make it so that teams from every continent can parricipate in these cups, instead of just from one single continent? 2 - what do you do in the editor that causes change between static and dynamic reputations? Ps! The site tells me that the files are unavailable for some reason... Cheers
  11. Thanks for the reply. Love your mods, they really add a lot to the game imo, SI should take note from you, majesticeternity and other creators content
  12. In your file about financial behavior, what exactly has been edited? Does it have to do with chairmens club vision or with clubs financial state?
  13. In the reduced frequency file, what is the percentage in terms of injuries compared to the touted 80% default and the 100% in your regular realistic injuries file?
  14. I am making a world league, and I want a limit for number of foreign players allowed, how do I do that? When selecting that option in the editor, even players from same nation as the club are listed as foreign. Ps! Only using simple rules in the editor
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