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  1. Hi, can you upload the file? I want to do that but I always have problems editing skin files. Thanks
  2. Let's remember that with FM21 there were actually 2 bugs (that I recall) in the beta that made the game easy. Sometimes a thing is a little unbalanced or bugged and creates a cascade. Hopefully if there's somethingl ike this for this edition, they'll fix it before release. Also, I suspect they can now better fine tune the passing and fitness, so if there're issues there they can quickly change it as the game now allows it.
  3. I'm really annoyed at the removal of the potential ability from the player's profile. Yes. You should remove it from all the game, not only in that section! It's easy already to spam wonderkids into your team already. Keep the potential ability as a hidden variable and let us discover through time and maybe some trainer reports the potential of our players. (Besides that, I'm really enjoying what Im seeing so far in FM22, but didn't had that much time to play. The new animations are really great, by the way).
  4. I was messing a little with a save, and made an offer for a player. The team accepted the offer, but the player refused to negotiate with me. Nevertheless, the team asked me if I can loan the player back to them, and I can accept or reject the offer. Technically the team accepted the offer and asks me for the loan, so that logic is ok. But since the player rejected the offer and I can't enter negotiations, I don't see the point of that news item. Uploaded save: Loanback-bug.fm The save has the option for the loan without an answer so you can check it for yourself.
  5. Didn't this depends (partially) on the profile of the head of youth development? If you have a HoYD with that style, the players you get through the youth intake should be somehow fit to that style. I do agree however that newgens needs a revamp in terms of how the game randomly assignes the attributes, both in the diversity (different types of players, even if they play in the same position and have the same role), and in how these attributes are divided.
  6. But in terms of playing a game, this is great. He was losing, he did some changes, it affected the game and the outcome was good for him. The fact that your decisions have consequences it's what make a game like this enjoyable. The tradeoff should be that when you make bad decisions, be it a tactical one, a bad change, etc, you should be "punished" more emphatically by the game. What I suspect is that, since FM won't have difficulty levels (or different modes, to call it differently), they have to serve a large audience who prefers to win easily, as winning everything with your team from the lower league is basically fun. In this way, if they make the game too hard, or even slightly hard, people will start to complain as no one wants to lose. But at some point FM should decide if they're a sandbox for us to break anything in football and do whatever we want, or a game with actual challenges on the save to overcome in order to succeed.
  7. Most of the streamers who were assigned the alpha did overperform, such as the stream from FM. I might think that the problem might not lie directly with gegenpress but with the AI being too passive again. But we'll have to wait until the beta comes out. In reality, gegenpress should be OP as it factors one some things that will always work. But the trade offs should be more noticeable: if you don't have the players to do it, you should lose (this is what the stamina fix for FM22 should address). If you press high all the time and the other team is better than you, you'll have holes in your defense and eventually you'll lose. That's what's doesn't happen in FM right now. But Dortmund should be able to gegenpress. The problem in FM21 and before is that I can do it with Mbeya City fighting for relegation in Tanzania 😂. What I didn't see that much was the inaccuracies they described. But again, all content creators played with top teams. Let's wait until the beta.
  8. I think if you scout a player for matches instead of months, your scout gives you a highlight package of each match.
  9. Guys, there're two weeks to massively test the game when the beta launches to check if gegenpressing is still OP. It is true that none of the matches were particularly difficult for them, which might be a little worrying, but I'll wait until more people are playing the game. They did, however, had a large squad and the players were tired very easily. Also, I've liked the occasional missed pass, but I can say if this is enough or not until I play in some lower divisions where these things should be much more noticeable. I expect a Championship team (and a good one like sheffield united) to carry a heavy pressing style against similar teams. It worried me a little the great amount of goals from set pieces or crosses, but again, let's wait after the beta to see if that's an issue or not. I've also liked the more patient build up, which was definitely a thing. You saw players not rushing that much the ball into the box, and the animations were really good. I honestly can't wait to play! Oh, and the best thing I saw was the new talk with the agents. The fact that you have to ask them and the way you do it and your relationship affects the answer, it's very nice addition!
  10. I feel that dynamic youth rating deserved a spot in the second video with the new features, or at least a blog post... but hey, I'll take a tweet from Miles. This is really a good feature! Why on earth they don't promote it more in the community?
  11. The core of the game is the match engine. If it improves, then everything will improve. The data hub for me is heavily linked with it for example. If I can just plug and play a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress, then all the data is useless as I don't actually need it. Same with the staff meetings. If it will be just a new way of pressing the space bar (because at the end of the day, I already have my tactic setted) then, there's no point in it. So, for me, all that it's said in the match engine blog and what was said in the video is my main reason to be optimistic about FM22. I hope it delivers what it promises, because it can be huge. This game is in a point where it needs to become a little more harder for the average player. I mean, we talk about realism a lot in the forums. It's not real that a manager can win everything without doing tactical changes during matches because they don't need to. It's not to bash anyone, it's just the way we play right now. And it's being adressed in this iteration of the game, so I'm really excited to see where it lands!
  12. Actually, what all of this discussion says it's that as long as you don't need to do anything besides setting a OP tactic and buying young players which are also OP and easy to get, any feature is "useless". Training? Don't need it. Let the assman do it. Deadline day? Don't need it, I already have my young prospects scouted and signed. Match day experience? Don't need it. I just play in extended highlights and barley make any tactical decision during the game. New staff meeting? Dynamics? Pointless. I'm winning and everything is alright. Press conferences? Useless. Just answer neutral or the first positive. Whatever you do, if the game is still easy out of the box, all you're left to do is just do the same you're doing every year. That's why I'm excited about the changes on pressing, and why I still have faith that we'll get a blog post talking about the AI on squad building and transfers for FM22! While those aren't technically new features, they will improve our game experience by a lot.
  13. I might be the only one who is actually excited about the deadline transfer IF (conditional) it also means that the AI has been revamped in how it handles transfers. If not and it's just a re-skin of something that it's already in game, then I'm not as excited for it. It is true that a lot of transfers occurs in deadline day, but in FM the reality is that most of the time by the time that you get to the deadline day you have your squad almost built up. Maybe you need an extra filler in some position, a backup player or something like that, but the big transfers usually occurs in other moments of the save, not specifically in deadline day. And this is because, mainly, it's very easy to spot good players, scout is massively overpowered and you just know exactly what you are buying. And since the economy in the game is almost non-existent (you can even be in negative balance for years but if you follow the budget guidelines nothing happens to you), you're not in the urge to make cheap or quick deals, which is why a lot of big clubs makes deals in transfer deadline, when players can be bought for less money. Also, there's other element that COULD potentially add a layer of interest: losing important players on deadline day. Most of the times what you get now on deadline day is loan offers for young prospects, which I don't mind losing and it doesn't make me look for an alternative right away. But if a big team uses the deadline day to start a rumor, contact my best player, and make an offer that my own player wants to accept and I can't refuse it... then it's different, as I'm obliged to search for an alternative in minutes, and then the margin of error goes up, as agents will offer me all kind of players I haven't scouted, will look in the loan list if something it's available, and I have to take quick decisions with no time to spare, which is why deadline day is exciting. Also, most of the times the transfer market for the AI teams follows a pattern where they spend most of their money and time in the first half of the transfer window. By the time deadline day is coming, just a small number teams actually uses it (in comparison). So, if the AI is more aggressive and intelligent in squad building and the actual process of buying players in FM has a new difficulty overall, then a revamped deadline day that sums up all of this can be exciting. But if it's just a reskin and nothing else, then I'm not that hyped.
  14. Yes! But the idea is not so much to win the Champions League for example, just to enjoy in the current team I'm managing. If I like a team in Tanzania for example, I could manage it for years before attempting to make a move to other country. I've been playing with a one-club save for years for now, I want to try something different this time!
  15. For the beta I just choose a team on stream the first day of release. I don't know still where I'm going to be. But once the game is polished after the first updates and the editors have their files on, my main save this year will be a journeyman one starting in Zanzibar. The idea is that I can only move from certain countries. From Zanzibar I can only go to mainland Tanzania. From Tanzania I can go to any country in East Africa. From there I can choose any African country. Then middle east. And then the rest of the world.
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