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  1. This might sound like cheating, but to make the league more competitive you could also use the in-game editor to strength other squads with some transfers. Usually there's a time where there are a lot of good free agents roaming around. Just transfer them to other clubs and you'll have three or four teams that will be much harder to beat and make the local league a little more interesting. Or, for example, if you have scouted 5 possible wonderkids, instead of buying them all, just buy one or two, and move the others to other clubs. We will always have advantage over the AI through squad b
  2. Hi, I'm having an issue with advanced rules. I'm setting the rules for squad registration for a league. Max 35 players, minimum 30 (setting as "more than 30" for squad min size in squad selection rules). For me, the minimum rule is a kind of a ghost: sometimes appears in game for my team, sometimes it won't. For the AI, the rule just don't exist. If I check the team squad registration, that rule won't appear. The problem is that the AI only registers 15 players, as you can see here. I even created a "Only AI" rule to try to fix this, but it seems that the game o
  3. I play with the hidden attributes' skin and now I feel seeing the attributes is "cheating"! It's really fun to play this way and I honestly like it way more. But it's true that scout reports needs an overhaul. And that right now for example you wouldn't know by watching a match if a player is a good dribbler or an excellent one. Having said that, for me the fun is that you end up having always 2 or 3 similar players for one position. With a lot of green stars all around in the same skills. But for one reason or another, one player just plays better. Maybe if you see the attributes it's th
  4. So, basically, there's no way to add a new country to South America? (Because redoing the entire competition seems unreal given what you say).
  5. Hello, I'm making a mod that adds a new country to South America using Ireland pre-1922. The issue I'm having is that I don't know how to add this country to the continental competitions. Any one may have an idea? Or better, if you want to do it yourself and don't charge too much, I'm even willing to pay
  6. I'm about to start a save game with Tanzania. The first division is completely made with correct rosters for this season (and more than 600 pictures)! I also have edited some teams in the second division, but some data is old or even some players were placed in other clubs. I'm more than happy to share it once I finish it (I think this week) so you can add it to the patch.
  7. I think with just three simple buttons a lot can be done: No roof Oval Stadium One Stand (for stadiums with only one stand but 7000 spectators for example). Just with that we could mimic like 90% of the stadiums around the world at least a little without having licensing issues. All done via editor like I can edit a team's name or player.
  8. Having the same issue. Tried to reload the game and at the next match, the same happened. I don't have a save file from weeks before registration, but since I'm using a custom database (Cambodia), I've uploaded the save so you can take a look. In this case the AI registered the worst players from the first team, and then filled up with reserve squads in all teams. What's worse, they don't even hit the maximium players (for example, registered only 27 players instead of the 35 allowed). File name: Nahuel Phem - Visakha FC.fm
  9. This is great! Now I can finally start my saves in FM21. And you fixed the issues I had in FM20 without knowing them. You rock!
  10. I'm making a mod for a new country. The nationality works, but the alternative names under the pre-game editor won't. So, for example: This biography in english is perfect, as it's using the "Nationality" tab to make the paragraph. But since my mod is mainly in spanish and for spanish people, when we use the spanish version, instead of using the nationality data, it takes the names from "alternative names". And then, although it's changed in the editor, it uses the original ones (I'm creating this country using Ireland Pre-1922 as the country to replace). If we loo
  11. I'm really waiting for this skin Used what @wkdsoul did for FM20 and was very fun to play with! So much that I feel now that seeing the full attributes is like cheating.
  12. Just tried a match, low reputation teams (average CA between 85 and 100). Watched the first half in full detail, second half in comprehensive highlights. Worth addressing that the corner from crossing bug seems to be fixed. Saw a lot of variety. To start, players where more prone to look for better positions to cross, or even make a back pass or an inner pass! Nice. But rebounds now were more diverse. Some ended in corner, yes, but I only saw 2 or 3. The rest: Throw ins, the fullback got the rebound and cleared the ball, or the ball rebounded but remained in game. Of course, one match isn
  13. I was reading the SI's update on ME for FM21 and thought of this: We know that now players have some sort of improved spatial awareness, but I think what it's lacking is "aerial awareness". A lot of through balls from CBs and GKs could be easily deflected by any center back who just position themselves correctly, jump and deflect the ball with a header. It's kind of ironic, because in a long ball, the defender have more chances of having success, due to being in front of the ball most of the time. Yet in FM21 (and FM20), in such long balls, the defender is often running behind the
  14. 1) it bypass the minimum age you set In the rules 2) for countries than don't have youths created in the database, there is a gap between the first team and the youth teams, so for 3 or 4 seasons, there are almost no new players getting in the first team. 3) You have two leagues, u20 and u17. And you literally only have players with 16 years playing in the u20! And I remember playing in Oman on FM20 with youths with 17/18 years on my first season. So it looks like a bug.
  15. This one: https://community.sigames.com/topic/542442-youth-newgens-at-the-start-of-a-save-only-have-1516-years/
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