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  1. Hi, I love this skin! Kudos to the creators for making it I just want to add the stadium pic in the overview panel like in the picture. Is there a way to do it? (I have the mini stadiums for the club panel) Thanks!
  2. At least implement some kind of ID division so we can generate them and implement the pictures as custom mods! For example, if Regen ID is 284789231, the first three numbers determines the skin and race, the second two numbers the color hair and the other two the length. The remaining numbers are the individual IDs. This will help all the Regen packs out there and shouldn't be that difficult to implement!
  3. Thanks! That might do it. Another question that I have, and it's related with this, who decides the transfers for the AI, the manager?
  4. Is there a way to have more loans between AI teams? I find amusing that lower division teams doesn't get loaned players from the top players, it could help balance the squads and also improve the players. I've tried to add a good loan manager to a club and ran a couple of transfer windows to see what happen and nothing. They didn't loaned a single player. Is there something in the pre-game editor that I could use to get more loans in the same country that I'm missing?
  5. How many seasons should I simulate to know if everything is working ok (I'm making a custom league, custom promotions, cups and some modifications to the continental cups) Two full seasons should be enough? I don't want to find an error in the middle of the save.
  6. Hi, for what I've read, the ME takes the distance traveled by the away team into account when weighting the variables of a match. But how impactful is that? I want to play a save in Asia and use a champions league edit that merge all the teams (originally, afc divides the tournaments in East and West due to travel). So, for example, if a team from Saudi Arabia has to play in Japan, will there be a lot of disadvantage? Also, will this have an impact in the overall form of the team? (Like, excessive loss of fitness during the week because of the long travel) Thanks
  7. Maybe this thread can help me. I'm about to run a new save on Oman. I'm on a 8gb of ram pc, with a decent processor (nothing out of this world). I do need to run several leagues, some from middle east and some more from asia to have a realistic afc cup, some from africa (to have a good arab champions league), plus the usual ones. Having 20 or 25 in playable, and 20 or 25 in view-only, it's realistic for my kind of pc? I don't mind a little slowdown (if it isn't tedious) on passing days, my fear is having a broken save by 2030 or so if I happens to get there. (Also, as far as I know, view only leagues don't have so much difference in terms of transfer activity as playable, but just to confirm, is this the case?)
  8. I think the issues with the ME could be summed up around two or three big axis. First, most of the professional football matches looks like the ME in broad terms. But people only watch high elite football (Premier League, LaLiga, Champions League). That's not the norm. That's the exception. Most of the games are opened by set pieces, crosses or one touch shots from a pass from the sideline. So having a lot of similar goals (specially when almost everyone uses the same tactics) it's logic. At core level, I think that the game do have an issue: time. In 45 minutes IRL you don't have the actual time to create a lot of clear chances in the first ten minutes. But in the game you can. 45 minutes in FM is A LOT of time. It's not the equivalent of 45 minutes of real football. So if the ME tries to emulate that, you'll have a lot of unrealistic scores with even more goals. One way to "fix this" is by making a goal more difficult (better gks, different ball physics, different calculations for accuracy, etc). Then we have to divide the ME by two, as a lot of users have done here: core calculations and graphic representation. Having a lot of goals depends on the calculations. How they look, depends on representation. I think the other issue is that the game don't have the graphic tools (in a broad sense again) to accurately represent some things, so it has to "fall back" to other situations to replace those. That's why for example a lot of goals looks the same, or some people complains that low skilled players make astonishing goals from out of the box. In reality, even a Sunday league player make a lot of goals like that, but the shot doesn't look as perfect as a Messi's stunner. The game can not accurately differentiate this in the game. So when it decides that a player will make a long distance goal, it has to choose between a limited (although increasing) numbers of options. And finally, there's a subtle difference that people usually confounds: "What is real" vs "What I don't like". A lot of the times when someone says "this isn't realistic", what they mean is "this isn't the ideal representation of football that I have". I like to think that FM (or any football simulator) don't try to emulate the real thing. It's just not possible. It's a simulator with a football theme on it, that eventually has its own rules and laws and we just have to play with them. This doesn't means that there are no bugs or things that can be improved. In the end, the end goal of the ME should be giving us a nice experience, not an imitation of a real football match back to back. So if there're things that can be improved to make that experience better, it should be done! One more though. A lot of people don't like to lose. Can't blame them, me neither. But I honestly don't understand how some people enjoy winning every game 5-0. For me, that's not challenging, and ultimately not fun. I know this is a matter of taste, but if every Manager wins every match easily... That would be an issue and should be addressed. And the AI is already easy enough to beat. I do understand that making the AI "cheat" to be challenging is bad game design. But I ultimately prefer that to a ME that makes a team with good (but not great) players beat Liverpool on a CL final. That happens a lot in FM and that's not realistic either, but almost no one complains about that because they won.
  9. Right now if I create a player in the editor, the unique ID assigned to him will change in game if it's not the first file loaded. Then if you have two files with created players or clubs, one of them will have issues, specially with graphics. The problem gets bigger if you download a data pack that add players or staff into the game and comes with a facepacks. The easiest solution I can think of it's using a universal ID that won't change when the game starts, and no matter in the order which is loaded or in which instance of the game (meaning that If I download a file with created players, those players will have the same ID). What should be thought it's how to randomize the numbers enough to ensure a big range of numbers which won't conflict if two users share files or if I download a data file. Example: I create a player which gets the unique ID 25402838960. The first five numbers (25402) are created when the game is installed and can't be edited. 838 could be a random three numbers made up when we create the player and then the last numbers are just incremental (so this player would be the 960th player I've created). The chance that another user will have a created player with the same ID is really low. Like... Almost impossible. But if by chance it happens, the game can just act as it acts now and assign a new ID in game and nothing will crash, that user would only have to update the graphic xml. As this would be a really low occurrence, it would be easier to debug or the user might never know about it.
  10. Man, that sucks. Is there an alternative to fix it? I tested the file with the name "1111" and if it's the first to load, it seems like the IDs are the same. But If I want to edit other country, then it shouldnt be possible?
  11. Hi, it's me again. I'm thinking of making a massive edition on the country I'll be playing, that means updating the players (as the FM data is kinda incomplete, even in the first division) and adding the pictures. But when I start a new save to check how everything is going, the players I've created in the editor have now a different ID, so the faces in the game doesn't appear. As I only created 2 squads, I want to know if this can be fixed or should I quit already. Thanks!
  12. Hi! I want to add a cup for the last league in the pyramid for a country. Ideally, I want that the 16 teams plus other 16 teams which are created but have no league assigned play there, and I can only choose teams from the created divisions. Is there a way to sort this out? Also, the same with relegation. I want one relegation and one play off for this last division. Two teams at random from those created teams should be chosen to be promoted. Can this be done? If so, how? Thanks
  13. Hello I'm new here (both in the forum and in the game and the editing world), so this might sound like a basic question but I didn't find an answer to it. I want to use several custom data files from here and other sources, but I also want to edit some variables myself. How does the game works when two .fmf files in the data_editor folder edit the same variable? For example, let's say I use a custom data file for transfers and other edits. That file is kilometric and checking one by one if the player or manager I want to modify is already edited would take me hours. I just prefer to have my own .fmf file with all those changes and that the game prioritizes it when creating the new save. What should I do to accomplish this? Thanks!
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