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  1. I think if you scout a player for matches instead of months, your scout gives you a highlight package of each match.
  2. Guys, there're two weeks to massively test the game when the beta launches to check if gegenpressing is still OP. It is true that none of the matches were particularly difficult for them, which might be a little worrying, but I'll wait until more people are playing the game. They did, however, had a large squad and the players were tired very easily. Also, I've liked the occasional missed pass, but I can say if this is enough or not until I play in some lower divisions where these things should be much more noticeable. I expect a Championship team (and a good one like sheffield united) to carry a heavy pressing style against similar teams. It worried me a little the great amount of goals from set pieces or crosses, but again, let's wait after the beta to see if that's an issue or not. I've also liked the more patient build up, which was definitely a thing. You saw players not rushing that much the ball into the box, and the animations were really good. I honestly can't wait to play! Oh, and the best thing I saw was the new talk with the agents. The fact that you have to ask them and the way you do it and your relationship affects the answer, it's very nice addition!
  3. I feel that dynamic youth rating deserved a spot in the second video with the new features, or at least a blog post... but hey, I'll take a tweet from Miles. This is really a good feature! Why on earth they don't promote it more in the community?
  4. The core of the game is the match engine. If it improves, then everything will improve. The data hub for me is heavily linked with it for example. If I can just plug and play a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress, then all the data is useless as I don't actually need it. Same with the staff meetings. If it will be just a new way of pressing the space bar (because at the end of the day, I already have my tactic setted) then, there's no point in it. So, for me, all that it's said in the match engine blog and what was said in the video is my main reason to be optimistic about FM22. I hope it delivers what it promises, because it can be huge. This game is in a point where it needs to become a little more harder for the average player. I mean, we talk about realism a lot in the forums. It's not real that a manager can win everything without doing tactical changes during matches because they don't need to. It's not to bash anyone, it's just the way we play right now. And it's being adressed in this iteration of the game, so I'm really excited to see where it lands!
  5. Actually, what all of this discussion says it's that as long as you don't need to do anything besides setting a OP tactic and buying young players which are also OP and easy to get, any feature is "useless". Training? Don't need it. Let the assman do it. Deadline day? Don't need it, I already have my young prospects scouted and signed. Match day experience? Don't need it. I just play in extended highlights and barley make any tactical decision during the game. New staff meeting? Dynamics? Pointless. I'm winning and everything is alright. Press conferences? Useless. Just answer neutral or the first positive. Whatever you do, if the game is still easy out of the box, all you're left to do is just do the same you're doing every year. That's why I'm excited about the changes on pressing, and why I still have faith that we'll get a blog post talking about the AI on squad building and transfers for FM22! While those aren't technically new features, they will improve our game experience by a lot.
  6. I might be the only one who is actually excited about the deadline transfer IF (conditional) it also means that the AI has been revamped in how it handles transfers. If not and it's just a re-skin of something that it's already in game, then I'm not as excited for it. It is true that a lot of transfers occurs in deadline day, but in FM the reality is that most of the time by the time that you get to the deadline day you have your squad almost built up. Maybe you need an extra filler in some position, a backup player or something like that, but the big transfers usually occurs in other moments of the save, not specifically in deadline day. And this is because, mainly, it's very easy to spot good players, scout is massively overpowered and you just know exactly what you are buying. And since the economy in the game is almost non-existent (you can even be in negative balance for years but if you follow the budget guidelines nothing happens to you), you're not in the urge to make cheap or quick deals, which is why a lot of big clubs makes deals in transfer deadline, when players can be bought for less money. Also, there's other element that COULD potentially add a layer of interest: losing important players on deadline day. Most of the times what you get now on deadline day is loan offers for young prospects, which I don't mind losing and it doesn't make me look for an alternative right away. But if a big team uses the deadline day to start a rumor, contact my best player, and make an offer that my own player wants to accept and I can't refuse it... then it's different, as I'm obliged to search for an alternative in minutes, and then the margin of error goes up, as agents will offer me all kind of players I haven't scouted, will look in the loan list if something it's available, and I have to take quick decisions with no time to spare, which is why deadline day is exciting. Also, most of the times the transfer market for the AI teams follows a pattern where they spend most of their money and time in the first half of the transfer window. By the time deadline day is coming, just a small number teams actually uses it (in comparison). So, if the AI is more aggressive and intelligent in squad building and the actual process of buying players in FM has a new difficulty overall, then a revamped deadline day that sums up all of this can be exciting. But if it's just a reskin and nothing else, then I'm not that hyped.
  7. Yes! But the idea is not so much to win the Champions League for example, just to enjoy in the current team I'm managing. If I like a team in Tanzania for example, I could manage it for years before attempting to make a move to other country. I've been playing with a one-club save for years for now, I want to try something different this time!
  8. For the beta I just choose a team on stream the first day of release. I don't know still where I'm going to be. But once the game is polished after the first updates and the editors have their files on, my main save this year will be a journeyman one starting in Zanzibar. The idea is that I can only move from certain countries. From Zanzibar I can only go to mainland Tanzania. From Tanzania I can go to any country in East Africa. From there I can choose any African country. Then middle east. And then the rest of the world.
  9. I'd love some stadium love, even if it's for purely aesthetics, it's a nice touch. But if it takes a lot of work, there's a lot of low hanging fruit to do that will make some nice impact: 1) Stadium editor in the pre-game editor, WHICH IS ALREADY IMPLEMENTED but not officially. Don't know why this still isn't a thing. I understand licenses, but you could just have the option enabled and the community will do the rest. FIFA Manager had it and it never had an issue with licensing for other countries (it was a different time and company, but still). Maybe this year's editor will have it by default so we can start to do some work. 2) Graphical animation for pitch condition. Right now I assume that the pitch condition affects the ME, but I can't visualize it. I play in Tanzania with Mbeya City. Compare the real stadium with my actual gameplay: Real game at Sokoine stadium My own Sokoine stadium at FM21 The FM generates a 12000 stadium with no seats like a big stadium with roofs and an excellent pitch (although the pitch condition it's low). If you look at the real video, the ball bounces all around and it's almost unplayable. My team in FM21 plays tiki taka in a cue table, no bounces, no control delay, no errors from passing or shooting, etc. Most of the stadiums in lower league management and non-elite countries are like this, yet FM is somehow skewing towards the english style and applies it to all. But I understand maybe it's too much to ask and it's difficult to implement the whole "bad pitch" thing. I'll settle at having no roofs in bad stadiums and have the option to select that in the pregame editor. Easy as that! So, yes, while stadiums are an aesthetic issue, it can also affect gameplay, or at least how we perceive it. And there could be things that can be done, some of them already implemented in game but not released.
  10. Just what I needed to get me hyped. The pressing changes and the passing accuracy (and inaccuracy) were my main concerns with FM21 ME. I play in lower countries, my teams shouldn't play like Liverpool just because I tell them to do so. And you should make Nic Madden talks more often, I really like how he explains how the ME actually works. And also, there's something soothing in his voice (?).
  11. This thread is great for me as I always plays with (what I consider) a lot of leagues, and for FM22 I want to do a journeyman save starting in the lowest of African football, which means I want to load at least 30 countries in Africa, plus 15 in Asia, 15 or 20 in America (CONCACAF and CONMEBOL), and 15 or 20 in Europe. Which for me seems a lot. My worry isn't performance (FM21 with my pc runs fine) nor time, I don't want a corrupted save over the years. @Shenmue-X, in your stress tests, did you ever encounter a corrupted save game after the huge file that you initially tried to simulate?
  12. I really liked the FM21 match engine a lot. My only complaint is that it stills favours offensive and direct build up by a margin, but besides that and a few minor issues, it's a ME that after a year of playing Im still enjoying. Only have high hopes for FM22!
  13. The core issue for me is that the Match Engine is very direct by default (direct in the build up I mean, it generates a lot of chances very easily) and usually favors one team over the other way too much, even when both teams are even. And then get a lot of chances very easily. This makes defensive playing almost impossible because when you're the weaker team, you just concede a lot of chances to the other team and it's just waiting for a goal to happen. In reality, if you play a defensive tactic against a better team and it works, the other team should have some issues creating chances even if they have 65% of possession. This also means that it's easy for the human manager to dominate the AI-team even when your team is weaker (although not by much), because AI managers by default are very cautious, so you end up being the "attacking" team most of the time in a situation where maybe in real life you would use a defensive system. And even more, the game doesn't penalize your tradeoff, because most of the time you can be offensive with almost no risk. To be honest, even with all of the above, I find that FM21 compared to FM20 improves this and allows some defensive systems that works well and the trade-off issue has been noted. However, I think it still needs some more balancing. I understand defensive football is boring (and tight matches in FM are not enjoyable, it's true), but one should be able to play all styles theoretically, and then the game should reward you or not if you made the right decisions.
  14. Hey Tyburn, thanks for this skin, is awesome! I love playing with hidden attributes and the fact that also the stars are hidden, gives a great way of playing I didn't thought before. Also, I really like the skin overall, specially the player's profile. Just a few comments: 1) Is there a way to change the elegibility tab in the player's profile under the player picture for the current nationality and club? Which file should I modify? 2) The tactic before a match with the new transparency is kind of difficult to read, I liked the version before. Which file should I replace? 3) The club profile, by default have the historical ranking. I want to set up the last lineup, but when I switch to another club, it turns again to the historical ranking. Any way to fix this? 4) Would be great to have an instant result button. I know you said you don't use it. But a lot of us yes, specially for unimportant matches or managing the youth teams Kudos for this great skin, hopefully will be also available for FM22!
  15. * DOWNLOAD * Esequibia adds a country in South america with +1200 players, 70 teams with logo and kits, 10 competitions and integration with international cups in SA! 1) What is Esequibia? Esequibia it's a new playable country for Football Manager 2021 created by Nahuel Lanzon (@nahuelzn) and Alex Machado (@regista13fm), with the collaboration from all the hispanic community of FM. It's a new country started from zero, with 15 cities and more than 70 clubs, each one with it's own story, players, vision, logo and kits! Also, in this database you'll be able to find more than 1200 players created, each one is a member of the community who took the time to send a form, a picture and his description as a football player to be represented as accurate as possible in the game. You will also enjoy playing with Esequibia, as every club has a unique set of challenges, customized to their story, or even some challenges as teams plays in the altitude or in very small fields. Esequibia is also a member of CONMEBOL, which means that you'll be able to choose a team and carry it to the top of the Copa Libertadores or the Copa Sudamericana, and also, the national team will participate in the qualifiers for the World Cup and the Copa América. You'll also find different teams and the federation on twitter! Follow @esequibia on twitter to get updates of whatever happens on this new country. Content: - 3 fully playable divisions (First Division, Second Division, and Third Division with two zones) - 3 national cups (Copa Esequibia, Supercup and a Cup for third division teams) - More than 70 teams, each one with it's own logo, kits and story! - More than 1200 players created from members of the community. Most of them playing in Esequibia, but also a lot of them playing in other leagues! - Technical staff, boards, sponsors, media, journalists and agents also were created from members of the community. - Integration with CONMEBOL (South America): Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Copa America, World Cup qualifier and sub-20 tournaments. ... and most importantly, a whole community of FMers in a database! How to install it Download the .zip file and extract the folders in the appropiate folders. There is a readme in the zip file with the exact destinations. Open Football Manager and before starting a new save, clear the cache and reload the skin so the graphics and the language files takes effect. Then, just select the Esequibia.fmf file when starting a new save! This database should be compatible with almost all other existing databases as long as they don't edit the Ireland (pre-1922) country or modifies the international competitions in South America. ... and finally We hope you enjoy this mod as much as we did creating it. If you do enjoy it and want to support us, you can buy us a coffee on: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/esequibia! You can find more info of Esequibia in our website: https://www.esequibia.com And follow our channels for more Esequibia and Football Manager related content! Regista13: https://www.youtube.com/regista13 AlterFutbol: https://www.youtube.com/alterfutbol * DOWNLOAD *
  16. This might sound like cheating, but to make the league more competitive you could also use the in-game editor to strength other squads with some transfers. Usually there's a time where there are a lot of good free agents roaming around. Just transfer them to other clubs and you'll have three or four teams that will be much harder to beat and make the local league a little more interesting. Or, for example, if you have scouted 5 possible wonderkids, instead of buying them all, just buy one or two, and move the others to other clubs. We will always have advantage over the AI through squad building and tactics, so that point when you eventually just win everything will come sooner or later. So this fixes at least partially this problem by enabling you to make better squads at your league. You'll probably still be winning the league, but you'll have a much more fun experience.
  17. Hi, I'm having an issue with advanced rules. I'm setting the rules for squad registration for a league. Max 35 players, minimum 30 (setting as "more than 30" for squad min size in squad selection rules). For me, the minimum rule is a kind of a ghost: sometimes appears in game for my team, sometimes it won't. For the AI, the rule just don't exist. If I check the team squad registration, that rule won't appear. The problem is that the AI only registers 15 players, as you can see here. I even created a "Only AI" rule to try to fix this, but it seems that the game overrides it. Am I doing something wrong or is a bug?
  18. I play with the hidden attributes' skin and now I feel seeing the attributes is "cheating"! It's really fun to play this way and I honestly like it way more. But it's true that scout reports needs an overhaul. And that right now for example you wouldn't know by watching a match if a player is a good dribbler or an excellent one. Having said that, for me the fun is that you end up having always 2 or 3 similar players for one position. With a lot of green stars all around in the same skills. But for one reason or another, one player just plays better. Maybe if you see the attributes it's the worst of the options and you wouldn't choose it. In FM20 I remember playing against my u20 team and seeing a great performance from a CM. By his stats he was crap, but I've promoted him and his first season with me was a very good one. And he always tried to open the ball to the flanks even if he didn't had the trait or the vision to do it. Other players had better attributes, but in the same role and position, only he did that, don't ask me why. And in a 4-4-2 with two quick wingers, that was exactly what I needed from my CM. What I say is that sometimes a player "just fits" and this way of playing makes you watch a lot more of details than just the numbers on his profile.
  19. So, basically, there's no way to add a new country to South America? (Because redoing the entire competition seems unreal given what you say).
  20. Hello, I'm making a mod that adds a new country to South America using Ireland pre-1922. The issue I'm having is that I don't know how to add this country to the continental competitions. Any one may have an idea? Or better, if you want to do it yourself and don't charge too much, I'm even willing to pay
  21. I'm about to start a save game with Tanzania. The first division is completely made with correct rosters for this season (and more than 600 pictures)! I also have edited some teams in the second division, but some data is old or even some players were placed in other clubs. I'm more than happy to share it once I finish it (I think this week) so you can add it to the patch.
  22. I think with just three simple buttons a lot can be done: No roof Oval Stadium One Stand (for stadiums with only one stand but 7000 spectators for example). Just with that we could mimic like 90% of the stadiums around the world at least a little without having licensing issues. All done via editor like I can edit a team's name or player.
  23. Having the same issue. Tried to reload the game and at the next match, the same happened. I don't have a save file from weeks before registration, but since I'm using a custom database (Cambodia), I've uploaded the save so you can take a look. In this case the AI registered the worst players from the first team, and then filled up with reserve squads in all teams. What's worse, they don't even hit the maximium players (for example, registered only 27 players instead of the 35 allowed). File name: Nahuel Phem - Visakha FC.fm
  24. This is great! Now I can finally start my saves in FM21. And you fixed the issues I had in FM20 without knowing them. You rock!
  25. I'm making a mod for a new country. The nationality works, but the alternative names under the pre-game editor won't. So, for example: This biography in english is perfect, as it's using the "Nationality" tab to make the paragraph. But since my mod is mainly in spanish and for spanish people, when we use the spanish version, instead of using the nationality data, it takes the names from "alternative names". And then, although it's changed in the editor, it uses the original ones (I'm creating this country using Ireland Pre-1922 as the country to replace). If we look at the editor, the data is there. But the game just won't read it. Is there a way to fix it? (Maybe using a LNC file)
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