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  1. In my opinion there are bigger issues in the game than the ME. The transfer system and the lack of challenge in squad building is the biggest one. It doesn't really make much sense that you can easily build a Premier league winning team out of teams like Arsenal or Manchester United during the first transfer window or challenge for the title with Bournemouth or West Ham in season two just because it is so easy to strengthen the squads and take huge leaps forward during each transfer window.
  2. Indeed. At least separate defensive and attacking shapes should be introduced to the game. The current system doesn't make much sense especially in terms of defending as AMs and STs don't drop enough to help in defense which creates huge gaps on the pitch and ineneffective 'defending as an unit' in general. Just introducing this behavior to more advanced positions would make a huge difference on how the engine works and play flows in general. There would be much more loss of possession, quick turnarounds (and counter attacks) and also way less time and space to pass the ball around the pitch. This on the other hand could lead into situations where overly attacking style of plays could get punishment in terms of conceding chances and goals from counter attacks.
  3. I think this is the best example that I have. 00:20 - Lappalainen receives the ball halfway line. The opposition has plenty of defenders under the ball but there is no-one engaging with the wide player when he receives the ball and when he dribbles through the middle. It's a beautiful run and finish from Lappalainen but the thing is that the defending is way too passive against him. Ordabasy Shymkent v RoPS.pkm
  4. FM 2013 by far in my opinion. Great balance between attack and defense, lot of variation and basically everything that happened during the highlights made sense to me. I think FM 2009 is second on this list.
  5. The wide areas tend to have 2-3 meters of space that work as a free highway for dribbling and overlaps. Dribbling itself doesn't seem to be as overpowering as in some previous versions but I have seen games where a winger has beaten a fullback more than 15 times in a single game. This has been apparent especially in European ties where my wide players always seem to be on fire and creating way more than they really should be.
  6. I'm a bit surprised that this versio hasn't been raised above the rest more often. Many people do consider ME as the most important single part of the game and in my opinion FM 2013 has been by far the best in this area. In this version it was a bit more difficult to make your team perform and play well and this possibly could be the reason why all the people didn't like it as much as I did. Same applies to FM 2009 that many see even as the biggest flop of the series, while I rate it one of the best, at least in terms of the ME.
  7. Don't remember FM 2017 engine perfectly well but I do remember beating big teams like Real Madrid at home woth ease just because I played a support duty striker, one inside forward and two midfielders rushing forward. The striker kinda worked as an anchor point that kept releasing other players to scoring opportunities. The amount of passes was totally off in the mid areas of the pitch, both with midfielders and strikers. In this version simple strikers were creating way too many chances per game and dominating assist charts. I think FM 2018 was the real eye opener though as it was quite obvious how multi striker formations basically broke the engine. 18 on the other hand was good in many other areas and mostly enjoyable to me. If I would have to praise a particular old version of the game in terms of the ME, I would go as far back as FM 2013. I think this version had the most balanced and football-like engine that FM has ever had. There ain't many videos of it online, but if you check out the ones that can be found, at least I still come to a conclusion that it still looks quite dang nice. Variation, statistics, scenarios happening... All of them look good.
  8. Calling FM 2017 ME "almost perfect" is a very weird statement as this version of the engine actually probably is by far the farthest from real football that the ME has ever been in these more modern versions. So many aspects of it made absolutely no sense at all. I do understand the critique that the current version is getting but no way understand the praise that FM 2017 engine is receiving.
  9. @Michael Mallia a couple more things to mention and inspect. - Finnish highest division clubs are not basically signing any domestic players. Players such as Erfan Zeneli, Akseli Pelvas and Mika Ojala will stay unattached throughout the whole season. In real life Zeneli and Pelvas have both been signed already and I would say that Ojala will also be snapped by some Veikkausliiga club during the coming weeks. It is really hard to sell domestic players in Finland, even if you offer them for free. This creates a situation where you can basically pick all the Finnish players to your team after they have been released and build a really strong squad. - Many players get transfer listed with no apparent reasons. The AI is placing them to transfer list even though they keep using them. For example Jani Virtanen and Lucas Kauffman get this treatment. - The AI is releasing very many players and not being active enough on signing new contracts. This again leads into a situation where you have very many options available after the season and the AI is not competing against you on signing them. - The teams tend to sign foreign players. Especially if you load Brazil, the teams in Veikkausliiga sign mostly Brazilian players both for loan and for permanent deals. I think they should be looking for more domestic players instead. For example RoPS is usually loaning domestic players mainly from HJK in real life.
  10. This is something that I agree on. Although in my opinion it still is too easy to pass the ball around in defense and close to the halfway line. This leads into a situation where such roles as deep lying playmakers are seeing too much of the ball, having too many pass attempts and too many completed passes. At least the AI doesn't seem to have any weapons to win the ball high up the pitch and take your deeper midfielders out of the play by not allowing them space to operate on. Pressing in general has improved a lot in my opinion and playing with quite standard mentality with a basic 4-4-1-1 I am seeing my team winning the ball high up the pitch at times and scoring from them. The game needs to improve a lot in "defending by marking and positioning though" as applying pressure is often already way too late when the players keep positioning themselves badly in the first hand. I think this is best seen close to the halfway line and down the flanks where teh defending side's players tend to leave huge spaces for the attacking side's winger or midfielder to receive the ball and only after that applying the pressure which often leaves spaces elsewhere or sees the defender easily beaten by the player now in possession.
  11. There are many valid points in my opinion here. Yet, there are also a couple of things that I don't agree on. First thing is the long rangers. At least I haven't seen a disturbing amount of them in any of my saves. They occasionally happen and that is a great thing to me, as they were almost totally missing for so many years from the engine. Also I would say that at professional level almost all of the players are realistically able to score from 30 yards out. Even some of us are scoring those when we go play at the local stadium just for fun and none of our players even plays at amateur level anymore. Even at this level there are players that can hit the ball quite well even from difficult angles etc. You should be able to expect the same from professionals. Second thing is how the amount of passes are "spread" between clubs. The truth is that in most of the teams defenders are the ones who are seeing most of the ball and getting 80-90 pass attempts for them is not that uncommon situation, especially in a possession based system. The low block is an issue though and it is a sad issue indeed. When the AI does change it's approach to more active one, they have been able to control games and pin my team quite strongly like they should. If the AI would always act like this, the game would be considerably more challenging and that would be a fantastic thing. With strikers I haven't seen such extremes. My lone forward is basically always getting between 15-25 pass attempts per game. Yet, even these 8 pass attempts per game for a striker are way closer to real life than for example FM 2017 and 2018 were. In those versions a support duty forward was often recording pass statistics that a good deep lying playmaker could be proud of. And as they were getting these amounts of pass attempts and key passes in the most dangerous areas of the pitch, it was quite obvious that a simple "support duty" striker was very often totally overpowering. I don't know how SI did this but change has been huge in these stats and the direction totally the right one. I wish that other areas such as midfield engagement and wide area defending in general can take such leap in the next version. I wouldn't say that the ME is that bad in general. There are some big issues in it that can make it even extremely frustrating but in general I would rate it one of the best they have managed to create so far. At least I am finding the matches quite fun to watch and manage and when the AI is in mood of pressing and attacking, even at times a bit challenging. It has some great aspects in it.
  12. I scored two 30 yarders in real life this week and I don't even play in amateur level anymore. I don't understand why people keep complaining about goals from long range. In real life they are a fairly common way of scoring and for me it is simply fantastic that SI have introduced them back into the game. In previous versions of the game we have seen way less realistic scenarios that constantly lead into goals. For example centre forwards being able to play 70-80 passes and 3-6 key passes a game and constantly setting up goals (FM 2017 for example) or wingers bombing forward down the flanks before hitting a perfect cross to far post for a tap-in (FM 2015). Or throw-ins constantly leading to one twos and free crosses to far post (ever since FM 14, I think). Out of these few examples long range screamers are the ones making the most sense when comparing to real football.
  13. I do. Wish SI would bring new graphics such as stadiums and more animations to 2D also. At some point there was a modern version of 2D available and I really enjoyed it but I guess it wasn't that popular in general as it was removed after few years.
  14. I think that the "difficulty level" could be considered as one of the "downfalls" of the game. The game has plenty of interesting bigger and smaller features outside the matches, but as the game is "supporting casual playing" with only key highlights and very little tweaking needed during matches for example, we are not really "forced" to try these features out and master them. In general I am really interested in "mentoring groups", training in general, scouting etc. but I'm not paying any real attention on those as I'm not forced to utilize and take the maximum benefit out of them as I am already successful without doing so. I think this has something to do with the basic nature of human being: we are always somehow looking for the easiest route. I think that as SI have now made the "one click plug and play tactics" now available, it would an excellent time to raise the difficulty bar considerably and bringing the "career aspect" back to the game. If you for example pick Arsenal or Manchester United as your club, you shouldn't be able to hope for any kind of success for couple of seasons and that would already make it more "career type" of a game instead of winning everything immediately.
  15. Might be that this is already a known issue but I think that full backs' positioning in general and lack of aggressive engaging is one of the main reasons why wingers are at times seeing too much of the ball, having too many completed dribbles and work as main creators for most of the teams. I think this game between FC Honka and RoPS is a good example of this issue. Couple of examples: 17:05 - Lassi Lappalainen freely picks up the ball halfway line, runs through the middle of the park before setting up Rahimi for a chance. 25:20 - Basically a repetition of the previous issue. 35:30 - No-one pays attention to Lappalainen who can collect the ball on the left hand side, drift inside the area before taking a shot. I think this is not the worst singular game that I have seen as Lappalainen only completes 5 dribbles in total, which is quite close to reality. On the other hand these three examples are quite clear ones. I have seen games where a winger has completed 15-20 dribbles in a single games because of full backs not marking them tightly and engaging aggressively, which allows the wide players to gain speed before beating their marker. FC Honka Espoo v RoPS.pkm
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