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  1. There has been a lot talk about the AI during beta phase and one thing that many people pointed out was how the AI manages players' morales. Related to this a simple question: does the game still work in a way that the human players can spam their whole team with "I have faith" team talk and practically always get a positive reaction from majority of the team? If this is still in the game, might be a good place to start when thinking about the "difficulty level".
  2. The only thing I am asking a more challenging AI, which would also change how we need to play the game if we want to be successful in it. I'm 100% sure that this would be benefitial to all of us and most of all for the game itself. But I think I have already put my thoughts into words quite well, so this is enough for me in this thread.
  3. The most simple answer would probably be something else than key highlights. Observing and reacting during matches should be a really important thing to do during both singular matches and also in a long run. And how do you do this if you're not seeing anything that is going on?
  4. If the game is going to be fairly easy for casual/lazy players, then what is it going to be for those who pay attention to details and actually use features of the game? I think I have told this many times already but the game developers have done a fantastic job with the features of the game, especially by making them really user friendly and easy to learn. And thanks to this, it would never be too much for them to ask us to actually learn to use these features and do sensible things if we want to be successful. I personally don't understand these type of messages that you are wri
  5. I can see clear reasons why it is a bad idea for SI to be promoting this type of a gameplay but on the other hand: it probably is good for the business and probably money is the one thing that counts most. This on the other hand could be changed as probably there are also streamers that do know how to play the game and who pay attention to features and details. Sadly they are probably not the most popular ones though.
  6. I think many streamers really give a bad image of the game. At least if you don't consider it as an arcade game in the first place. I mean it's fairly common to see them playing with key highlights and during matches just talking about something else than the match itself and "reacting" to things and making changes based on... Nothing, because they are not seeing anything that is happening during the games. This kind of gameplay should never be successful but sadly it has been for years. And the second bad thing is that SI have even collaborated with these kind of streamers.
  7. Let's hope not. I don't have a lot of time to play and test the game, but at that point when I will have something to upload (a save game), will do.
  8. But isn't this a thing that many people have been able to do for years already? I don't do these type of saves in every version of FM but I do remember doing it on FM 2018 with Boston United. Got promoted after every season, first season in the Premier league 5th and second season won the title. And all this with "regular gameplay".
  9. I don't want changes for own sake but to make the game better and more loyal to its original idea. In my opinion a simulation and career type of game is not supposed to be a game where you immediately start winning with minimum effort. That would be more suitable for a children's game.
  10. I highly doubt it as the lack of challenge has been part of the game as long as I can remember. I remember @Rashidi actually telling at some instance that in one of the previous beta testing phases they had had an AI that was actually a really challenging one that even the beta testers were having a difficult time beating. Solely based on this, I would say that they would already have the possibility to have better AI in the game but for some reason this hasn't been introduced to the game.
  11. If you ask from me, then I can give you a simple answer: improve the AI so that it will challenge you better both during singular matches and also in a long run (especially in the transfer market). This would probably be the end of people winning matches using only key highlights and us being able to strengthen the teams freely during transfer windows and that would make it more career type of a game.
  12. Force could be a wrong expression here. Maybe I could have used "encourage" instead. The current level of difficulty most definitely isn't doing this as you don't really need to utilize the features to be successful in the game. Yes, you still can use them but this is not encouraging anyone to do it and that most certainly is not good for the development of the game. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything and never will. Actually this has been the case for those who are on the opposite side than I am. People are constantly saying to us things like: "play the game like this", "don't use
  13. Because this is a certain indication that the difficulty level of the game is too low. This "complicated strategies" argument is a really bad one as none of the Football Manager's features are not that difficult to use that you would actually have to use lot of time or do anything complicated to do things well with them. The developers of the game have made most of the features really user-friendly during the last couple of years. Compare the tactics system for example to the ones that we had before FM 2010. The old tactics and training systems where the ones where you could spend a lot
  14. Does anyone actually have an example of human player underachieving in this game?
  15. I know us on the "opposite side of the debate" did the same thing last night. Well, actually based on arguments that were actually thrown also in this thread, such as "Try doing it with... it takes 10k more continue clicks" and some other that I don't remember anymore. Anyway, at least I have been talking a lot about "long term" also and mentioned that the first season with any club can turn out to be quite realistic one, after which the things get crazy when you get to the first summer transfer window (this of course only if you have disabled the first transfer window). Squad building,
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