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  1. But there is too many variables going into that - statistics in isolation will tell you nothing. Passing accuracy is remotely unrelated to crossing ability (as crosses are the lowest output possible for a centre forward), meanwhile assists are even worse at giving an indication - for the same reason. And total amount of crosses is put into consideration for that argument to. This is not a correct way to score someone's crossing ability. There are major flaws in the way this is being looked at. The only time that assists and passing accuracy can give an indication but not a statement is if
  2. Is this also a place where data concerning attributes can be discussed? As an Inter fan I'm completely surprised with some of the attributes given to some of our players. (As an example, Lukaku 7 crossing when he's one of the better crosses on the team).
  3. Seems like the player's cut-out with their face no long appears when they score a goal? Only their name? That sucks. Hopefully there will be a skin that adds that in. The contract/transfer improvements are great, the others (media, what my ass man thinks about squad depth) I don't care about.
  4. Since the start of the new season, Inter has seen a shift from a 3-5-2 (employing a mezzala) to a 3-4-1-2. I'm having trouble defining the exact role. Maybe some of you can watch a game (Inter vs Borussia Mönchengladbach tomorrow) or have watched a few games. I can describe the characteristics best as following: 1. Irregularly drops deep to collect the ball or assist in defense (can be a comes deep to get the ball trait or case of high determination + work rate translated into the game); 2. Puts himself available for a pass wherever play occurs. Play goes via the wing? The AM mo
  5. That is true! I've heard many times of Sheffield United deploying this system and saw a video about it on Tifo as well. However, I haven't watched many Sheffield United games so I don't have much experience with how they setup the tactic. Though iirc, they also use a 3 men at the back system. I think the biggest problem with implementing it might be deciding at what point the BPD should look for an overlap and at what point he should not. Generally (for Inter Milan) the overlap starts in build-up, and very rarely it happens when the box is already being attacked. If Sheffield United do it
  6. I watch a lot of Inter Milan. Since the start of the season Conte has been deploying a 3-4-1-2 system that uses overlapping BPD's at times. We know Conte likes to create overloads on one side of the pitch. In his previous 3-5-2 that was done by having one side with a Mezzala on it (with the other two roles being anything similar to Regista and BBM - alterations like DLP (sup) and Carrilero and others are possible). In the 3-4-1-2 that mezzala player moves into an attacking midfielder role. I'm not quite sure what role it really is (Something like an AP(A), but it's not always possible for that
  7. Something I also hope to see in the new Match Engine is added types of dribbles and functioning creative ways to score. Put like 3 different types of dribbles into the game (I'm talking like an elastico, zidane move, ...) and the Match Engine will already visually look more pleasing. But as someone wrote above it might be hard to code such 3d textures into 2d objects. What concerns the creative ways to score - I think I've seen a total of two overhead kicks, one rounding of the keeper and zero lobs in my own 1500 hour+ playtime of FM20 since the start of corona. To the point I deliberatel
  8. Gangnam Style has 3,8 billion views on YouTube, what a great song that must be. As other people have correctly said before, numbers mean nothing in isolation. One big reason for the number increase is Covid. Another is that, despite what you claim, the way FM presents itself is the reason why people buy it. If FM would make a release video that fully showcases the Match Engine in its good and in its bad, the sales would be comparably lower. Most casual players are attracted by what they see visually - which usually isn't the Match Engine as evident from this preview video again. Most casu
  9. That's just not true though. The ME is the core of entire FM. It has been terrible this year and even the post March fix wasn't the greatest and leaves much to be desired and open for frustration. If you think this is only a concern from a group of people who are never satisfied, I think you need to open your eyes a bit more. It's a continuing negative claim which has been recurring for months.
  10. I hope "ask agent for player availability" will allow us to get contracting with players regardless of having a deal with the club first. How often does it happen in real life teams agree terms with players first? All the time. How annoying is it that you unsettle a player for months and finally get a good fee only to see them asking to be a star player and ruining your wage structure despite being 'extremely interested' and your scout thinking they wouldn't ask as much wage. But I doubt it will be in there.
  11. I'm not intending in having a long discussion as I was merely dropping my thoughts. However, I'll reiterate my point. The mod drops all of the frustrating parts of the Match Engine that makes it unplayable and annoying for the majority of complaining people. All the people who have talked about trying the mod here have been positive about it. This means at least two things: 1. This is the direction they want the Match Engine to go as they prefer smoothness and less frustration over physical realism. The game being playable and fun is clearly seen as more important than so c
  12. I would like to drop in my 2 cents on the Korean 'Match Engine'. @Neil Brock As curious as I am, I have done some testing of my own. Without knowing what exact non-realism negatives this physical acceleration change has in march, I have to say the most noticable two negatives are the following: 1. Tackles tend to sometimes miss the target visually, while still connecting according to the engine; 2. Tempo as a Team Instruction is significantly less impactful due to the overall increase in smoothness. With the increase in physicial acceleration, the differences in tempo are a lot
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