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  1. I'm trying to have my Regista youth player and main team back-up to learn the traits I want to see in my Regista. One of them is to use Killer Balls. However, the option isn't even there when trying to teach traits. Only to avoid them. These could be because of attributes not being on point at all to learn that trait. The only attribute I can really see an issue with is crossing - but he still managed to learn Long Range Passes and had the option for that. Can anyone provide more insight? Player: https://imgur.com/a/U4pwjEg
  2. Hi I've had a Striker who had both the options to learn to shoot with power and place shots. Upon learning one, he couldn't learn the other anymore. While I can see a hint of why this could conflict, I don't think it's specifically odd to have a player have both. Are there any other of these instances? Is it also possible that some traits are unlearnable due to position? I'd love a certain BPD in my system to play both long range passes to my TM (A) and play killerballs if he finds the space to move up with bringing balls out of defense. Currently he's not able to learn the killerballs trait. Can I "fix" this by training him as a DLP for months until he's fit there, teach him the trait and then move him back to BPD? Thanks in advance.
  3. I appreciate your comment, but it's hard to know what to change without any straight forward tips or ideas. If you have (m)any, please let me know.
  4. Hello everyone. As the title suggests I'm looking for a Conte-like 3-5-2 while I play with Inter. I'm aware it won't be the most exciting tactic when it comes to goals and will include a lot of crosses, but I'm fine with that. This is what I've found so far. I'm really unsure about how to set-up the midfield three. In real life Sensi plays on the left (or Eriksen), Brozovic in the middle and Barella on the right. Brozovic acts as a BMW irl sitting in front of the defense when the opponents have possession, but he tends to late surge into the box. Barella seems like a pure box2box to me from what I've seen, while Eriksen and Sensi are the playmaker types who care less for defensive duties, though as typical with Conte, they are not free of them. I can't remember Conte necessarily using De Vrij as a Libero, but the change from a CD on Cover to this was to get the best out of his traits (Brings ball out of defense), while keeping the normal setup. Concerning Lautaro and Lukaku... I originally had Lautaro on a PF(s) and Lukaku as a TM(a). The reason for the switch to CF is because often times they tend to interchange their roles in real life as well as even swap positions. Even Lautaro acts like more of a TM at times. I'm open to any suggestion though. I'm also wondering if there's anyway to play with shorter passing - like Inter does - but still leave some chance for the BPD and Libero to hoof balls forward. I do have passing into space enabled, but Inter tend to really just hoof a ball to Lukaku at times, whether there's space or not, because he wins the duels. Other than that, in every other context their passing is quite short. If anybody knows how to combine this, please let me know. And I guess lastly, my PI's/TI's: - Lukaku, Lautaro and Barella are told to press harder and tackle harder - this is done to create somewhat of a splitblock and copy how they act in real life. I also don't have counter-press put on as a TI because I don't want to have the entire team run out of shape to win the ball. It would kind of ruin the point of the soaky 5-3 defensive line. I don't want my team to generally fully hold their shape = regroup though. - My Wingbacks are told to cross more often, mark tighter, press harder and shoot less. This is a personal preference for wingbacks. Again, any tips and ideas are appreciated.
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