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  1. The non-highlights part of the ME has been a massive downgrade from last year.
  2. But I wanna know if it's changed. If it's related to the beta and it hasn't changed then it's related to the full release, surely?
  3. So for some reason the thread about AI difficulty got closed. With that in mind, has anything changed in that regard? Do they attack any more or is it still really easy?
  4. I've posted my save in the bug forum. If it's anything like 1v1s, I look forward to this issue being fixed in next years game.
  5. Uploaded a file called "East Fife - Bob.fm" (may have done it twice by accident) No real "exploit", managed two very small, part-time teams, playing direct counter attack (on attacking mentality because setting up a team to play defensive football in FM has been a disaster for a couple of years now). Stuck a quick, ineffective winger up front and he's been prolific with the team just pumping the ball over the top.
  6. I'm not sure "prove it, we think you're lying" is the brilliant argument you think it is.
  7. But those "win the top league quickly" teams shouldn't be *easy* either. And, as someone who's been managing a Scottish third division side, the "harder still" options have still been incredibly easy.
  8. What is interesting, though - I had the viewpoint last year that last years match engine was so bad because the aim was to produce realistic results, and the massively screwed up 1v1s and set pieces controlled all of that in spite of everything else. Now it seems like they've fixed the conversion issues and set pieces being overpowered and now we're getting these results.
  9. But if a counter-attacking 4-4-2 tactic is an exploit, then that is a problem.
  10. I've stopped playing the BETA because there is no drama. And I'm managing East Fife...
  11. All fair and well, but last year from day 1 people reported countless issues with examples and most of them were never fixed, at least not in last years game. Developers don't owe us anything, but I do think people would be much more inclined to provide complete bug examples if there was more of a communication line of what was being looked at. Last year the 1v1 issue got the "we're looking for a better balance" treatment and was otherwise not fixed.
  12. I'm doing basically everything you've suggested under "Very hard" and I'm winning most games.
  13. What does "Sweeper Keeper" actually do? Whenever a team plays a through ball (and it's nice they're doing it more this year) they're glued to the six yard box.
  14. I think the strip at the bottom of the screen during matches with the player shirt icons for quick subs etc... could be better if those were the player photos rather than kits?
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