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  1. Carrilero is usually a role that is recommended to be used in narrow formations, or in ones where there is no ML/MR right next to it. However, has anyone perhaps used Wide Playmaker and Carrilero together on the same side? Did carrilero cover the side when Wide Playmaker moved forward, or did the presence of Wide Playmaker inhibit the carrilero's ability to do it's job?
  2. 4-3-1-2 truly is a formation that has a lot of potential, so I see why it has become one of your favourites DLF(S)-AF is a good combination, that offers good movement up top. Having analysed few games I can only remember one time my AP(A) made clear contribution to a goal from open play, where he picked up the ball from my side of the field brought it forward to around the halfway line and made a great direct pass forward to my striker, who eventually scored from the rebound (thus denying Lasso an assist :D). Thus I might try T(A) instead to get him to move more and perhaps allow him this way to contribute to the game more. I switched both full backs to WB(s) rather quickly and to my eye they provide width well, so no problems there. Thus I think our flanks play the same way. Only if I could yell my midfielders to spot them when they make their runs... I wonder, did you struggle with long shots aswell? I usually dont tend to use "WBIB" instruction since to me instructing the players to do one thing is counter-productive, but I'm inclined to see how if perhaps the instruction could help with the long shots.
  3. 4-3-1-2 has always been a formation that has intrigued me. It first really came to my attention in FM2015, where I was coaching Fiorentina in Serie A. We had a strong team, able to destroy teams that had a lapse in concentration, and finished always near the top of the league. I however had one big nemesis: Juventus, The Old Lady. They dominated the league with a narrow 4-3-1-2, choking out opponents and most of the time winning the league. I did achieve SOME wins against them, but I was never convinced it was due to me tactically besting the FM15 version of Allegri. All the frustrating games against 4-3-1-2 made me hate the formation, but the formation also piqued my interest. I gave it a first go in FM17, and given it a few attempts ever since then, but I never got the formation to work, mostly because I'm used to having wide formations, which 4-3-1-2 in it's basic form is not. After pondering for a second, I've decided to give it another go, thus I've come here for your useful advice. I would like to build a 4-3-1-2 formation for my CD Tenerife side. I've usually played high tempo, direct football but I would like to combine the 4-3-1-2 with the possession-style of football, to get outside of my comfort zone. This is how I've initially set-up my team: Team instructions I think convey pretty well what I want my team to do: Control the possession with short passes, while players are allowed to run at the defence to provide variety for attacks. When we lose the ball I want us to counter-press, to get the ball back quickly. Pressing Urgency is however at normal, as I dont want my team to give up their positions aggressively, but rather limit opponents options with tighter marking. Short GK distribution is to be snuffed out as a way for us to get more chances to have the ball by forcing their GK to kick it long. Borja Lasso is the most creative , and thus I would like him to be creative cog of my team. He has PPM I like my main creative outlet to have (Dictates Tempo, Tries Killer Balls Often) and attribute-wise he seems well suited to the AP role. I'm struggling however to pair him with the two forwards. Usually in attacking trio, I would have a DLF(s) as the creative outlet for my team, but Borja Lasso is incapable of playing ST, and I dont have nearly as creative players as him in the ST strata. Is balanced attacking trio possible with AP as the main creator, perhaps with AP(A) paired with DLF(S) and AF(A)? Or am I hopelessly naive with building this formation with AP (or other similar role) in it? The midfield trio is Mezzala(S), DLP(D)/CM(D) and Carrilero(S). As the tactic is narrow, to my eye Mezzala and Carrilero provide good width that the formation is lacking. I've paired Carrilero with WB(A), since Mezzala is the one getting wide and forward, while Carrilero to my understanding only goes wide. Thus I see WB(A) providing good offensive width on that side. Mezzala is paired with FB(S) to provide cover as Mezzala darts forward. But I'm not sure if perhaps WB(S) could be a better pairing for him. What do you guys think? So to end it all, here's the summary of the questions I've presented: 1. Does the formation look balanced and suited for control possession, with the given roles and team instructions? 2. How should I build my attacking trio, with perhaps Borja Lasso as my creative outlet? 3. Is FB(S) too conservative for Mezzala, or should I perhaps be more bold and perhaps replace it with WB(S)
  4. Defensively I've set up two blocks of four, it has proven to be very useful in nullifying opposition. Get stuck in I think plays into this; how I've interpreted it doing is encouraging players to foul opponents when they attack, thus interrupting the opposition's play. With What I've tried to achieve offensively is give players freedom to be creative when attacking, thus "be more expressive". The flanks focus was put in when I first noticed with Mouscron how flanks (also WP) was not utilised properly, and that was my way of trying to get the ball wider more. I've now removed the instruction as I'm writing this since it does contradict the "creative freedom" aspect I'm looking for in attack. I've thus changed AP to TQ, and removed dribble less. I guess with "dribble less" I was trying to force the team to move the ball up with passing, "BALL MOVES FASTER THAN THE PLAYER" a la Goal!
  5. Hi to everyone! I'm currently managing Le Havre in Ligue 2 (20/21) having managed Mouscron before. With Mouscron we sensationally won the title the first season after playing defensively very solid 4-4-1-1. I left Mouscron after the first season due to their evergrowing debt, and eventually landed in the middle of the season at Le Havre. At first, we were relatively successful with the 4-4-1-1 at Le Havre aswell, climbing up the table and just missing out on Ligue 2 playoffs. Second season has started and currently we are struggling mightily on offense and thus I turn to the experts here. I've attached my tactic below. Main problem with this tactic has been getting the strikers to play well. Pretty much since managing Mouscron, my strikers have pulled in by far the lowest ratings, and they've struggled massively with scoring (best one scoring 11 goals in a season...). I've tried multiple roles, like TM or Poacher, but they've also struggled to contribute anything meaningful to the offense. I think I've stared at and mulled over this tactic so much that it has blinded me from finding a solution to the offensive output. Too often do we settle for a 0-0 or 1-1 draw because of our inefficiency. So, what do you guys think? Is anything sticking out from the tactic that I've failed to address so far? What should I improve on? Thank you!
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