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  1. Why you can't edit the start date of the season when you edit the data!
  2. Yeah I thought that may be the case. I didn't expect them to start in div 3 but I thought they would at least be in the regional divs with fulltime staff. Seems a bit pointless having it now! With the U19 squad players, is it better for them to remain with the U19s or play for the B team with regards to their development?
  3. Hi I have managed to convince the RB Leipzig board to let me have a B team but I have noticed that the staff can only be offered part time contracts and I they don't seem to be registered for a competition as there are no fixtures. Anyone know how to sort this? Seems absolutely pointless having one if this is the case...
  4. Ha ha! Yeah he's doing it now. It was getting rather tedious and unnecessary.
  5. Absolutely agree with this. You never see Pep or Jurgen being asked 4 or 5 questions in the tunnel before every game on TV. Its just not practical and they probably wouldn't stand for it.
  6. At least SI addressed the lack of training variety in FM20 for goalkeepers.
  7. Try this thread. Knaps tactics seem to have miraculous results with the dodgy ME...
  8. Is it because some are already studying for a course? Either that or some coaches are literally not interested.
  9. Is it just on my game, or is there too much Tunnel questions? I literally get 3 or 4 per game. Its getting boring tbh but I don't want to sack it off in case it elicits a negative reaction. Fm19 you kinda got a couple every third or fourth game but FM20 is relentless, boring and downright unnecessary.
  10. Just sell them for a profit if they get too greedy and replace them with a cheaper wonderkid who you can develop.
  11. Theres a tick box in preferences that says Wednesday and Saturday fixtures only. Tick it and that should sort it.
  12. People are worried about their elderly relatives, livelihoods and health. Who gives a toss about this? Just play the game. I think Mods should close silly threads like this...
  13. Allan Campbell and Lewis Ferguson are my midfield two for my Rangers save with Ross Mccrorie as backup.
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