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  1. Anyone have an idea of a tactics that can be used for away games and can be paired with beowulf 424
  2. @knap Why's it so difficult for lone strikers to score in fm20. It's really frustrating.
  3. Hello. Please what's the best 442 tactics for a subtop team(Everton) Thank you
  4. Will using a wide attacking width make the fullbacks cross more often and faster instead holding on to the ball and giving it away cheaply?
  5. @Dicko1878 Thanks man. Can you share the tactics cos i can't locate it and do you use for both home and away games?
  6. @knap Please can you recommend a home and away tactics for Everton🙏
  7. @knap Will the VENOM & FAITH442 P109 FA CC still be effective if i remove the get stuck in option?
  8. @knap Will VENOM & FAITH442 P109 FA CC be good for a team of Everton's statue and what tactics can i use for away games?
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