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  1. I haven't thought about licensing yet, but I guess SI buys the licenses to use them for one year and not just to use them for one game (speaking from a layman's point of view). So it seems to me theoretically at least no problem why they should not bring the data for older versions in the same year. If you have any information on who I can contact to get the updated data you mentioned, please give me feedback again. Nevertheless you have to admit that SI would surely have less trouble if they would make the database available for their old FM versions, because then the players would be less upset about the current ME ;-)
  2. I want to be able to use the database (and only the database) of the FM20 in FM17, FM18 or FM19 (depending on which version the players prefer) -> nothing more. So none of the new mechanics, roles or features -> just the data, and the current year. It can't be that difficult to realize. And if somebody really thinks it can't be done for free, then they should offer the database for the old parts as DLC. I'd rather pay for it than being annoyed for months with a ME that I don't like. @wkdsoul
  3. I don't understand the question. No new attributes have been added since FM17, right? That means the old ME worked with exactly the same data as the newer ones. Just because the attribute values are updated, which year is current according to the database and what the fixture list or the participants of the respective leagues look like, doesn't mean that old FM parts should contain new roles or vice versa -> it's just a matter of having the current data for the old FM parts ;-) Hope I could express myself a bit clearer or you have to explain what you mean in more in detail :-P @wkdsoul
  4. Following the recommendation of a moderator to post my request in the request forum, I would like to have a downward compatible database from FM21 on (supported FM17 and higher). Let's be honest: in times of faster and faster release cycles where new features have to be added to the latest version of a game without even having had the time to completely clean the predecessor from bugs, SI will face more and more criticism of the FM-ME every year anyway. Since many users were apparently satisfied with previous ME, it would only make sense to include a downward-compatible database update free of charge with the purchase of the latest FM version (just like the FM20 Touch is included with the purchase of FM20). This way you would get your latest FM version, which (if the ME is better than FM20) might even be praised and played -> and if not, then the users have the possibility to start their favorite version of FM and play with the current data before they complain about the bad ME in the forum for weeks. These of course include all data as the latest FM version contains (starting year, injury data, attributes, transfers etc.), but without being forced to play with a new ME or features. SI don't lose any money, have less critics, the players have their favorite ME and still the latest data -> Win-Win? From my point of view: "yes". Personally, I don't see any argument against it -> especially when I look at how the "release" of the FM-Touch is handled.
  5. Thanks again for the feedback. Unfortunately, older versions are usually only supported for one FM generation in the free fan updates. For example, I play the FM18 because I'm not satisfied with the defense of the FM19 for example (I probably don't need to go into detail about the FM20), but unfortunately the last fan transfer update for the FM18 was in October 2018. So what I would hope to get from the DLC: to be able to play in the current year, with the current transfer data, with the current player attributes, with the current injuries etc. (i.e. all data that are already available) in the favorite ME of FM (i.e. FM18 in my case). Of course I will follow the advice and post it in the request forum, but I just wanted to answer the advice briefly.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, I didn't want to give away the 15€, but I thought that there is some work behind it and therefore some effort is necessary to adapt the database to the different versions. Sorry if I gave you the impression that I wanted to throw the money for the DLC out of the window and only get the FM20 file.
  7. And I thought we live in a democracy where you are allowed to speak your mind - so you can be mistaken ;-) Besides, I hadn't read in the forum rules that you can only have praising words for the current FM version ...
  8. Since "apparently" (just my subjective perception based on all the feedback on FM20) there are only "few" people who are satisfied with FM20, several players have already said they would return to earlier FM versions and probably the ME-Team will soon be condemned to work on FM21 anyway, can't we just get the database of FM20 as DLC to play the older FM-Versions (17, 18, 19) with the new database? I'd be happy to pay another 15€ for it, if I can simply return to an old FM afterwards and don't have to bother with the lousy (again just my subjective opinion) ME of FM20. After the money for the FM20 was thrown out I wouldn't be interested in the 15€ anymore and SI would have even more money to invest in "great" features of future FM versions -> win-win? SI would only have to ask itself: are there many buyers who are dissatisfied with FM20? How could I squeeze some additonal money out of them with little effort and have my peace of mind because nobody would criticize my new FM20 anymore? Then you would hopefully come to the conclusion that such a DLC would be a great possibility. At least I hope so.
  9. Since there are errors in the ME of FM17, FM19 and FM20 like shown here and until now with FM18 it was only said "is not worth it", I got myself the FM18 and am curious how the ME plays there -> one thing I know anyway: I will not get an FM after FM20 before March or April or not at all, should SI not manage to "save" the ME of FM20.
  10. Perfectly already at the release are in unfortunately few games which is a result of the decreasing quality of the product, which gets a 0-Day-Patch on release day. I don't know if this is the ambition of SI, but in their place I would rather argue with cars than admit that some core elements of my game (like the ME) doesn't work But while we are already comparing with other games, you can look at the time until the next patch. Especially in comparison with Free2Play games like Warframe, Path of Exile or Dota2, problems are tackled much faster. Considering gladly to take the full price of a product, but to deliver a flawed product, I would rather be quieter when it comes to claims for comparison with other games.
  11. No. What I could read in your post was that you are thrilled to have a game like FM at all - I totally agree with that. But where our opinions seem to differ is that despite all the enthusiasm for a product, I can still see its flaws and will name them. And no "I can't just play the latest version and love it for what it is", but that's where we are simply different. If we come back to the topic of the thread it's about which ME is better: FM19 vs. FM20 - based on your answers I guess in your case it's the FM20. -> I for my part will try the advice of SebastianRo and have a look at FM17 and FM18.
  12. I don't care because I didn't use them for fame, but to point to a meaningless argument with a meaningless comparison. ;-)
  13. I understand what you mean, although it is absolutely pointless to challenge someone from the community to do something similar. Just because I get upset about the brakes of an Audi Q7 doesn't mean that I can and must build one myself. After all, SI does not make its games purely out of charity, but to earn money. Therefore, as a customer you can certainly expect to get a decent product for your money. As far as I know nobody criticized the database or the new features, but only the mistakes of the ME, so just what is important in a manager game (at least from my point of view). In short: yes, the FM is unique because of its features and database -> no, that doesn't automatically make it super.
  14. I know exactly what you mean. Currently I gave up hope for FM20, because it's not even obvious if even with the final patch a meaningful ME will be created. The only question I still have is whether the ME of FM18 or FM19 is better. Even if this is surely quite subjective, I hope to find a helpful answer here.
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