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  1. Quick update. Firstly as ever thanks to all those who have provided constructive criticism, as this is invaluable to us and appreciated. There will be another ME update, probably with 14.3 when the data is updated. So far we have worked on the following: - Goalie errors. We have identified a few that lingered around and will hope to get any remaining ones zapped for this cycle. - Headed clearances. We identified issues with trajectory and direction and the fixes are now in test. Affects no of goals just after corners and also own goal count. - Corners. We are still working on this. Main issue now is there are slightly too many of them at top levels. - Ball physics. No changes planned for this cycle. There are definitely further improvements to be made but we believe it's in a decent state overall for the time being. - General. We want to improve the individual play of the very best players slightly and this is a work in progress right now. There are other bits and pieces too of course. Cheers, Paul
  2. If a clear cut example is posted in the bugs forum with pkm file etc it will of course be investigated. But as things stand there are no plans to change any ball physics code for a 14 update nor are we aware of any game breaking issues with it.
  3. There is *definitely* a correlation between moaning unconstructive posts and losing games, especially having "won the passing/shooting". We are in for a hell of a ride when the next ME update* improves counter attacking AI ;-) * No. Date. Set.
  4. No-one is defining what you are describing as normal. The problem is you appear to be in a tiny minority in seeing it. Have you uploaded pkms and/or your save to the bugs forum?
  5. Woodwork hopefully reduced a bit next update. It missed the cut off for 14.1.4, we had to draw the line somewhere.
  6. It's all the ME fixes up to about 2 weeks ago, where we made the cut off point ME wise for this update. There are more ready and in test for the next update, whenever that may be. It's just the way these things work.
  7. Nothing has changed. We ran into some unexpected issues that have delayed us and its an ongoing, frustrating process. No date set as a result.
  8. As posted last week we had some issues with the build which we are still working through. I'll say one thing in the meantime for those desperate for the next ME update. Visit the tactical forums as its clearly something that has worked for various people already, and allowed them to get far more enjoyment out of the game!
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