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  1. Downloaded the mega pack but testing out the New Zealand DB on holiday. So far like that you have correct league schedules for the Championship and the Regional Leagues, as well as correct teams in their divisions Only issue with the New Zealand Leagues is that teams in the New Zealand Premiership are excluded from being in the Chatham Cup. This is for the Regional Leagues only. Can I also ask, are you planning on adding any more Nations/Leagues to Oceania?
  2. You seem to still have the teams in the wrong divisions. North Shore Utd for example won the NRFL Premier division this season and were promoted from the 1st Division end of 2017/18 season. So all the teams from NZFC down are missing the 2018/19 season and the regional/winter leagues go from Oct to April when they should go from Late March, early April to August.
  3. Steam yes. Go to the FM20 store and the option is there to purchase.
  4. Thank you again Neil. Perhaps some sort of tweet to at least acknowledge/reassure folks will help also!
  5. Asking for this is uncalled for no matter what!
  6. How do you know this per say? When you say release do you mean full release or Beta release?
  7. This is actually game breaking. Lets face it this effects so many saves and not mentioning any created DB. Its likely not going to be save compatible as the attribute data is created when you create a new game. You do wonder how this was missed in "Testing"
  8. If you go into the the FM20 store page on Steam its available to Download from there.
  9. My issue is that I have a player on loan and the agreed playing time is as Regular Starter. In possible 17 appearances he has only played 2 and when I mention this to the loaned clubs manager he was happy with the time.
  10. I had a similar issue. Promised a young player I'd look to loan him out but instead he had became a 1st team player and became unhappy because I did not lean him out. No option in discussion to even mention this!
  11. Summary: Black background Description of Issue: When going into a match screen to see details the lower portion of the screen is on a black background. Using ver 20.0.2 and default skin Steps to Reproduce: Clicking on a scoreline to get more match details the screen loads and within 1 sec the lower portion is black. Screenshot attached. This also happens in different Leagues
  12. Has this been addressed? Its still an ongoing issue in my save and its frustrating having to deal with this!
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