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  1. In FM18, I always found that you needed to reduce the width with a short passing game in order to retain possession. If you wanted to retain possession with greater width you could do so with standard passing, a lower mentality, less aggressive roles and many players on support Having the opportunity to set both defensive and attacking width in FM19 is interesting. I'm assuming that if you set 'wide in possession' and 'narrow out of possession' you will encounter fitness, speed and transitional problems depending on your players
  2. In 'tactics' go to the sub menu 'player' then select the first position, then down near the bottom you will see 'swap positions with...' and select the second position
  3. In a front three with the central player on support, and either the IF's on support or attack, I like to play my IFs on their natural side, i.e. right footer on the right and left footer on the left. The best example of why I do this is because of Mo Salah, who I found to get all tangled up in himself when attacking on the right. I do have a preference for fairly direct football, so this might explain why. If I play a front 2 with both on attack duty, with 2 inside forwards on support behind them, I don't mind which side they're on and often set them to swap.
  4. What an excellent depiction of the German tactics! It's just awesome how much this summarizes what was wrong with Germany this morning. A particular highlight of what you have shown here is Kroos as a MEZ(S) - playing his Real Madrid role as if Casemiro wasn't half way across Russia playing for someone else.
  5. Being without Lahm is also huge, but the one that really baffles me is that Loew never replaced Schweinsteiger with a holding midfielder and has since pretty much constantly played an extra attacker instead. Add to that the fact that Kroos's work rate seems to have dropped by about 25% in the last 4 years and neither Ozil or Mueller are even half the players they were in 2014 and have become non-contributors defensively, and you have a problem. I've been thinking this for a while and I wish I posted this yesterday :-)
  6. I just found the thread from 4 years ago:
  7. Here's my go at Russia's tactics (4-4-1-1) TI - standard, structured, close down more, fairly narrow GK - D (fewer risky passes) WB-A CD-D (fewer risky passes) CD-D (fewer risky passes) FB-S WM-S (roam from position) CM-S (hold position) CM-D WM-A (Golovin, roam from position, close down more) W-A (Cheryshev) AM-A (close down more) CF-A (shorter passing)