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  1. Any help is a lot appreaciated, mate! I am not the HR of Oceania but we are in the final week of editions here. I think we surely would need more people in the team to make it even better than now. I suggest you to contact Regan the HR - surely we'll be happy to count on you: regan@24media.co.nz - HR E-mail.
  2. We're having hard work here with the Oceania DB. You'll be happy with the result. This will be 10000x times more accurate than now. FM20 is coming.
  3. Much things to be done here! India is a lot underrated inside the game and the results they reached in reality prove that - specially in the Asian Cup 2019. I can contribute in what is possible, if necessary!
  4. Thanks a lot @Frank Ng for the updates. I am going to look for the thread of India, cheers!
  5. People here watching the Asian Cup? Lots of changes to be made based in these national team perfomance. Vietnam needs a vast improvement and India as well. In game is impossible to imagine India winning Thailand for 4-1 as it happened in the AFC Asian Cup. Thanks to @Kanwulf mentions above regarding the Vietnamese national team members! I am available to give any contribution if necessary! Cheers.
  6. I don't know if It is the best place to ask for it, If not, please forgive me. Is there any Thailand patch already done in the community? I'm really willing to play there. BTW, congratualations and thanks for the amazing work you've being doing for long these years, claassen! Cheers.
  7. Exactly. To be honest, It's very frustrating to play in Asia and Oceania. I understand Oceania is hard to find informations in various places - and I've been working with it to make it most accurate possible - but Asia is really possible to make a better job. As I mentioned some time ago, I follow South Asian football and a little Southeast Asian Football and I would put myself disponible to help. Rohit Chand is probrably one of the best players ever in Nepal and one of the best midfielders in action in Southeast Asia. As another member mentioned above, Nepal is very non-updated and they played the last qualifiers for Asian Cup - I know quite all their players. The same happens with Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh. And India, OMG, India is an EARTH underrated! In real life they draw 0-0 with China, for example. In game they're miles worse than in real life. Maybe only Sunil Chhetri makes it real. India is probrably, alongside Vietnam and Thailand, the football nation which most developed in the past years. They've beaten Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan and Macau to qualify for Asian Cup once again - last time in 2010. Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia are also very "non-real" but nothing in comparison with India. For example, in Nepal there are players being called up for the national team (in-game) that currently coach teams in their top flight! Nepal draw with teams like Phillipines and Yemen in the last qualifiers.
  8. Rohit Chand, nepalese midfielder which plays for Persija Jakarta in Indonesia, just won the Liga 1 in Indonesia and was rewarded the Most Valuable Player of the league. His transfermarkt is decently updated. More than 40 matches for Nepal. He is MASSIVELY underrated. And it can be shown as he earned the MVP in the league and his skills ingame hardly could put him as a starter with Persija Jakarta.
  9. https://www.transfermarkt.pt/gabriel-taumua/profil/spieler/352147 - He says he's already U17
  10. Lots of players missing in Oceania. Under my editions for this FM version I could only updated (almost fully) Tonga. As well I could create some players in Vanuatu, PNG and Fiji what were missing. I mentioned about the need to create the profile of Gabriel Taumua, the biggest young prospect American Samoa actually has.
  11. Sure, perfect. Of course, New Zealand is the most important league in the confederation so to end up this league first is the first step!
  12. That's going to be a major job! Fantastic. Hope someday ISPS Handa Premiership will have links (relegation-promotion) with the following leagues. Although I imagine this is out of the football culture in New Zealand. Anyway, are you thinking on make similar jobs to the following nations of OFC? I got some information around these countries and I've been spending some effort to make Oceania more accurate to play. But - I tried to see lol - I'm not that usual to the editor, so I can't do such of editions. Cheers.
  13. I have tried to update Oceanic leagues by my own but of course I didn't have such a good result. Vanuatu league is divided into two - I tried to make it but just one league was working. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_VFF_National_Super_League). Could someone give some help on it? I have doing all efforts possible to make Oceania more accurate to play!
  14. Yes, I think that's too much job for people in Asia/Oceania to up to date. I have been giving a hand to Oceania researches I could do something reasonable for some nations there. I imagine there are some people around interested to make game better in this area. I also follow asian football with some consistence and I'd be available to help there too.
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