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  1. I don't know if It is the best place to ask for it, If not, please forgive me. Is there any Thailand patch already done in the community? I'm really willing to play there. BTW, congratualations and thanks for the amazing work you've being doing for long these years, claassen! Cheers.
  2. Sure, perfect. Of course, New Zealand is the most important league in the confederation so to end up this league first is the first step!
  3. That's going to be a major job! Fantastic. Hope someday ISPS Handa Premiership will have links (relegation-promotion) with the following leagues. Although I imagine this is out of the football culture in New Zealand. Anyway, are you thinking on make similar jobs to the following nations of OFC? I got some information around these countries and I've been spending some effort to make Oceania more accurate to play. But - I tried to see lol - I'm not that usual to the editor, so I can't do such of editions. Cheers.
  4. I have tried to update Oceanic leagues by my own but of course I didn't have such a good result. Vanuatu league is divided into two - I tried to make it but just one league was working. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_VFF_National_Super_League). Could someone give some help on it? I have doing all efforts possible to make Oceania more accurate to play!
  5. The only difference is that they count as local player for their club (as NZ Citizen) but not eligible for national team.
  6. Yes, I understand. But they have the citizenship already, in other nationalities there is New Zealand for both of them. I've shown the eligibility screen assuming that they already have the NZ dual citizenship but there's something being a hurdle for me to make possible to make a call for them.
  7. Sometimes I try to get a way to interact with managers or players which somehow I liked. But I can't get direct ways. I think would be pretty nice to add ways of interactions with players of other clubs, managers and media. For example, I would like to increase my reputation with media so I call the journalists to talk about a proper topic or I want to congratulate a player for a fantastic perfomance... or even declare intention to take charge of a club which is no vacant of manager.
  8. No, they are not waiting the documents to get ready. There are some players who received the citizenship and are eligible but they are really few. These players in New Zealand would receive no interest from their nations, since they many of them are of high level football nations like Croatia, England and Argentina. They don't count as foreigners for the league rules, they are in the living continously in the nation for more than 5 years - enough time to get the citizenship and also to be eligible due FIFA rules. I'll let you some examples attached, please take a look. I'm in the third season of this save. PS: All messages - in Portuguese - say the same: they inform they need five years to be eligible for the national team of country they are current living. First you have the amount of days still needed to be eligible (0) and after the amount of days they're currently living in New Zealand. As said, they have now the citizenship - no caps for national team, they are not declared to any nation and they're also not iy any other national team squad - but not eligible to get a call up of even try to convice them to it.
  9. Thanks for replies. No for both. I am aware if they are declared or played elsewhere at national level they would not be eligible. I'm the third season here and various foreigners obtained the citizenship but no yet eligible to get a call. As I said, no declarated or played to anyone else.
  10. I am coaching the New Zeland NT and I have a doubt here: What is needed for a foreign player to be eligible to play for National Team? Isn't it, in NZ case, 5 years continously living in the nation? It means 1825 days are needed. But I have various cases here that players are more than 2000 days continously - as we can see in the information section - and they are just not eligible for a call up. They have the citizenship but not possible to call up them. What is happening? Did I miss something?
  11. Aaaaah :/ hahah Well, maybe ''these boys'' can disturb your easy season...
  12. The aim is dutch glory first! And well, Brazilians realise it since It has turned into a national joke here. ''You've been 7-1'ed''.
  13. Honestly, you've won by 7-1 a match and then bought a German player. Being a Brazilian it hurts and couldn't pass without noticing hahah And, once again, entertaining save. You intend to get Koninklijke to glory or will find another goals inside the save haha?
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