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  1. @FrazT I think I found out the issue: the authomatic update. I just tried to start a new test career at 20.3 and it's loaded.
  2. Jesus, can someone help me to play FM ? I have done all steps there. Uninstall and them install again in Steam, no add-ons and before retrying to play I deleted cache and preferences. The game crashes while creating a new career - I tried one in the quick mode. FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.04.15 22.13.33).dmp
  3. I have done this once, not sure if I did this all 'clean' though. I'll retry it and update here.
  4. Well, I tried to update the drivers. Anyway, It was running perfectly before, the same happened with FM2019. I followed the steps in the link and the game still crashes when trying to create another save.
  5. Just one question: which league pack are you using for this challenge?
  6. I'm having several issues here with FM in the last days. First, I could not start the game, then I had read in the forum I needed to remove the folders from the Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020. I did so and I could start the game - before this it was stuck in the loading screen. Then I put it back the logos, facepacks and editor data folder. The logos were not loading and I could not also load any of my previous saves. Then, I decided to reinstall the game, but any of the problems were fixed. If I try to start the game with the folders in Documents/Sports Interactive/Foo
  7. Fakasori, Iroseaea, Richie, Ropa, Geseni, Selwyn Hoy and Iuta are all members of the YOUTH squad of their respective teams.
  8. However, Lea'i and Kofana are not part of Phoenix Youth anymore. They are with Eels, as you mentioned. Charles Mani is back to New Zealand - he might get a new team instead of Glenfield. Yet to be disclosed.
  9. http://oceaniafootballcenter.home.blog/2020/01/30/alex-saniel-close-to-lautoka/ Alex Saniel from Vanuatu currently in New Zealand is receiving interest from Lautoka. PS: He left for Fiji. He's playing for Lautoka now.
  10. https://www.fedcalfoot.com/MERCATO-2020-Mobil-SUPER-LIGUE_a370.html New Caledonian transfers. The Portuguese and Brazilian in Hienghene left, the japanese one is the only one retained.
  11. http://oceaniafootballcenter.home.blog/2020/01/13/tahiti-winter-mercato-2020/ Tahitian transfers
  12. Raphael Lea'i in Hienghène Sport is something like I wonder: How SI accepted that?
  13. The job done in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and the worst ranked four nations in OFC is a revolution for the game. What happened to Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and the french territories? There's even more confusion there than before.
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