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  1. ^ Good read that they know the problem and that they are working on it! Which is a good sign! I think however it is pretty ground breaking the amount of CC chances being missed in 1v1 situations and hope to see it fixed too! May have to give the game a break till then as it really is costing me this season badly!
  2. Look i know its broken! I know i shouldnt get mad at it! 1v1s have been broken for so long but you would think that SI would care to eventually gives us a patch to fix it! The amount of 1v1s missed in these two games below is a joke! One of my st (jonathan is a wonderking with 17finishing 14comp Leading EPL player) And he doesnt know how to hit a barn door thanks to this stupid match engine!!! Can we please just get it fixed! had enough of raging on stream at simple 1v1s being missed in games where i am having 20plus shots (mostly 1v1s) and drawing or losing to sides who finish some
  3. Could you release a statement saying that you know about the issue and working on it via twitter so everyone can calm down a little SI? Also do you have an ETA on when this will be patch as its very game breaking as you can see?
  4. Thanks for the support mate! glad you enjoy the channel lets hope that they patch the unset att. bug and we can stream our main save soon!
  5. Not famous well known streamer in comparison to Ben workthespace Pine Oooclanoo etc. But this was annoying to find out on stream and is extremely game breaking!! Going to have to restart my long term save for the full game with Crewe because of this! Kyznar who posted above is also quite a big/mid tier fm streamer (im more mid to low tier) and he mentioned it as well! I would imagine si will get onto this very quickly!
  6. yeah 2nd season in with Leicester city and still have no partnerships so i guess its a bug
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