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  1. I did this and reverted back to a save in April 2074. I believe this has fixed the problem. Thank you Fraz. I appreciate it immensely. Should I save the game just after the last fixture just in case this happens again?
  2. @FrazT I've skipped an entire season from over a year prior and no fixtures are showing at all still. Any advice?
  3. Just to add to this mate, I've added FM18 as an exemption to AVG and I'm holidaying the entire season. I'll update you in a few hours.
  4. So roughly the start of June? It just seems weird that it would suddenly affect the save now despite AVG running for the previous 60 odd seasons.
  5. Yeah it's the last update. I checked the recycle bin and there's nothing there that's deleted from the game. Cleared the cache and nothing happened. There wasn't a preferences folder under fm18 when I looked. It's almost happened for no reason although I know that everything does happen for a reason. I've put the three 'corrupted' files and deleted them for now. I use AVG (paid version) and that hasn't scanned FM for over a month. I've reverted back a year and I'm going to holiday the entire season. Out of interest, what date is it when the entire fixture list is announced?
  6. Hi guys, I'm in August 2074 in my save and for some reason none of the league fixtures are showing. I've never had this problem before in the save and it's just suddenly happened. I don't use a custom editor or anything and I've not edited anything at all. I've tried reloading the game. I've not messed with antivirus or anything. I'm gutted it's ruined a save I've been playing for a long time and I'm hoping you lovely people are able to suggest something that could work around it. I have backups that are also with this issue, with another copy a year behind. As you can imagine I do
  7. Out of interest, why do you have wages ''per month'' rather than ''per week''
  8. Unlucky my man. As with another career, I've read this throughout during lockdown. Great read and I hope it continues.
  9. Just read this in it's entirety. Brilliant save and brilliant read. I'm surprised more people haven't commented and applauded the read (this forum is dead in comparison to earlier years), but hey ho. Keep going and get onto the step 2 and 3 of your plan (love to see you manage Wales at some point) Out of interest, do you plan on retiring your manager and starting another considering he's an OAP?
  10. Great performance dude and been following the thread for a long time. Hope you keep pushing NI in the international sphere.
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