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  1. Not a fan then, eh? I love the Touch, it's the only one I play. Differences are that it's much more fun to play, you can pick it up anywhere at any time, and it's missing all the chores that the full game has. I would like to be able to talk to player a bit more than it is possible now, because if their morale goes down, there is not much you can do about it. That said, I hope they never introduce press conferences, recruitment meetings, the overly complicated and detailed training module, the bazillion different kinds of staff roles, and the rest that just adds more clicks to the game. T
  2. Sure, here are the screenshots. So I hired a new assistant and the current one (Mike Phelan) was supposed to have his contract terminated upon signing the new one. However, that didn't happen, and, as you can see in the screenshots, I now have two assistants, and Mike Phelan is still contracted to Man Utd. He is only visible in that dropdown, the staff overview screen only shows the new assistant. I also get all my player reports and the rest from Mike Phelan.
  3. I find 4-2-3-1 Positive to be very attacking, to each their own I guess.
  4. This applies to all yearly released games. You are right that the demo does help... If you buy the game on PC. Other platforms don't have that luxury.
  5. I think your playstyle is on the extreme, and the game is not designed with that in mind. There are issues (players running after the ball over the touchline is especially annoying), but, to me, not on the scale you describe here. I think it also comes down a lot to your expectations. Player instructions, for instance, are not on/off. Stay back at all times... doesn't mean that that man will literally stay back at all times. They have a personality and decisions of their own, just like in real life, and when they think it's maaaybe better to do something else, they will do it. Or they will sim
  6. Buying the product is also my ticket into the right to comment on it. I can't go to a forum of, say. FIFA 21, and complain there, because I don't buy FIFA games, so that makes my position a lot weaker. I could argue globally, perhaps, on the overall video games situation, without buying anything, just like I can raise my voice over racism or other injustices, without ever actually suffering from them, but in this specific case, actually buying the game makes my position stronger. Even then, SI Games doesn't seem to listen, let alone in case you haven't actually bought the game at all. You
  7. It's a bug, the search button doesn't work, AFAIK it's under investigation.
  8. So, Nintendo Switch, latest system update and the current FM 21 version. The staff screen said my assistant was the new one I hired, but I kept getting reports from the one I sacked, and in the dropdown to pick whose opinion you want to hear, they were both listed there. When I found him by using the search function, he was listed as still working for the club, and I had the option to sack him (again).
  9. There are actually good arguments for a yearly release cycle, none of which its supposed supporters have remembered to mention here, which tells me you lot here are just to argue for the sake of argument or you are somehow emotionally or personally invested into this whole topic.
  10. IF cars were produced that way, then yes, you described the exact scenario on how they would be sold and bought. And the 5% you mentioned would be screaming what the **** is going on from the top of their lungs, but you'd be telling them to just walk or take a hike and stop complaining. Because, yes, you need to commute, but you can always get up at 4AM and walk your 10 miles to work and back, stop telling me you don't have a choice and trying to hold companies accountable for their behaviour (and yes, I am fully aware video games are not essential to life in a way transportation is, which is
  11. Well duh, depending on the customer, and also, SI Games do not write every new FM from scratch, and also also, that is irrelevant and does not absolve them from supporting older versions. There are so many examples where this is not the case, so here is one: you can still find car parts for cars that are 5, 10, 15+ years old, because the manufacturers still support their products and customers. And no, they don't usually make a new car every year that somehow has nothing to do with all the previous cars they've made so far.
  12. Not sure what you are trying to say here, but I work for an IT company, we offer support for our products and/or SaaS far longer that the ~6 months that SI support every edition of FM. They cannot go indefinitely, obviously, but the current "last patch is coming out in March (or whenever)" situation is acceptable only in a sense that we - the customers - have no other choice. And also, participating in something does not take away the right to try and improve that something, so it's not hypocritical to complain.
  13. My point is that the "final patch" comes mere 6 months or so after the release, and that is it. Imagine if anything else you owned could be repaired only up to 6 months after purchase, and after that, well, that's the nature of your refridgerator?
  14. No idea how SI and others (e.g. EA and its FIFA franchise) get away with selling a product that is only supported for one year after release, and then so obviously pushed into planned obsolescence.
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