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  1. Well ok, let me rephrase it like this: do you think anyone fully understands why Timo Werner is struggling at Chelsea right now? Or why Neymar hit the framework twice yesterday? Or why Jesse Lingard is suddenly the new Messi in West Ham?
  2. Well you are right, it isn't mostly chance and luck, but I never said it was, so what point are you arguing? And with FM, you can go in the dressing room and talk to the players. That part will always be an issue (mostly because people expect the footballers to react in the game the same way they, the player would react, so you see a lot of "why is he asking for this or being upset" threads here; there are bugs sometimes, I agree, but it works most of the time). Or maybe... Pep Guardiola is a football manager and you are a Football Manager player, and it turns out those two are not r
  3. Yes, but if you watch the game, you also understand why they scored more or fewer than the opponents. And you can watch the entire match in FM, as well, so I hope you see where this is going.
  4. First of all, Chess is a game with strict rules, not at all comparable to football, a game where chance and luck play a huge role, so the comparison doesn't make sense. Second of all, when you watch a football game in real life, do you understand why a team won or lost?
  5. Unfortunately, I see the same. I am in 2032 in my current save, and there isn't a single South American regen on the transfer market. I have England, Spain, and Italy as active countries, and these are the only ones that get regens, and even then only the Spanish teams get a full set of players every year, albeit good ones are very rare. I am managing Man Utd, and we usually get 4-6 player per intake, and I see the same in all English and Italian teams. As for other countries and clubs, there was one intake so far in Ajax, one in a few German clubs, one in PSG, and as far as I can tell, zero i
  6. Same here, I've had one save where he was fired, but then again hired after a few seasons. In all the rest, he stays and is usually pretty successful. In general, sackings are very rare in FM21, it's not uncommon to see all the same managers in EPL after 10+ seasons, in top teams especially.
  7. Exactly, as I keep saying, just watch the entire match or at the very least comprehensive highlights, until you are completely familiar with your own tactics, and the various ways the AI combats it. Combine that with still easy squad building, and after about one season, you can safely skip to key highlights, except for important matches (this is what I do, anyway). If you just watch the match play out, you should figure out what is happening, I mean, when you watch a real game of football, you do the same thing. Right? You don't have anyone sitting next to you and interpret the match for you
  8. If someone disagrees, they must be a fanatic about the game. I don't defend it no matter what, it's just that thinking that the game is out to get you or that it has "decided" that there has to be a goal, so it will come up with any scenario it can to make sure a goal happens is wrong. All the communication you are lacking is in the match, try watching entire matches or at least comprehensive highlights, if you are not already doing so. A lot of it also comes down to your understanding of football and how it matches with the game designers' views, so I do agree that is an issue that
  9. This is simply wrong thinking, and probably the reason why you are struggling with the game. [edit] I hadnt realized this was already addressed, my bad.
  10. As far as I can tell, it's mostly luck. In 400 hours of gameplay, I've got exactly one useful player out of it (with Man Utd, same as you), a backup goalkeeper. The rest have all been League 1 players at best. I don't know what to do, we have the best possible facilities, and a 5-star head of youth development.
  11. Problem is that football itself is ambiguous. Offside rule is clear (you are this or that side of the line), but fouls in the penalty box are, and always will be, in the eye of the referee. This means that FM is also inherently ambiguous, and it is made by a man/team that already has a view of the game. Examples like this are everywhere. What is "standard" passing? More urgent pressing? Positive mentality? Shorter passing (shorter than what, standard?). What does more risky passing mean for a goalkeeper? And what for a striker? You could extend it to attributes as well. What does it
  12. I commented on that, as well. You can agree or think it's a bug in the game, but if you can't be even bothered to read what you're supposedly replying to, then there is no more point in trying to break your delusions and bitterness about the game.
  13. The comment wasn't about that, it was about how unrealistic and somehow "wrong" it was that the player asked for compensation while leaving. Of course you don't have to pay him off (and shouldn't, probably, unless him staying is even worse now than him leaving), but the player actually asking for it (which the original comment was about) is nowhere near unrealistic. He's probably low on professionalism and loyalty, and high on ambition. In other words, the only delusion here is expecting in-game characters to act the same as the person playing the game would.
  14. I don't think I have. You can surely add some imagination to it? The player's negotiations didn't go as well as he hoped, but he still wants to go? And why not ask for a payoff from the current club while he's at it? What has he (the footballer) got to lose? Really, have you ever switched jobs?
  15. Truth be told, you can do most of these things already, you just have to manually switch between instructions as you see fit.
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