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  1. andyinuk

    Broken Promises

    Yeah but I wouldn't be demanding to leave because the company wouldn't upgrade my 2012 MacPro to the 2015 MacPro.
  2. andyinuk

    Broken Promises

    Ha. Just had my captain who was angry with me because i didn't strength the coaching team even though: - I already have maximum number of coaches - i won't be able to attract better coaches anyway since we are a conference team and has tiny budget - the team overachieved by getting promotion to league two - he was the highest earner in the team, and play the most games I got to make sure not to promise anything to anyone anymore.
  3. andyinuk

    This game is rigged.

    Of course it is rigged. In fact, it's not just the game. The world as you see it is not actually real. Everything that happen around you, included FM, are rigged against you. In fact, consider this moment as a glitch of the system, and you will be paid a visit by a black guy in sunglasses to learn how to do kung fu in bullet time.
  4. andyinuk

    FM Wife Hate

    Yeah go to OTF for that sort of thing
  5. andyinuk

    FM Wife Hate

    Easy. Find a new replacement in the transfer window.
  6. andyinuk

    The chairman/president

    I don't know about you guys, but I can't see the fun of setting ticket price (It's not like you could do that every week) or negotiate sponsors (which occur even less frequent). Unless you go into a full Cellino mode where you sack your water-melon/manager every six weeks, there aren't really all that much to do.
  7. I did the same with my current save. The overall setup hasn't change much until I get to EPL. Until then, I just kept it simple and only adjust some of the individual player role at midfield and forwards. Otherwise, I think the only time I overhaul a tactic was when I was down to one striker. And even then, it was merely a case of dropping one of the forward to midfield and kept the rest the same. For the OP, try not to over think the tactics so much and takes it to the stride. I've found that a lot of the time a tactical setup that seem hopeless in the first three months in the season will end up clicking nicely later on. If you don't feel like spending hours to setup for one match, then don't do it and see how it goes. don't over think it and just tries to enjoy the the game within the time that you have.
  8. Maybe your assistant setup a camera in the stand for you to watch one of the game live and make tactical decision through mobile phone?
  9. For Staff, I always look at Determination as the main Secondary attribute, as well as Adaptability if they are foreign. Though, for scouts I am not sure if they are so important, since I tend to dispatch the scout to the area of the world that they are familiar with (Brazilian to S America, for example).
  10. I use my five years old Macbook Pro sometimes to play FM and it works great. I do turn down the graphics way down to to keep the heat down.
  11. Thanks Michael! Once I've done that, do I just package the panels.fmf and place it back to the game directory, or do I need to make a new skin for it?
  12. I've done this once back in FM2012 but completely forgot how to edit this again. In short, I found the the attribute bars are quite a bit shorter than I would like. Back in FM2012, I could edit an xml and made the bar a bit longer so they become easier to read. Does anyone know how to do that for FM15? I have already installed the Resource Archiver and ready to do some xml edit!
  13. andyinuk

    Anyone had a "Ham-man fiddling with their bits"?

    I do not believe that you, of all people, only had a "normal" massage
  14. andyinuk

    "Strip FM"

    Loser of the "Human players derby" will buy drinks or smacks in a multiplayers game.