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  1. andyinuk

    FM on a Macbook Pro.

    You should be fine. I sometimes carry my game to my old ass 2011 Macbook pro to play when I travel, and it runs fine. I do turn the 3D match right down though, otherwise the machine will heat up and ready to take off.
  2. andyinuk

    Last World Cup for...?

    For Japan (assuming they quality the next one), Hasebe, Okazaki, and Honda won't be returning. Nagatomo will be 35 and Inui will be 34 so they might not make it either. Kagawa probably just about make it if his body holds up, same with Osako
  3. andyinuk

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Lucky you. Today it's my only bloody day to come into the office. The up side is that I have no American office to deal with and no one else in the Reading office are really in the mood to work so I might as well catch up some sleep in my room.
  4. andyinuk

    The VAR Thread

    Don't be a diva. There are dozens or other things that stop the flow of the game already. Treating injured players takes even longer and caused more interruptions. why don't we just leave them laying on the pitch then for the sake of the "flow". Players takes drink break in a exceptionally hot day too. Maybe we should stop that and let them die of dehydration too.
  5. andyinuk

    Japan vs Senegal

    There was this interview a few years ago from Japanese TV. Nakata was scheduled to go interviewed Honda, I think it was after one of the World Cup or Asian Cup. Nakata started to ask question but the interview quickly flipped around because Honda was so starstrucked and excited at the presence of Nakata that he started to ask Nakata questions and the whole thing ended up talking about Nakata's own experience in World Cup. It really shown Nakata's godlike status among the younger generation of footballers who looked up to him
  6. andyinuk

    Japan vs Senegal

    It's not his age that is the problem. It's the fact that the past two years Honda has been pretty terrible. There were mumbling in the press about whether to pick him for this world cup, and to be honest, if he wasn't selected there wouldn't' have been too many people who would be fight for his case. That's why I am delighted for him to grab that goal today. His experience and skill is still bloody useful for Japan in a tournament.
  7. andyinuk

    Colombia VS Japan (1pm KO)

    Nippon this will keep my missus happy for a few days
  8. andyinuk

    England have just won the World Cup. What would you do?

    I will be calmly applauding at the TV and mutter, "Well done lads. Bloody well done." Or, it could be like when Japan won the world cup back in 2011, screaming and jumping and running around in the house for an hour non-stop.
  9. andyinuk

    The PC Gaming Thread

    It's always an issue with the Three Kingdoms Saga anyway, whether it's games or comic books that come out of it. The dueling generals thing is totally fantasy, but pretty much the most exciting part of the story for most fans of the story . It would be tough to make anything relating to Three Kingdoms without having some of that. Remember, most people thought the novel WAS the history. I agree with the faction diversity too and the point about Shogun 2 (loved that game). I would prefer the diversity based on people instead of factions for sure. Haven't seen the Chinese names part. No doubt that will probably drive me up the wall when I see it.
  10. andyinuk

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Tried to think the last good one that I've played.... it was either 9 or 10. And the annoying thing about Koei's strategy games is that the base game were usually not that good until you but the "Power-up" add on, which only release a year or so after the original base game and will mean the overall cost of the game (if you buy full price) up to almost £100 At least these days it's possible to buy them on Steam. Previously I have to order the actual copy from Yesasia which cost almost a £100 for the base game and about four weeks to ship the damn thing. Sometimes I really really hate Koei
  11. Personally, the only network game FM I still play now is at home with the missus, and even then our own single player game seem to take priority. All my other friends who used to play FM with before, they all have their own life commitment like jobs and kids so it's almost impossible to arrange the time to get more than two people together online.
  12. andyinuk

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Yeah, a purely historical Chinese war game wouldn't be so much fun. For start, there won't be that much difference between each factions' troop, other than maybe Cao's army will have more cavalry since they based in the north, Wu are naval specialist since they are based in the south. I don't really know which exact period they've picked for the TW game (I hope it's before the three kingdoms actually form because by then it just became a slog fest IMO). I played all the Koei's "Romance of Three Kingdoms" games over my life time. The most interesting things about this period is the recruitment and retention of the characters. A bit like Football Manager, with sword and horses. It would be great if the game is revolve around the characters instead of the factions themselves. Imagine, you could only recruit and use elite Calvary if you have Lu Bu or Guan Yu in your stack. Or your naval are worthless unless it's led by Zhou Yu.
  13. andyinuk

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Exactly so. Just look at ZSJ. I think he made a great choice of staying outside instead of jumping in too early. We wouldn't have seen this brilliant and vicious heel that we are seeing now if he had took the contract back then during the CW tournament.