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  1. I've noticed General Possession training on this tool shows more affect for Def than Att, despite the training being for all outfield players. Why is this?
  2. Kharza_FM if you're still here would you mind sharing your training schedules if you have them? I let my assistant do training but would love to learn!
  3. Im playing on fm 20. I think it has more to do with the Vol leaving the DM strata and also be more expressive being used
  4. with the segundo volante pushing up I've seen the IWBs tuck inside. when the volante is deeper they go wide
  5. I've mostly watched Bielsa at Leeds, which is why I tried to use regroup. Watching 8 players quickly track back to snuff out counter attacks is unique and it seems to me only the two players closest to the ball put pressure on while the rest of the team tries to create solidity. However I have been reading about Bielsa's career and enganche and IWBs seems to be a mainstay. My goal with the IWBs is to replace the Segundo Volante when he goes forward and to offer more penetrating runs on the other side. So one will be another DM while the other I want as a Box-Box or mezzala type runner. The wide attacking players for Bielsa create chances both by whipping the ball into the box from deep and from the byline while also cutting in and either shooting or slotting in a deep runner. I want to achieve this versatility but using team instructions usually has them do one or the other at a higher rate than I want. With all these players making forward runs the Enganche should be a constant option to pass to then run off of Defensively the back three of Witsel/Phillips and CBs hold their ground against counters long enough for the team to get back and recover the ball.
  6. my shots seem to be coming from the byline or from a distance. Counter attacks are dribbled forward and passed back. I'm losing multiple games 4-2. Main problem seems to be Enganche not creating chances and wide players (wingers and fullbacks) never getting the ball into the box. If you want to see any particular analysis screenshots lemme know!
  7. After 22 games in my first season in fm20 I am 10-6-6 and in 6th place in the Bundesliga. i have been trying to patiently tweak this tactic all season without losing the original intention to emulate Bielsa's philosophies. I am trying to incorporate an enganche and inverted wingbacks into a high energy, high possession, high chance creation side. I initially wanted to use a halfback after watching Kalvin Phillips success but an anchor man seems to fit that role better in game. I average 47% possession in the Bundesliga- 15th, but the third highest chances created with 63 and the most goals with 43 (12 from dead ball situations). I'm reluctant to lower my tempo in order to increase my possession because I don't feel thats the way I want to play. but logically I know it will take some time for my support players to join the attack from deep positions (Brandt my enganche drops very deep when out of possession for some reason leaving Haaland on an island). Defensively I've allowed 30 goals which is 9th in the league which is a concern but largely to be expected.
  8. What about in Portugal? I'm about to start a save with Vitoria and theres a player on my B team I'd like to use for depth but want him playing regularly for my B side in the second division. Both leagues seem to say all players need to be registered to play in that league. Can he be registered for both my A and B team?
  9. Update on how this tactic is doing. In 10 games I've only been able to score more than 1 goal once. The Mezalla role has routinely underperformed with 6.5 rating being common. I've been able to tie the top sides and even beat Barcelona with minor tweaks, but beating mid table and lower sides has been difficult
  10. Where do I need to sign players the most? Depth is only an issue on the wings, and I'm reluctant to sign CBs or CMs because of all the youth prospects I have in those positions. Should I continue buying for the future or is there a position I need to improve now?
  11. I have actually been using a very similar tactic to the one you proposed, with the only real differences being tempo and the use of a half back. I guess I don't really understand when to use slower tempo and when to speed it up. Also with Riccardi not quite suited to scoring like a Mezalla should I be looking to convert him to a DLP or can I play him at AP in that DLP spot, potentially moving the striker up to AF as well? Also I'm confused to why Bastoni should be set wider, is that because the HB role will cover the center well enough? The HB role isn't available with anything other than shorter passing With counter should I also counter press? I notice all the close down more PIs Also won't the mezalla, inside forward, and wing back all take up a similar space on the left? Would a box to box player do a similar job?
  12. Hey everybody, I'm pretty new to fm and just finished my 3rd season with Roma. I've completely scrapped my tactic because I keep underperforming. I would appreciate it if someone could give me a good base to start with. I'd prefer having Florenzi attack down the right flank with Cengiz Under as an inside forward on the right. I have a transfer window to work with and its looking like I'll need a true winger to cross to Schick, but starting El Shaarawy and paling with 2 wingback is also an option. I've mostly been playing a 4123 with a wide variety of roles in the middle and Cristante can't seem to break past a 6.9 rating despite being my highest valued midfielder. A huge inspiration for me is Klopp's Gegenpressing, being a Dortmund fan but I don't think I have the right squad for that. Any help is appreciated!
  13. Hey Im new to this community and relatively new to football manager. Im currently in my third year of underperforming at Roma. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of tactics but I can't translate it into the game. Where should I look to both help develop my tactic and also be able to analyse my tactic to see what is going wrong and how to fix it? thanks for any replies
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