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  1. Well I edited 3 unplayable countries and their leagues and teams, verified all and it's ok. Then I load all of them separately (because you can't add rules all in one) in career game setup->database->editor data files I check the 3 files confirm and start game. But here comes the problem, the kits of all the teams from first country are fine but the other two are in black and white. Why does that happen? I tried everything I think, even Merge in the editor and still.
  2. Well I would be agreed with you only if, after a few years, the problem was solved. In my game, after a couple of years, the PA for most of the regens is 119 the limit. So after 2 years I have 5 to 10 regens with PA 150 to 200 but the rest of them PA 119. there is no one with PA 122 or 131. It would be better for example if they have low PA but diverse, not just all of them PA 119. And yes i'm new, I trust they will solve it. I hope they are not like dayz developers...
  3. And the problem is that even if you put all to the max, youth rating in the country, all the clubs with the best facilities, the best scout, max rep, everything you can imagine that can appear the best regens at the beginning. The PA capped at 119, not even 120 :P But at least they said they will fix it so i'm waiting patiently.
  4. I really liked FM13's faces, look the one in my avatar
  5. Well I think no one knows how to solve it and me neither. I spent many hours trying to figure it out what could be the problem but I didn't find anything. If I could remove the updates at least to see if there is any change, but I don't know. It's incredible... all the regens with the same PA 0 to 119 Max. And a few years later just 5-10 regens can surpase PA 150 to 200, but the rest of them their PA 0 to 119... Really... not even 124 or 132. I will be playing FM 2017 until someone give me a solution or launch some new update. But for now I give up with it and with FM 2019.
  6. Well I started a new game with my new country and also with Germany and Argentina and it's the same I know but every player with 120 PA max in every team and restarting over and over again and having the same result... I remember when the game had been released I started with this project and I did a fast try of my league and the PA was different. So I saved it and resumed last week but now I have this problem. I thought it could be some update the problem, I dont know.
  7. Well, i'm creating a new country (overwritting an old one) and I created the leagues and cups and teams from 0, all that is good. Even I edited the parametres of the country, the youth rating and attributes (and also to the MAX) but the newgen at the beginning no one surpase 120 PA, even when I passed many years their potential is awful (the most of them only reach 120 PA and after 2 years 5-10 regens reach 150-180 potential even with full youth rating and all). I did exactly what I have done before in other edition of football manager and it worked in a different way but a good one, not like this edition. Maybe a bug or what? I need a solution please. And also I noticed that it has been extended to every game I start... I mean, I tried kicking the youth players from River Plate- Man. Utd- Barcelona so when i start a new game there should appear new regens at the beginning with good PA but they just reach 120 PA MAX I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, deleted every folder, cache, everything and still the same. I need help please, I don't know what else to do, I think I tried everything... Edit: Football Manager 2019
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