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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you should be able to put more than one monthly instalment on the offer ..
  2. Does anyone have experience with Instant-Gaming.com? They're (significantly) cheaper than anywhere else. It's also one of the few websites that lists the price in AUD so I don't have to deal with exchange rates. edit: never mind, key is region locked. what the f**k is it with region locking games? Are the prices on footballmanagerstore.com region prices or USD?
  3. He wants a desktop. I'm not sure what computer shops are local, I was recommended the above by a work colleague. Is it worth buying a desktop online? I don't care about accessories as he can sort them out himself.
  4. I was talking to my younger brother tonight and now considering buying him a rig for his birthday/Christmas. I'm looking to spend about $600 AUD but not completely sure if I can find value for what he wants within that budget. He wants to run Adobe to edit videos for school, and use it to edit/upload his Fortnite videos. I'd also say some medium/heavy gaming too. http://www.comwiz.net.au/#systems - These are a little out of my price range, I don't like him THAT much, though I have used them before and quite liked the rig I bought off them eight or so years ago (since replaced).
  5. Svetozar Markovic - Fudbalski Klub Partizan. Fábio Silva - FC Porto. Antonio Marin - Građanski nogometni klub Dinamo Zagreb. Roman Zobnin - FC Spartak Moscow. Lisandro Martínez - Defensa y Justicia. All can fit within a healthy budget.
  6. If I feel I have exceeded realistic expectations in the first season, I generally pack the save in. An example would be finishing second with West Ham in the first season, that save got turfed.
  7. I could have sworn Club Value was included in earlier versions.
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