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  1. Depends which Nani turns up. He seems to have a blinder of a game or two, then drops off the face of the earth for 3 or 4 games.
  2. I include myself in this, but I'm still surprised that we're all surprised that Wales are where they are after what we've witnessed with Leicester, Iceland, Atletico Madrid (to a lesser extent) and Wales themselves. Seems you no longer need a team of superstars, just a team that's willing to work hard for one another.
  3. Never understood why the winning toss would opt for 2nd. I always think the team going 2nd has the pressure. If the first team misses, then there's the added pressure on the 2nd team knowing it could put your team in the lead and if the first one goes in, the 2nd team have the added pressure of trying to keep things level.
  4. They've just been boring imo. Think I've fallen asleep 3 times during games and all have involved Portugal. I don't agree with you on Ronaldo. He looks like he's not fully fit. Always moaning and acting like it's all about him. Just not the Ronaldo we're used to seeing. His free kicks have been terrible too. About time someone told him to do one with regards to the freekicks.
  5. Nah, can't see past anyone other than the Germans. Germany look like they can still shift up a gear if needed.
  6. If Belgium play like they did last time out, Wales don't stand a chance. I'd say Wales needed another 2 or 3 Bales, but Ramsey has been better than Bale this tournament, so another 2 or 3 Ramseys would have sufficed.
  7. They've been one of the most dire teams to watch in this competition. I was hoping they'd get punted for that reason alone.
  8. I'd be interested to know what world-class players Wigmore is talking about. I can't think of a single world class player in the England team. Yes, there's some very good players, but they're not world class. That's half the problem with English football, people rubbish the media for over blowing their players, yet in the same breath do it themselves. Wales have a world class player, England do not. It will be interesting to see how Kane, Alli etc perform in the CL next season when they come up against the very top clubs and players.
  9. It's still amazing that in this day and age that police all over the world still have zero clue how to deal with large groups of people. Their first reaction is to always use a sledgehammer to hammer that proverbial nail into the wall. If they're not overreacting, they're nowhere to be seen.
  10. Admittedly I've not watched countless games he's been involved in so I could be misjudging him by a country mile. Just never seen him having an amazing game or play like he's worth the money some clubs are willing to fork out. That's even taking into account that £70m is the new £40m that all the very top players go for.
  11. Claude Makélélé is the only other player like that in recent years. Went unnoticed in most games, but when he wasn't there his presence was missed. It's no coincidence that Real Madrid kinda went downhill after he left. Still baffles me to this day why Real let him go and didn't really appreciate him when he was there.
  12. I think I've only ever watched Pogba's average games. Because I've obviously missed those games that justify every man and his dog jizzing over his talent.
  13. Yup, lobbing bottles at police is nowhere near as embarrassing as those pesky French youths. One can only assume the police are provoking them. I'm sat here spitting my tea out in utter disgust.
  14. Would Muller even leave Bayern? The staunch affinity these German born Bayern players seem to hold for the club aside, Bayern are the better team at the moment and he stands a better chance winning something of note staying where he is than with Man U.
  15. Until this thread I had never heard of her either.
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