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  1. So played the open beta for. Week or so. seems like over the top balls thankfully have been needed but it seems that along with that there is no central play anymore and getting players to play ambitious passes in the middle is nigh on impossible. literally 50% of goals are long shots, I know when a replay goes to someone in space on the edge of box i know that it’s either a goal or really close which is ridiculous wingers/wide players with high physicals and dribbling still go on god like runs multiple times a match but after taking on 5 players they mess up the final ball every time after reading the updated comments about them moving on to next years edition I am quite frankly baffled that someone connected to si would talk about that **** when this years game is an absolute mess and so many players are still waiting for a patch to actually make the current game playable, oh yeah it been out like 5 months out of its 12 month cycle already!!! Fml
  2. I’m so pleased to finally have an update, only had 2 games with it so too early to tell on gameplay front. However I’m getting a fair bit of stuttering even when my FPS counter says 75+ consistently
  3. Do you reckon it will work on current saves or just new ? @FrazT
  4. Potential best player but yes I am... it just breaks immersion completely for me like if messi was a black guy with blonde hair in the match engine ...
  5. Didn’t know where to post but there is a wonder kid from anderlecht called kana and he his black however in game he a white guy with light brown hair.... kinda breaks immersion for me and I’m gonna sell him ASAP even though he could be my best player
  6. How has everyone fared with transfers then? Was considering inter Miami but I’ve struggled to get into a save tbh this year
  7. I can’t understand why people don’t think the graphical representation of the actual football matters? You can’t simulate football without the actual football??
  8. What is your idea of mimicking football then? If you don’t care for the visual or sounds then you might want to play deaf and blind football manager
  9. Like the football? Or the sounds of a stadium? Or the beautiful passages of play we all love in real life football?
  10. Don’t even get me started on the “sounds” why do they even bother? Sometimes nothing is better than something so half arsed
  11. So I’ve been playing fm for years on ****** laptops but I’ve just upgraded to a decent gaming pc and after having played on low graphics at most for years I finally was able to select very high. Or so I thought.... the 3D models look literally identical to low settings and in general the game looks so so so bad. I have been playing another strategy game in total war napoleon and although that game came out in 2010 the graphics and models are light years ahead given how much more processing is needed and how many more models there are. I honestly am pretty stunned that it’s this bad as I’ve never experienced good graphics before. also I am getting 75 FPS (think it’s capped? But that doesn’t matter) but there is so much stutter and the physics of the ball are absolutely laughable
  12. You can but by default players will play high balls to your tm you could try a pf on support I’ve found to be a bit better while not encouraging others to ping a ball into him
  13. Fair enough buddy, have you looked into stadia? If you were to get that then you could have a thin laptop that fits your other needs better
  14. If you spend a lot of time on fm why buy a Mac? You could literally get a laptop and a pc capable of running it for that price
  15. On the bug reports, I am honestly too lazy to upload the pkms? I will agree with you there. Honestly that is probably my fault as I’ve just been so used to games where the devs don’t take notice and I will say that fm for all it’s faults has a brilliant community team who are actually good at clarification re the tactical changing around, I usually have 2 systems which I play but I made a new save specifically to test out how much you can mould your team not to hoof the ball even if it was detrimental I just wanted to have control
  16. Yes it’s patched now but it’s just one of many issues for me on the match engine, for me I want realism. I honestly would happily lose 3-0 every game than win all the time but I need to see an accurate representation of football and for me this match engine is no where near that. The absolute lack of central low percentage passes. The ai being hard coded to always pass to someone in space even if it contradicts all tactics. The way that pressing is implemented on this game is an absolute joke. Pressing on fm 20 = players running straight At ball carrier with intensity being how many headless chickens you want sprinting at the ball I have tested out various tactics and even when I set my players to pass it MUCH shorter, play out of defence and experimented with individual tactics but STILL my cbs will just hoof the ball up the pitch to no one it absolutely kills me for me it’s not 1 issue it’s just multiple that lead to this match engine being unfit for purpose. show me another simulation game that’s gets the fundamentals of what it’s simming so wrong plz
  17. Honestly after playing the beta and being massively underwhelmed at the match engine my motivation to play has gone down to zero. Along with the determination bug that meant there was no point in starting a save TIL it was fixed
  18. I’m starting a new save but only because I’m getting a new pc and I’m absolutely buzzing to load loads of leagues and do a journeyman after playing these years on a ****** laptop with max 6 leagues
  19. Also works against Dlp very well for example in a gegen press tactic it can be a really effective way to make sure you go after the ball and stop the opposition having an outlet
  20. It’s not technically opposition instructions but I use man marking a lot. i use it primarily on playmakers but if my full backs are getting exposed in behind then I will have them man mark the attacker
  21. Cheers, is it just me or are graphics better for you guys? Or maybe it just feels and looks smoother?
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