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  1. I know you can’t do that in real life but I’m saying the only way to do it in game is to do 100 conversations slowly boosting morale of players which imo is super boring
  2. Yes please! Right now it’s way too much rng for my liking and have a way of even setting a preference ie mental/ technical etc would go a long way to making it a lot fresher!!
  3. Haha conte went in and said, take all your troph.... oh actually you lot have never won anything
  4. To add to this always play a potato team as your last preaseason game so you can get everyone’s confidence up going into the season
  5. Honestly this kinda annoys me too, the only way I’ve found around it is to praise every players conduct, then ask them to suggest a signing as that boosts their happiness, then praise training if possible, then tell them they need to try better if their form is bad.... this is a whole lot of clicking and feels really game-y to me but it’s the only way around it I’ve found
  6. I have 2 clips that I pressed record in game , it said wait TIL end of match then decide what to do with them well when I got to end of match I couldn’t find any options, so I saved the matched just in case how do I upload them to here? Sorry I’m pretty dumb lol
  7. So at the start of season you get an email with odds for best player, top scorer etc is it possible to see this list for a league that you are not playing in??
  8. Sounds silly but have you tried starting it again? My mate and I had the same problem, if one of our connection goes we have to shut down steam and restart, same when we load up too
  9. So after my millionth signing of a player who would be the best on my team if only his physicals weren’t 4 I was wondering if anyone has had much success with one of these older players once their pace starts to go? i managed to get a 33 year old mertens off Napoli for free and he still had 12 in pace and acceleration and rest of his physicals looked alright too so I kinda hedged my bets on him and 10 months and 2 goals later I very much regret it! I also panicked and loaned in higuain for 6 months when I got the dreaded message of 5 games left before a sacking.... when I left higua
  10. So I’ve just played a game in which peter schmeicel has let in 3 goals from four shots and one of the goals he came out missed a cross and they scored into an open net.... guess his rating? Yep he got a 6.7 which is pretty much average ?!?!? He’s had an awful game but it’s not reflected edit: the opponents only had 3 shots on target so he made no saves !!!
  11. So played the open beta for. Week or so. seems like over the top balls thankfully have been needed but it seems that along with that there is no central play anymore and getting players to play ambitious passes in the middle is nigh on impossible. literally 50% of goals are long shots, I know when a replay goes to someone in space on the edge of box i know that it’s either a goal or really close which is ridiculous wingers/wide players with high physicals and dribbling still go on god like runs multiple times a match but after taking on 5 players they mess
  12. I’m so pleased to finally have an update, only had 2 games with it so too early to tell on gameplay front. However I’m getting a fair bit of stuttering even when my FPS counter says 75+ consistently
  13. Do you reckon it will work on current saves or just new ? @FrazT
  14. Potential best player but yes I am... it just breaks immersion completely for me like if messi was a black guy with blonde hair in the match engine ...
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