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  1. 100million seems a bit arbitrary but Man City have done it too in the last few years
  2. I have tried premier league, league 2 and Italy so far I don’t know what you mean about the epl being the base model? I wasn’t thinking that and I actually prefer Italian football right now, when you tell your team to do something every possible way you xan and they don’t do it that’s annoying ....
  3. Honestly as a long term fan of the series I have to agree, this game is an absolute travesty calling itself a “football simulation”
  4. I am really starting to dislike the current iteration of this game. i watch games on full and honestly the match engine this year is absolutely shocking. the random cross field balls are maybe my biggest hate, if they had anyone testing this game then surely you would have spotted this straight away? Anyway now I’m aware of them I can’t help but get annoyed when they happen. the headers from the edge of the box are also crazy the variation of goals I am seeing is either : one on one/ rebound, header from edge of box, long shot repeat I also feel like there are things that you just cannot stop your team from doing eg: defenders booting it up the field even with close options open , I have tried much shorter passing, take more/less risks and also changing mentality but they still hoof it up the pitch like idiots, these passes go to no one or become inch perfect world class clearances/assists that take 9 players out the game.... this version is the furthest from real football that I can remember and I am really considering re downloading fm 19 and praying that this game looks different in a few months
  5. Honestly it’s so frustrating and imo is broken this year too your players whatever tactics you have will just boot the ball whenever they feel like it
  6. I guess it won’t be fixed for release but is it annoying to anyone else how pressing works in this game? To to have a successful high pressing tactic in real life you have to be compact as a team and press as a unit. You aim to cut off the space in the opponents half and you do this by having your team have good spacing and having a trigger for the press. now in fm press actually means “ run after the person with the ball” and upping the intensity is just adding more players running after the ball. This is NOT pressing, this is players being unorganised and it actually leads to loss of compactness which the engine should recognise and exploit but it doesn’t work like that. my basic message here is that if si actually worked with anyone looking into how the tactics work in the game then they would see that it is massively wrong. It is weird that they have this so wrong as it is the dominant defensive way of playing at the top level but you just cannot implement it on a game that is meant to be a simulation...
  7. Anyone actually had any success getting there full backs to cross the ball? Honestly I think it’s crazy how many one twos and half cut backs they do. i have set my wingback to cross more and even tried “early crosses” tactic but still they don’t cross!!!
  8. Has anyone summed a few seasons ahead yet? have newgens physicals been changed? Last year every single one had mostly over 15’s at all top clubs
  9. I normally put the top 5 leagues regardless of where I start so I have something to work towards bit honestly just put it the leagues you think you might want to manage in
  10. Defo recommend using more than 1 tactical approach mate, I’ve got 3 tactics that I’m using right now: •433 High line short intricate passing - I use this against bottom half teams where they will sit back •4231 high pressing- where I don’t expect to domintate the ball but I want to use fastbcounter attacks with subs and Pepe to exploit and attack space •5212- work in progress just trying to see if 5 at the back works this year 😅
  11. That’s funny I’ve started an arsenal save and he can’t get in the team Aubameyang has 5 in 5 and Saka is tearing it up i didn’t realise how thin Arsenal’s midfield is, cebalos has also been pretty much like him irl, flashes of niceness but overall very ineffectual I’m now trying a midfield 3 of Willock, Torreira and guendouzi
  12. If you’re using Aubameyang then I would suggest lowering line of engagement so he can use his speed Togo in behind and lacazette I think can play cf on support or attack and you could probs have a higher line with him as he’s more rounded
  13. I am play with shortest passes on and have even tried play through middle but it’s almost like it’s causing more cross field balls over 5 players heads even if they have close options.
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