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  1. Hi, @elGordo? You can solve the problem by using this. geeekyPDC.fmf Thank you.
  2. Hey, We paid for FM, about 50$. Right? But it's been five more days since I made this thread. Even though it officially released, nothing has changed. Clearly deserving of anger. I'm sorry but I think SI's attitude is more a problem than my attitude.
  3. Hi @Andrew James Goalkeepers' unset `free-kick` attributes are set to 1, too. Goalkeepers' unset `free-kick` attributes are set to 1, too. Goalkeepers' unset `free-kick` attributes are set to 1, too.
  4. Even though we made this thread, SI didn't work. I'm so mad
  5. Before the release version, there are no plans to fix it? Anyway I wanna play normal FM ASAP. Help me PLZ.
  6. Colors clash, so. Visible Uniform Name - MOYA Invisible Uniform Name - Other else
  7. I can't start a new career now because of this critical issue. But, I firmly believe a new hotfix will come out today.
  8. Hi @Andrew James I didn't say that ALL players are. `Unset attributes` of players who are not famous are randomly given, right? Consistency, Imp. Matches, Versatility. If these three attributes are not defined, all these are set to 1. (UNCONDITIONALLY) I think it is absolutely a bug. Is not a coincidence... I hope you'll check this out again. Thank you.
  9. OMG horrible bug As you know, young players are given CA only and all remaining(unset) attributes are set randomly. And then, young players' specific unset attributes are set to 1. They are `Consistency`, `Important Matches`, `Versatility`. + (11.18.2019) Goalkeepers' unset `Free-Kick` attributes are set to 1, too.
  10. Cristian Português (Real Sociedad) Surprisingly, he has scored a total of 28 goals in the last three seasons (in La Liga). And this season, he also has 4 goals and 3 assists in 12 matches. He is without doubt the ace of Real Sociedad this season. But, why are his finishing and composure stats below 13? I don't understand. Now he is used as a rotation member for Real Sociedad in FM2020. And in fact, his position is almost a winger. LW or RW (The game says he's a CAM). I hope you will make it realistic soon. Thank you.
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