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  1. Holding a team meeting or another method to boost morale could help. Analyse your tactic because sometimes, even when you're seemingly dominating games, the problem is still the tactic. What sort of chances do you usually create? If most of your chances are headers or shots from wide angles then maybe it's the tactic. Also, do your players have good mental attributes? You say you miss a lot of one on one's, maybe that's down to a low composure attribute?
  2. This. We've all been there and the way I got better at FM was by watching and reading guides by experinced players. I'd recommend Bustthenet on YouTube and the Lines and Diamonds guide on this forum. I found both very helpful
  3. Where are your shots coming from? Are they mostly from outside the box? Good choice of team btw
  4. You could increase the Pressing Intensity and move the defensive line forwards. If you want to go even more attacking you could move the LOE forwards more too. You could also make the full-backs more attacking, by changing them to WB's and/or telling them to overlap/underlap. Both of these will mean you are less solid defensively though, but they will probably result in more clear cut chances.
  5. No, sorry, I'm useless when it comes to set pieces I would change one of the duties on the left to a support. Just because you might be a bit exposed on the left. I quite like that tbh. We'll see how it works for you. I've also just created a system with a Libero on attack, haven't used one before so excited to see how it'll fare.
  6. Yeah, I faced similar problems when playing a gegenpress with Bristol City. Overall I'd suggest going more defensive by changing the WB's to FB's. If you're suffering against teams that play with patient build up than maybe make a plan B that presses less urgently and regroups instead of counter-pressing. I would largely stick with that tactic for a long-term tactical identity as I reckon it could work very very well with a better calibre of player.
  7. Hi. I'm a lurker and I'm currently posting here because the thread title told me so. Maybe I'm just being a push over but I don't see anything particularly wrong with contributing to a thread. Currently listening to Declan McKenna and resisting the urge to eat more chocolate.
  8. Thread title really confused me at first. Thought this was going to be a suggestion that there should be a feature in which the user has to find out which of their players is the cause of the weird stench of cannabis around the training ground.
  9. What sort of goals do you tend to concede in these sorts of games? As in are they from balls over the top? Crosses? A good, quick short passing move?
  10. Maybe changing the WB's to FB's might be a good idea. Might sacrifice a bit going forward but it'll make you less susceptible to counter-attacks. On a similar note, I would also move the LOE and DL back by one too. Means there's a lesser risk of you being hit by a ball over the top. I'd suggest making a more defensive version of this tactic to play against the bigger sides too, or for when you want to hold on to a lead. I say this because you have a pretty bad record against the top 6.
  11. That makes complete sense though. You attack down the left, meaning your opponents with 10 men have to react to that by shifting their collective defensive shape further to the left. That would then create room on the right hand side of the pitch. And, as @CFuller says, a football team doesn't follow the instructions given by their manager 100% of the time: that'd be absurd. It simply would disallow any creativity from that team.
  12. Will keep an eye on this, sounds interesting
  13. Just tried this. Didn't exactly improve my FM skills but thanks anyway.
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