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  1. Sorry to bother you again. This is the last time i promise. How do i remove the logo from a human manager profile. As you can see in the attached images i've tried but it just gets bigger.
  2. I'm sorry. Don't know what happened here. I turned on my pc now and loaded an old save, then i loaded the save in the screenshot and it works now. Maybe I did something wrong and I needed a restart for the game not to read the broken files? Anyways it works now, can close this
  3. In squad view and on tactics page no players show up.
  4. Thank you so much for the work. Is it just as simple to remove the same logo i mentioned from the coaches?. I tried to guess, but got an error. Unless you know and it's simple to explain you don't need to spend any time on it. Thanks again for the skin.
  5. Is it possible to remove the logo i've highlighted in the attached file? I'm pretty sure it's just removing something from an exl file or change a value to false, but i'm not confident doing it without instructions. Cheers
  6. Marc Roca is left footed not right.
  7. Thanks guys. It was an issue with the re-naming. had a space or something in the name.
  8. Didn't work for me. I downloaded both files and put it where you said but nothing shows up. Edit* I'm using the base skin.
  9. Verified game files in steam. Deleted the real name fix and updated it. I also deleted all previous changes in the editor. I only checked in the editor not in the full game. Carrasco had moved then.
  10. No. They are fixed in the update. This was some weird issue with some other files i had. Think i fixed it now, to late to check. I asked a streamer if they really didn't move Carrasco and he showed me he had moved on his update. Was really confused MODS PLEASE CLOSE #MODS
  11. I have no idea what the frick is going on. On my game Tosun is at Everton and i have most database changes, but Carrasco, Gaitan and Moya is stil at Atletico! How? What?
  12. Thank you very much. Your tactics are the best out there, fantastic work!
  13. Sorry to ask this, but of all the 3-4-3 tactics which do you think is best for or which version would you use for Atletico?
  14. Yes, never changed anything. Second season i have won all games in the league, But lost 2 of 2 in CL. I should have changed it a bit for those games but didn't. I really don't have good enough squad to do anything in europe yet. @knap btw what does SUS mean? I see you mention having a "SUS tactic"
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