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  1. Neither goal keeper recorded a save. One of my guys finally bounced one off the post. A bit of bad luck, as my starting GK had just been called away to U-21 duty with Finland.
  2. I can confirm this. As Rangers, I had James Tavernier record a hat trick on three penalties. And then in the very next game, two more penalties (he missed one of them and cost me the game!) So that was five penalties in two games, all from sliding tackles in the box. First game I won 4-0. I was glad to get the win, but none of them really seemed like penalties to me.
  3. Good stuff, thanks. I finished my season last night and won the Premiership by 4 points. I'm thinking about going after a true inside forward for the right side, so I don't have to use a winger. My striker ended up having a good year. I believe he had 18 or 20 league goals, and he went through a big slump when he broke his lower arm and I played him with protective gear. He would probably have had more if not for that injury.
  4. This is a great tactic, thanks! I've only conceded 13 goals in my first 34 Premiership games, and sit 2 points ahead of Celtic at the top of the table. I don't have a true inside forward for the right side, so I use a winger there on support, and he's had a good year. I've gotten more from my single striker using him as a CF (A) than I have from any other single striker tactic that I've tried thus far in FM19. I'm still having a bit of trouble scoring, though. I flip the midfield triangle for most games to try and put the pressure on. My question is what role do you use for your AMC? And do you change any of the other players' roles? Thanks.
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