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  1. Sorry if this isn't allowed but I have created a database similar to this but in Scotland. I have a current file released which goes down to level 17 (still more to be added) you can find this here. I've tested it with @Dan BHTFC 's England DB so if you wish you can use both
  2. Away to start the next part of the DB. had a wee break for a few days as I was on the editor every day for almost 3 weeks! I'll also update the original post in this forum with the correct league structure.
  3. yeah, i'll have the all the island leagues included as well as the welfare leagues in the North of Scotland.
  4. yes, you can. was a bit touch and go for a while and i wasn't sure if it would work. But yes, when i add them you will be able to gain promotion all the way up. This database goes down as far as Perthshire Div 1 (if i remember correctly) which is Amateur Level 7. Some teams get promoted/relegated into the wrong leagues geography-wise, but they do eventually end up in the correct league.
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/file/a8vtspn015j7z61/Scotland+v1.1.fmf The first part of this DB is now available for download. please note: I have not edited all club colours, this will be done in the next update. I also havent touched club reps etc. I suggest clicking 'Insert players to playable teams' before starting a new game.
  6. Level 1 Ladbrokes Premiership Level 2 Ladbrokes Championship Level 3 Ladbrokes League One Level 4 Ladbrokes League Two Level 5 Highland League Lowland League Level 6 EoS Conference A EoS Conference B EoS Conference C South of Scotland Level 7 West Premiership East Superleague North Premier League Level 8 SJFA North First Division SJFA West Championship SJFA East Premier League North SJFA East Premier League South Level 9 SJFA North Second Division SJFA West L
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