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  1. Hi Folks, Just wondering whether anyone can tell me where I'm going wrong with the editor. Been using it for years so have a decent grasp, but recently when I load any of my edited files they have all been duplicated. Like my most recent had 150k database changes, but today I fire it up and there are 300k changes and everything I've edited has been duplicated...this keeps happening and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. I have a couple of homemade ones here. They're not the best quality and you might need to edit the kit colours in the editor, but they might be better than nothing until the proper ones appear.
  3. Yeah that totally makes sense. I've only been using the editor for about 15 years or whatever, you'd think I'd know better!
  4. Hey Folks, The other day I was editing when the editor crashed. I reloaded it and tried to incorporate the unsaved changes into my data file, however it crashed again. This time it deleted my datafile. It's completely gone with all my changes (thousands). I know it's my own stupid fault for not backing it up but I was wondering whether there was any way of recovering it? I have a current save game where I'm using my custom database file. Kindest Regards
  5. Hi Folks, Anyone interested in creating a skin that makes FM19 appear more like FM18? I'm using the downloaded base skin and now have my stadium backgrounds showing. However I don't like the purple overlay as it distorts the colours of the background pictures I spent many hours collecting! I'm not keen on the thick bar at the top either as it cuts off some of the background pic. Anyone know of any skins being produced that would help me out? Kindest Regards
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