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  1. Never actually used this but this seems interesting a challenge. Without anything specific, what's a good starting framework to fit a RMD into?
  2. This was my initial thought as well, but I was none the less curious to see what other's thoughts were. I am keen to try and setup something based around those two principles just to see how it works at some point in the future.
  3. This is a bit open ended as what I am after is other's thoughts more so than a "correct" answer. What's everyone's thoughts on a high press + cautious mentality?
  4. Would I be correct in interpreting this instruction to apply such that only the player with the ball will be instructed to run at the opposition more than allowed by default? Follow up: if that is correct, what are possible ways to invite or instruct the players off the ball to make runs at the opposing area?
  5. Here's how fm20 is going for me: my lb is my assist leader, because reasons Also for all my direct passing they sure love to dwell on the ball and try to walk into the box
  6. Forget improving players, Europe just came in and took the spine. CB, MC & AMC. I think I'll revisit the idea after a rebuild.
  7. It looked promising, but unsteady: Injury to the AMC in the 0-0 Draw to Sarpsborg and subsequent poor form prompted a return to the standard TM/Poacher pair and a good run of form basically made it hard to revisit the asymmetric version:
  8. Something that I thought of today: What are the differences between Play Simple Passing Game & Stop Attempting Through Balls? No through balls is easy enough, no more passes into space right? But what exactly is a "simple passing game" ?
  9. Tho, this is the guy currently piquing my interest: Havent decided what to do with him, quite fond of the versatility to be honest but no idea which path ton take beyond that.
  10. Assuming it wasnt removed for some absurd reason, where is the swap position button in 19?
  11. Norway/Sweden are also classic stomping grounds o many a journeyman saves.
  12. New season update: I finally managed to sign an entire left side so we are back to a (somewhat unorthodox) 442: Dividing my time between cautious/balanced as far as adjustments go and if I am feeling adventurous making the TM into an AF is something I've tried (in games I am already winning) as well. I've kept the CD/BPD pairing but I have deliberately combined it with same-sided wingback who likes to get forward, a movement further aided by the IW's intention to cut inside. These two player-traits are the first be incorporated into the larger tactical approach. Left side is comparatively less interesting with just a fullback and a natural winger. The rest is my attempt at creating more space and vertical runs and available pass recipients, as well as trying to overcome a lack of off-the-ball movement once the ball got to the opposition's box, so this is my (first of many?) attempts at solving that. It's the first time I attempt asymmetry to this degree but I am hopeful, highlights of the season so far are a 0-2 defeat away at Rosenborg and a 1-0 win away at Molde.
  13. Here's what it looks like managing in Norway in Jan 2021: I would love to hire the staff to expand that but I dont have the slots for that yet so all knowledge has come organically through hires not chosen based on that particular attribute.
  14. Best of luck, for the life of me I still cannot find an LM or a natural LB. In the regen class from last seasonthis was the only serviceable one: Minor Update: Finished the first season in the top flight, mostly 442 Narrow Diamond after a 442/4132 start didnt really work, overachieved on the backs of two youth players that came of age and judicious free transfers in the summer. Rosenborg won the title (to the surprise of no one) and I took the cup (to the surprise of everyone) defeating Lillestrom 2-0 in the Cup Final: Key Passes, Chances,Offside, Goals, Shots Missed, Shots Saved and Overall position. Going to be interesting if/when any European teams come for my players in the coming transfer windows. Minor Tippeligaen complaint: The number of teams that use 433 Narrow or some 343 variant is noticeable, so I might need to device a plan to counter that.
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