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  1. It has been my experience with my set up that the RPM slots in behind the players making the forward runs and arrives to the opposing area after the initial attack stalls. Not much end product but a lot available redirections which I find useful for what I attempt to do. More importantly, and I would be curious to know how it has been for you, it is the RPM making himself available in other areas of the pitch that I find so more useful over say, another role like bbm in the same position.
  2. I still want to work a Wide Playmaker but I don't know of a way to set up the midfield after that, so I haven't gone back to it. Similarly, when I had the deepest midfielder in the rcm or lcm position I still found the man in the middle was the one to drop the lowest and closest to the defenders despite any other instructions. Turns out asymmetry is complicated.
  3. I keep debating moving a cm to the dm strata but I havent so far. Halfway through a new season and 451 continues to serve me well. It's not breaking records but I am rather pleased.
  4. within the context of this conversation, what are the negative effects that would manifest ( and potentially offset ) by activating each of these?
  5. I am of two minds on this, at the minimum I maintain two different tactics. Whether the two tactics share a formation or a tactical style depends largely on the available players, sometimes your squad doesn't have many versatile players or conversely has few very good, but very specialized ones. Either way the goal is the same, to have an alternative tactical option ready and being worked on by the players throughout the season.
  6. This I can say was never fully formed. I couldnt decide whether an attack duty to lead the line or a support duty to have them come back down was more apt, and things were working out so well elsewhere it became a bit of a secondary annoyance to deal with it so I never really did much to it. You arent wrong. Second tactic is a bit of a weird overload implementation I tried towards the end of the season. The idea, at least, is to have the fb/iw/car mostly trend towards the same area to draw the opposition that way and ideally switch to a relatively open iw/wb on the other side. It worked out, mostly as intended. F9/PF/DLF were all attempted and all were equal in terms of performance for the most part. On the one hand, they didnt do much at all to get us going but on the other it would be difficult to do much at all if one player is doing so much work elsewhere on the field and being successful at it. So all they had left to do was tap it in, I guess.
  7. It wasn't exactly ugly, it was just a blunt instrument. If the winger couldnt beat his man we had nothing else going for us. I think part of it was my implementation, I cuoldn't figure out what to do about the striker. Support duties were not involved enough and I was afraid an attack duty would leave them on an island. They werent even cross targets, a lot of the time wingers crossed to each other so I really was at a loss.
  8. So I gave this a go, after reading that opening post it was hard not have a go at it. For my go of it I ran two variations: Mostly unimpressed if I am honest, never managed to find a way to get the striker involved beyond tap-ins and the extra man on the midfield rarely translated into actual on-field superiority. You can plainly see where my bread was buttered, Gooch on the right side just had an abundance of pace for this division. Hard to argue with results but it was mostly an exercise in frustration trying to manufacture something beyond 'winger-go-fast'
  9. You arent wrong. But I like to play the sit deep and counter kind of hoofball. Not the tick the attacking, counter pressing, higher loe, and extremely urgent intensity boxes so you can pretend the ME isnt broken kind of hoofball.
  10. it's almost like a great portion of the world has been forced inside in numbers never seen before, not that fm20 is better than anything before it
  11. You forget that things could be passable in November and be absolutely ruined come the February patch, so you have no chance at all to know when it is a good idea to buy. All you can know for certain is whatever the state of the game it will be abandoned in March.
  12. Seems they havent fixed the same fm18/fm19 striker movement issues yet, and are pushing it to next years edition, again Might scrap the whole idea and do something new instead of that 433 I've been using then.
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