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  1. It just keeps going and going, Sweden in semis, then I see Canada, then I see Jamaica
  2. Making this happen took longer than I care to admit but it is now January 2022 and I can take over and get started
  3. That late summer sale and the board's refusal to expand recruitment really took the wind out of my sails so I think I am gonna try and get a team I like in Norway promoted and maybe start there, maybe avoid totally quitting the french save.
  4. Just when I had finished teaching him all the player traits I wanted
  5. Oh probably but you know how the board is, love to harp about the one defeat in an otherwise successful season
  6. Another late sale but this time I managed to negotiate it take place at the end of the season as to avoid being left short handed for the second year in a row.
  7. If you could put that towards youth recruitment instead that would be great
  8. This one took a while 2025/2026 It was honestly a bit of a struggle for consistency for the majority of it, we really felt the absence of the defender we sold in the summer and it was a struggle to find form ever after A Season to Remember Transfers Memorable Moments Finances Lineup Accolades Intake Best Prospect - Horst Evrard And now for something different, progress pics. By now there's been several academy players in th
  9. I really like all of this, thank you for taking the time to write it out! I wanna see if I can implement some of this into a career save now.
  10. I'm halfway through the season with Rouen after a fair amount of Cyberpunk. A new winger would be a welcome addition, as two I have are going to decline or retire soon.
  11. This is what I get for coming to manage in Scotland huh
  12. thanks for this, gonna play this until cyberpunk unlocks \o
  13. There's financial sustainability if some degree of austerity in France with prize and tv money, and while I've had clubs show interest in players I havent moved many of them on.
  14. That entirely depends on the methodology of the fix and the cause of the problem I'd imagine. I am not well versed on either beyond the initial thesis where database size shrinks as time passes Having multiple ongoing saves is my way of dealing with it for now, managing in some strange new places
  15. This is me, I have four different academy challenges going on at the moment. Helps pass the time without getting too far into the future with any of them until the regen bug is sorted
  16. Not really, it just makes the existing problems impossible to ignore. It would be better if they allowed you to change UI items to move to fit your own needs and preferences. They could let me change size of the individual things already present on the screen instead of anchoring each to the corners for no apparent reason, they could allow me to horizontally enlarge the conversation selection window, they could do many things but chose instead push through what we got instead with no thought given to the user experience. So much clicking.
  17. because its easy to put in a wallpaper to make up for underutilized visual real estate. Probably yes, by comparison
  18. The worst part is, the game mechanics themselves should implement the realism, and we can have a field day with that chestnut another time, but that's wholly separate of the very literal implementation of a functional user interface.
  19. How you feel about game mechanics does not excuse bad UI design. Look at this profound waste of space
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