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  1. Did the last patch kill the match plan options for instant results?
  2. Little error - looks like you've got the 1st teams (rather than reserves) for the big sides (Man Utd, Liverpool etc) in the Lancs FA County senior cup.
  3. Have you thought about going very symmetrical with a true pyramid? 16 teams in every league. EPL fed by a north and south 2nd level. 4 leagues at the 3rd level and 8 at the 4th. 4 down 2 up per feeder. With individual league cups thrown in per tier.
  4. does it explain how you can sign some of the best players in the world for well below their real value?
  5. Something more subtle, like listing him as a Hull legend would be better IMO.
  6. One thing I would add, in terms of the 'community', serps was one of the few people that really got it. He managed to bridge the gap between enjoying, respecting, protecting and above all contributing immensely to the place whilst still keeping a sense of humour and lightness of touch which showed he didn't take it too seriously. No idea how important this was to his overall life, but I can only vouch for the fact that he, more than pretty much anyone else, made this place what it is. And despite the moans and groans, that should be seen as a compliment to the man. Whether in his 'official' capacity or off the board, he was a principled and intelligent gent and someone you paid attention to, even if you didn't agree.
  7. Typed and deleted about a dozen things, none of them really getting across what I was trying to say. So, exactly what Ter said really.
  8. Is it possible to combine this with one of the transfer updates or would it lead to all sorts of potential problems?
  9. OK, cheers. I agree, I'd have thought others would have mentioned it. I'll re-download the lite version...ensure I've got L8 running and report back if anything untoward does happen
  10. Took me a while to reply...but: Is that a ‘different’ lite version for future release? Or is the problem of funny cup entrants inherent in the current lite version so to avoid it the only option is to stick with the full version…or does the lite version with level 8 picked as playable solve the issue? I'm only asking, as I'm sure the problem happened when I was using the lite version with L8 selected - maybe it's my mistake!
  11. Last time I tried this (I thought with a mid Nov build that had been fixed) I had the big clubs appearing in the southern league cup...with the latest patch and the newest lite build has that problem been ironed out?
  12. sounds like the condition stats are more realistic now. As long as they are the same for user and AI team and don't impact on the match engine workings then it's fine. If you look at the % as a reduction based on peak it's acceptable to me to see players at 50-60% at the end of a tough match - afterall you wouldn't expect them to jump straight into another game would you? Equally, I've always thought it unrealistic to have an entire squad (bar genuine injuries) at 100% at any point towards the end of a season...IRL you'd really expect to see (based on wear and tear, travel and just being knackered from playing lots of games) to be 90% at best. You'd only really be expecting to see players at 100% at the very start of the season (although they'd dip more during games, but recover quicker) or after a break from playing where they've still been training properly.
  13. that's $50m, reckon I'd be able to lend them $50 if that was all that was needed.
  14. That's simply wrong. The debt is split into a number of different parcels, owed to different people, secured in different ways with different repayment terms and interest rates. It's the $125m or so at 12.4% which would be the main concern. United also have a lump sum payment of over $50 due in the summer...there's no doubt the Glazer's have been in talks to refinance at least parts of the debt but in the current climate are finding it difficult. There are also factors beyond United associated with the Glazer's wider financial situation which could impact on United.
  15. You'd think the supermarkets would take advantage of this and confirm their prices (hopefully at a FIFA10esque discount) early in the hope people will cancel their online orders.