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  1. What update ... you stupid f.r.a.c.k? I play FMT PC Version and it`s not updated!!! I don`t give a flying **** about the App Store! You dumb KuNt! P.S. How does it feel someone saying you`re stupid or dumb ???
  2. "We hope to update the game soon" they said ... 4 DAYS AGO !!!
  3. This is getting EMBARRASSING! It`s 2 days since the full version of the game got updated. What about FMT PC Version ???
  4. Hey guys, Simple question: When can we expect the winter update for FMT PC ? In a few hours, tomorrow .. ? Thank you!
  5. Just downloaded the new patch 19.2 for the TOUCH version for PC! First question : why the update was 2.3 GB of data? My steam downloaded the full game - 2.3 GB. Second: Started new save, with Bournemouth, and my first friendly is vs. Arsenal. Now the interesting things are starting to show . There is no more Instant Result button : Third : If i press Continue, the game will not go to 3D or 2D, will go straight to final result! Why is that ? I wanna see the game in 3D! I never had this problem in years of playing FM! As you may see in the photo below, it`s saying Bournemouth vs. Arsenal Now the interesting part starts, if i press the small "vs." it will switch to Attend just like in the photo below : Now i can see the game, but not as the manager, i have no power over the team, the tactics bar is missing, i can`t do anything, i can`t manage my team! Here are the photos : I tried everything, installed the game two times, i went to preferences and reset to default, still nothing! I can`t play the game, i can`t be the manager, i only see the game! Please tell me what is going on?
  6. No mate, you`re not crazy, it`s just the ME, it`s broken! Welcome to FM19!
  7. I find 19.2 ME harder than 19.1.5 There are still problems with short passing, crossing ... etc What i don`t like the most is the amount of goals scored by the AI with Long Shots!
  8. "- Toned down number of yellow and red cards" Now that`s music to my ears!
  9. Same here Playing as Bournemouth and i`m trashing United, Arsenal and Chelsea with 6-2 , 5-3 and 6-3. With smaller teams it`s even worst, killed Newcastle and Watford with 7-1 and 7-2. I played 14 games, scored 64 ... never seen something like this. It`s fun ... but not realistic!
  10. Hi Neil, Just a simple question : Why can`t i make subs during a game using the public BETA ? I`m trying all games in 3D to get a feeling of the ME, but i can`t make subs, and the game doesn`t stop at half time!
  11. Thx for the answer guys. I`m interested in fixing the YouTube Video Upload, it`s broken right now, can`t upload videos. I`m doing a Video Story and i wanna upload all the games on the tube!
  12. Hello, I have a problem that i didn`t have until now : FMT 19 on PC does not update to 19.1.4 I`m still on 19.1.2 , never had this problem before! Tried everything, playing the game for years, i did everything, restarting steam, user and password, changed settings to always keep the game up to date, restarted PC, and nothing! Any advice ? Is this update only for the full version of the game ?
  13. The 4231 Wide tactic is a MONSTER! Just look at Ozil & Aubameyang stats for the first season, they killed the Premier League!
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