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  1. Just downloaded the new patch 19.2 for the TOUCH version for PC! First question : why the update was 2.3 GB of data? My steam downloaded the full game - 2.3 GB. Second: Started new save, with Bournemouth, and my first friendly is vs. Arsenal. Now the interesting things are starting to show . There is no more Instant Result button : Third : If i press Continue, the game will not go to 3D or 2D, will go straight to final result! Why is that ? I wanna see the game in 3D! I never had this problem in years of playing FM! As you may see in the photo below, it`s saying Bournemouth vs. Arsenal Now the interesting part starts, if i press the small "vs." it will switch to Attend just like in the photo below : Now i can see the game, but not as the manager, i have no power over the team, the tactics bar is missing, i can`t do anything, i can`t manage my team! Here are the photos : I tried everything, installed the game two times, i went to preferences and reset to default, still nothing! I can`t play the game, i can`t be the manager, i only see the game! Please tell me what is going on?
  2. No mate, you`re not crazy, it`s just the ME, it`s broken! Welcome to FM19!
  3. I find 19.2 ME harder than 19.1.5 There are still problems with short passing, crossing ... etc What i don`t like the most is the amount of goals scored by the AI with Long Shots!
  4. "- Toned down number of yellow and red cards" Now that`s music to my ears!
  5. Same here Playing as Bournemouth and i`m trashing United, Arsenal and Chelsea with 6-2 , 5-3 and 6-3. With smaller teams it`s even worst, killed Newcastle and Watford with 7-1 and 7-2. I played 14 games, scored 64 ... never seen something like this. It`s fun ... but not realistic!
  6. Hi Neil, Just a simple question : Why can`t i make subs during a game using the public BETA ? I`m trying all games in 3D to get a feeling of the ME, but i can`t make subs, and the game doesn`t stop at half time!
  7. Origin.Unknown

    ME Bugs that i found!

    I`ve been playing FM19 for the last 2 weeks every day, all matches on 3D and i found alot of bugs that shouldn`t be there : - Lack of goal variation - Marking is just awful, DR/DL marking is mostly non-existent, they do not know how to mark - Central Defenders don`t know when to jump for a high ball and when not to jump - Reaction time is slow and bad, it`s like the players can`t press the ball or the players from the other team - Wrong simple short passing - Player movement is just terrible, sometimes they bump into each other - Centerbacks are scoring more than the strikers, from corners/setpieces with a proper setup they will score 15-20 goals/season each - Slide tackle -- this is a big bug : don`t matter you set up the team to "stay on your feet", they will slide into tackle, most of the times giving away a penalty or the ball goes to the other team - The ratio shoots / shoots on goal is broken Hope these bugs will be fixed with the next patch/patches! Thank you!
  8. Origin.Unknown

    FM19 Touch PC Version does not update

    Thx for the answer guys. I`m interested in fixing the YouTube Video Upload, it`s broken right now, can`t upload videos. I`m doing a Video Story and i wanna upload all the games on the tube!
  9. Hello, I have a problem that i didn`t have until now : FMT 19 on PC does not update to 19.1.4 I`m still on 19.1.2 , never had this problem before! Tried everything, playing the game for years, i did everything, restarting steam, user and password, changed settings to always keep the game up to date, restarted PC, and nothing! Any advice ? Is this update only for the full version of the game ?
  10. The 4231 Wide tactic is a MONSTER! Just look at Ozil & Aubameyang stats for the first season, they killed the Premier League!
  11. Try These mate : 4-2-3-1_wide_-_unai_118886.fmf fm19.1.1 pep 4123 v2.fmf fm19.1.2 shaolin 4231.fmf (FM19) TFF - ASHBRINGER V14.fmf
  12. You need to understand, there is a TOUCH version for PC also, we`ve been playing it since they introduced it years ago. It`s the LITE version of the full game, and it`s for Windows OS also!
  13. And what i meant is that THIS IS THE WINDOWS VERSION!
  14. This is THE PC VERSION of FM19
  15. Football Manager Touch 2019 DEMO Go in the search bar and type football manager ... you`ll find it there!