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  1. I've got used to FM being intense on battery but I'm now losing around 10% for every match and can barely get through an hour on a single charge. Outside of matches the game runs smooth and quickly. During matches however my device gets really warm and the engine and interface gets laggier as the game goes on . Is there an easy way to make the game run better by selecting different options maybe or is this something the devs can look into? I can live with the battery issue if it results in smoother gameplay but I'm getting neither at the moment. Playing on a Huawei Mediapad M5 1
  2. Is anyone still getting lag after the 21.2.1 update? It has improved mine but still not as smooth as FMT 20
  3. I've figured a work around for this. When you promote a player to the main squad via their profile screen, immediately after this select the option "available for senior squad". They should then appear in the first team and no longer show in the B squad EDIT: ignore the above, once you hit continue the squads reset!
  4. Just rename the Football Manager 2021 Touch folder in your documents to something else before you uninstall, it will then miss it out if it were to delete and saves copying a load of graphics. As I say I don't think uninstalling removes anything in the documents directory but this is what I did just to be on the safe side!
  5. I don't think it deletes the folder where the games are saved when you uninstall, but to be on the safe side you can just make a copy of your saves. File path should be something like Memory Card > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 Touch > games... find what you need in there and copy it to your main docs folder before you do the uninstall.
  6. Re-installing has made it better, wouldnt say it runs completely smooth though. Still feels a little unstable
  7. Was hoping this would have been refined in the update but it seems to have gotten so much worse.... severe lagging from start to end! The tablet just can't cope with everything going on it seems, should it be this different to last year when that ran smoothly?
  8. Sorry for the delay in getting back! I've attached 2 screenshots, one taken immediately before a game with apply changes to "next match only" selected, then one from the tactics screen after the match. I must have remembered wrong in regards to the in/out of possession and transition settings as these have reverted as expected. I had changed the mentality from cautious to positive for this game only however, but it didn't reset after the game.
  9. I agree there are the odd features that have made it to mobile and not touch such as dynamics, but for every one of those you could point to around 10 that are in touch but not mobile. Tactics alone contains multiple options in touch that you won't find in mobile.
  10. This ability to view old match reports was removed from the tablet versions last year so wonder if PC version has been brought into line this year?
  11. It seems that changes made on the screen just before you go into a game aren't working properly. For a particular game, I selected the option to make changes for "this match only" and changed mentality to cautious and altered the LOE and defensive line amongst other things. When I got into the game however, the mentality had switched to balanced. Also for the next match, the LOE and defensive line changes had stuck when they should have only changed for that one game.
  12. I've noticed that the live scores during games all seem to be showing as 0-0, and as a result the live league table is pretty pointless as everyone is on a draw Not sure if this would be an issue across all versions or just Android
  13. I get this also playing on the same device and using the 2D view also. Matches seem to start off smooth but then lag and stutter kick in as it goes on. It's as if the hardware struggles to keep the frame rate up on the match engine graphics while everything else is going on in the background. It's a shame as when it's smooth it looks amazing! I've got around 40% internal storage space free, plus around 30% free on SD card
  14. I get this as well. If you hold down on the item then a list of options comes up but single tap not working
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