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  1. Good idea with this thread! I jumped over from Mobile in January as I found it almost too accessible.. plus I fancied more of a challenge! I don't have the computer hardware for full fat FM but I do have a decent spec tablet so Touch ticked all the boxes. Started with my most local Vanarama North club Southport... started a little rocky whilst getting to grips with all the additional options but eventually hit a great run which led to me hitting 1st which is where I stayed for the season (media prediction was mid-table). Despite a few blips towards the end I was never under any real pressure as the teams below just couldn't get a good run going. I managed to get to the semis of the FA Trophy which is pretty good for a North side, eventually losing out to Barnet (think it was a 1-0 defeat...). Won Manager of the Year which enhanced my reputation, and then I saw that another local(ish) side in Tranmere were managerless and heading to the National League having finished 23rd in League 2, I applied then a couple of weeks later they came calling... So I moved to Tranmere Rovers who were tipped to challenge for promotion at the first time of asking (predicted 4th). With money being tight and the wage budget being slashed following relegation, a lot of the first team squad whose contracts were up were released, meaning I had to plug the gaps with cheaper players from the Vanarama leagues and loans from bigger clubs; to be honest I'm enjoying the 'managing the finances' element in this game as it's non-existant in Mobile, just adds to the challenge. Anyway, started off slowly again before finding my feet and eventually reaching top. Interestingly, during this period my star striker was sent off and banned for 3 games following an elbow... first game back was a 5-1 victory and he scored all 5! I did stumble slightly around December and dropped to 2nd as I kept drawing in the FA Cup which led to replays and a busier schedule etc... eventually got knocked out by Blackpool in Round 1. Back on top now after 32 games and around 6 points clear. I find it takes me around 3-4 weeks to get through a season which feels about right for me personally. How long does it take you guys?
  2. I'm having a problem with the affiliate clubs screen in that I can't seem to be able to highlight a club in order to see the arrangements, no matter where I tap in the box containing the name of the affiliated club it just takes me to their page. Hope I've explained this well - would be easier with a screenshot but can't get one at the moment! Playing on a Huawei Mediapad M5
  3. I never get this view, I always get a variation of the 'bad view' depending on the size of the ground (I'm guessing) Playing on a Huawei Mediapad M5
  4. Just caught up on this - what a journey, so many ups and downs! Such a good read.. it's threads like this which really showcase what FM is all about. Keep it up!
  5. Glad it's not just me at least! Prime example here.. got Bayern next and we've both played league games the previous week and a German Cup game midweek. Here are the conditions of the squads on matchday: It just doesn't make any sense.. Bayern with elite facilities, coaches and players are struggling terribly whilst my comparably average infrastructure and personnel is coping perfectly fine. Also I should add that my starting 11 is the same 11 that began the midweek game. It's a glaring issue which shouldn't really be ignored as it has big knock on effects in the game and definitely makes certain matches a lot easier to win
  6. I think the key is that this is heavily weighted in favour of the human player, so like you say we don't get hit with the same fitness issues and forced to rotate like the AI is. I've only been playing the mobile version since FMM17 but noticed this problem in all 3 games (17, 18 and 19) Just played my game against Werder and as I thought I blew them away.. Both goals came in the 1st half and I could have been about 5-0 up at half time, I don't actually recall seeing a highlight for them? Also in the match engine they were visibly slower and less reactive than my players, I was never under any pressure whatsoever
  7. I know this has been mentioned before in these forums but I need to bring it up again because time and time again it spoils my enjoyment of the game... The game is just far too harsh on the AI's player fitness and maybe too lenient on human players.. for example, in my current save I have Werder Bremen next and this is the state of their squad on matchday after playing a midweek Europa game: Now I understand players will be a little fatigued after playinga few days earlier but this is just ridiculous, and even more so when I know for a fact my players would be near enough all 100%. They have a better team than me but if I beat them (which I probably will) then it will just feel like a cheap victory. I'm playing on Android but interested to hear if iOS users see the same thing?
  8. Competitions in general really. I'm playing in the Bundesliga at the minute and top scorer in my most recent season scored 17 goals... Which is a far cry from the 25ish it normally takes to win the golden boot when you look back at recent real life seasons on Wikipedia. I've noticed the same with the EPL, La Liga and Serie A too. For example around 18 is usually enough to be top scorer in La Liga in the game but in reality you often get players scoring double that in that league. Just think it would add another dimension to the game if your own players had more competition for the golden boot, as at the moment it feels like your players don't need to be particularly prolific to be up there
  9. Is it possible to tweak AI games so that strikers score a higher proportion of the goals? Would make the top scorer charts more competitive as I'm finding very few (if any) AI strikers getting 20+ league goals in a season
  10. Have to agree with most of the issues raised here. In my experience I've found it too easy to hold onto key players and it ultimately lessens the challenge of a long term LLM save as a result. Personally I don't think player reputations are enhanced enough through performance and success (i.e. team honours, individual awards, high average ratings), especially at overachieving clubs where you'd expect the bigger teams to take notice and turn player's heads. Overall I get the feeling the AI aren't quite aggressive enough in the transfer market though which possibly contributes to this. Also I suspect there is an issue around the AI overlooking young talented regens for real players, which is fine in the early seasons but begins to severely weaken other squads after around 7 or 8 years of gameplay. I'm playing on Android by the way
  11. I can relate to pretty much everything you've said there, and again it's evidence that fundamentally the game is easier than it should be. Glad you've mentioned the injuries as personally this is something that I find really irritating as it takes away from one of the basic challenges of being a football manager/coach. Like you, I've noticed I very rarely get forced into fielding a weaker side due to injuries and knocks, yet the AI seems to get constantly hampered with them. Either the human manager isn't getting enough or the AI is getting too many, or most likely it's a bit of both. What gets me is I'm currently playing with 3 silver badge coaches and no physios in an effort to balance this but still I very rarely get injuries or players below 95% condition. Admittedly I don't use any intensive training again in an effort to balance things from a player growth perspective but still you would expect a few knocks here and there
  12. @Lillywhite Dean Yeah I'm thinking the same with November release date but one can dream! I will buy FMM 19 on the day because ultimately I know I will get my money's worth out of it over the course of a year, but it will still be very disappointing if in amongst the shiny new features there are still those fundamental flaws that spoil the game I remember back when I loaded up FMM 18 for the first time I only had to play up to the first set of friendly results and look at the AI game summaries to find a load of injuries (and red cards) - I knew 10 minutes into the game that the conditioning issue hadn't been fixed! How do things like this get overlooked time after time?
  13. I echo everything you've said there, including points 6 and 7. I'd like to think however that the issue you've raised with point 1 may be a side effect of the poor AI and would therefore correct itself if the other problems were ironed out... I appreciate the tactical options currently available can seem limited to an experienced player but at the same time it may be overwhelming to a newbie. Going back to a suggestion I made in an earlier post in regards to scouting, you could maybe do something similar here and give the player the option of using 'basic' or 'advanced' tactics at the start of a game. Ultimately it would be the same match engine and tactics system but for the 'advanced' setting you would see all the intricate tactical options (build up, shape, defence, final third etc) while in 'basic' you would only see one page of options (mentality, tick boxes for tiki taka, gegenpress, long ball etc) which would apply the relevant settings to the advanced options under the hood so to speak. If the AI was smarter then it would be able to pick holes in experienced players tactics whilst the game would 'protect' the casual user to an extent by applying the more intricate tactical settings for them. Again it's just a suggestion of how to adjust the difficulty without changing the core of how the game works. In terms of FMM 19 however, I would much prefer if the main issues we've highlighted were looked at before introducing new features! Can only hope SI are at least taking note of our concerns
  14. I'd agree with all of that. I've got no problems with the depth and gameplay mechanics available to the player but a lot of that is made redundant if the AI isn't smart enough to use it properly for other clubs. Personally I'd like to emphasise the conditioning of AI players as this is something that fundamentally disadvantages non-human teams and makes certain matches easier for the player than they should be.
  15. I've noticed this too. From around season 7-13 especially the average age of AI squads is generally high because they tend to favour ok 'real' players over good regens, which in turn reduces the overall quality of the opposition. As a result, the majority of regens integrated into the game in the first few years never really reach close to their full potential because the AI just doesn't develop them enough. I find this bizarre because surely the game knows how good every regen can be? Also as you described, I don't think the AI are anywhere near aggressive or smart enough in the transfer market which creates a massive gap over time. AI clubs just don't seem to be all that interested in planning for the future or adding depth to positions that clearly need strengthening and quite often will only make 2/3 signings a season. When I took over at Real Madrid in my save (pre-season 2032/33), they had won La Liga 2 years prior but then finished 7th in the most recent season. Below are screenshots of the squad depth screen and coach reports when I arrived: As you can see, the game itself has highlighted glaring weaknesses in that team and even with £150m in the bank to spend, the AI inexplicably did not address this in the years prior. I then proceeded to overhaul the squad in one window and go on to win the league by 29 points with 33 wins and 0 defeats, whilst also winning the Cup and Europa League. It wasn't all that difficult to strengthen the team given the money available and the stature of the club but given that the likes of Barcelona and Atletico had also dropped off the pace over the years, there was virtually no challenge to winning the league. I was also a little disheartened at how easy it was to get all the new signings to gel, I had a completely new back 4 and keeper yet I conceded very few chances/shots let alone actual goals.
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