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  1. Have to agree with most of the issues raised here. In my experience I've found it too easy to hold onto key players and it ultimately lessens the challenge of a long term LLM save as a result. Personally I don't think player reputations are enhanced enough through performance and success (i.e. team honours, individual awards, high average ratings), especially at overachieving clubs where you'd expect the bigger teams to take notice and turn player's heads. Overall I get the feeling the AI aren't quite aggressive enough in the transfer market though which possibly contributes to this. Also I suspect there is an issue around the AI overlooking young talented regens for real players, which is fine in the early seasons but begins to severely weaken other squads after around 7 or 8 years of gameplay. I'm playing on Android by the way
  2. I can relate to pretty much everything you've said there, and again it's evidence that fundamentally the game is easier than it should be. Glad you've mentioned the injuries as personally this is something that I find really irritating as it takes away from one of the basic challenges of being a football manager/coach. Like you, I've noticed I very rarely get forced into fielding a weaker side due to injuries and knocks, yet the AI seems to get constantly hampered with them. Either the human manager isn't getting enough or the AI is getting too many, or most likely it's a bit of both. What gets me is I'm currently playing with 3 silver badge coaches and no physios in an effort to balance this but still I very rarely get injuries or players below 95% condition. Admittedly I don't use any intensive training again in an effort to balance things from a player growth perspective but still you would expect a few knocks here and there
  3. @Lillywhite Dean Yeah I'm thinking the same with November release date but one can dream! I will buy FMM 19 on the day because ultimately I know I will get my money's worth out of it over the course of a year, but it will still be very disappointing if in amongst the shiny new features there are still those fundamental flaws that spoil the game I remember back when I loaded up FMM 18 for the first time I only had to play up to the first set of friendly results and look at the AI game summaries to find a load of injuries (and red cards) - I knew 10 minutes into the game that the conditioning issue hadn't been fixed! How do things like this get overlooked time after time?
  4. I echo everything you've said there, including points 6 and 7. I'd like to think however that the issue you've raised with point 1 may be a side effect of the poor AI and would therefore correct itself if the other problems were ironed out... I appreciate the tactical options currently available can seem limited to an experienced player but at the same time it may be overwhelming to a newbie. Going back to a suggestion I made in an earlier post in regards to scouting, you could maybe do something similar here and give the player the option of using 'basic' or 'advanced' tactics at the start of a game. Ultimately it would be the same match engine and tactics system but for the 'advanced' setting you would see all the intricate tactical options (build up, shape, defence, final third etc) while in 'basic' you would only see one page of options (mentality, tick boxes for tiki taka, gegenpress, long ball etc) which would apply the relevant settings to the advanced options under the hood so to speak. If the AI was smarter then it would be able to pick holes in experienced players tactics whilst the game would 'protect' the casual user to an extent by applying the more intricate tactical settings for them. Again it's just a suggestion of how to adjust the difficulty without changing the core of how the game works. In terms of FMM 19 however, I would much prefer if the main issues we've highlighted were looked at before introducing new features! Can only hope SI are at least taking note of our concerns
  5. I'd agree with all of that. I've got no problems with the depth and gameplay mechanics available to the player but a lot of that is made redundant if the AI isn't smart enough to use it properly for other clubs. Personally I'd like to emphasise the conditioning of AI players as this is something that fundamentally disadvantages non-human teams and makes certain matches easier for the player than they should be.
  6. I've noticed this too. From around season 7-13 especially the average age of AI squads is generally high because they tend to favour ok 'real' players over good regens, which in turn reduces the overall quality of the opposition. As a result, the majority of regens integrated into the game in the first few years never really reach close to their full potential because the AI just doesn't develop them enough. I find this bizarre because surely the game knows how good every regen can be? Also as you described, I don't think the AI are anywhere near aggressive or smart enough in the transfer market which creates a massive gap over time. AI clubs just don't seem to be all that interested in planning for the future or adding depth to positions that clearly need strengthening and quite often will only make 2/3 signings a season. When I took over at Real Madrid in my save (pre-season 2032/33), they had won La Liga 2 years prior but then finished 7th in the most recent season. Below are screenshots of the squad depth screen and coach reports when I arrived: As you can see, the game itself has highlighted glaring weaknesses in that team and even with £150m in the bank to spend, the AI inexplicably did not address this in the years prior. I then proceeded to overhaul the squad in one window and go on to win the league by 29 points with 33 wins and 0 defeats, whilst also winning the Cup and Europa League. It wasn't all that difficult to strengthen the team given the money available and the stature of the club but given that the likes of Barcelona and Atletico had also dropped off the pace over the years, there was virtually no challenge to winning the league. I was also a little disheartened at how easy it was to get all the new signings to gel, I had a completely new back 4 and keeper yet I conceded very few chances/shots let alone actual goals.
  7. Starting unknown may well make the game trickier in the first season or so but obviously this is just a temporary thing, 5 years in and chances are you will be in the same position as if you'd started with a higher reputation. I would actually prefer if it was the other way i.e. the game adapts to your ability and the AI becomes tougher the more successful you are. It would just keep the interest going in a long term save (you can play up to 30 seasons after all) because once you win a league or cup in the current game it is far too easy to retain it again and again without too much competition. As you mention above, the main reasons why it seems to get easier over time is because of the issues we have mentioned (player development, conditioning, squad building, finances) which massively favour the human player. Like yourself I suspect the game would be immediately more challenging if these problems were addressed. And again you've hit the nail on the head here. So much detail goes into the game and a lot of this is lost on the casual gamer. Maybe more options can be introduced in the game settings to add/remove features that will either help or hinder the player? Attribute masking for example is neither here or there at the moment so could be taken a step further - rather than it taking just days to get a full report on a player, maybe it should take weeks/months? Or, depending on your scouts ability, you never get to see all the exact attributes of a player meaning you have to take a gamble sometimes? For those who don't want this then the masking option can always be turned off. I'm thinking out loud here but I think the default stance of the game should be to punish the player for mistakes. Ultimately FM is an intricate puzzle game built on huge amounts of detail - if casual gamers are given tools to negate some of the detail and point them towards a solution that works, whilst experienced players can choose to play with no help whatsoever then everyone should be happy... for that to work though the AI needs to be more competitive and the advantages currently given to the human player need to be levelled out in my opinion. Not sure I've explained this very well but I assume it's what SI are trying to achieve!
  8. The frustrating thing to me is they don't seem like particularly difficult issues to spot and they do spoil the experience somewhat once you notice them. I don't want to come across as overly critical as the truth I'm still playing the game 10 months after release is because it excels in many other departments.. which again is a bit frustrating! I appreciate it's a mobile game and that SI are restricted in terms of device specs and team size etc, and to be honest I think my expectations are maybe higher than they should be given the detail and depth they've managed to cram in to a mobile app. I'm a massive FM fan and have been since CM3 (those were the days...), since around FM13 however I've simply just not had the time to sit at a laptop/PC for hours at a time playing through the full game, then last year I discovered FMM17 and was surprised at how immersive it was! Now the mobile version is the only feasible way I can play FM and I know I'm not alone with this scenario. I realise there are casual players who want to jump straight in with their favourite team and win the lot but arguably those that invest the most time into the game over the course of a year are veterans of the series who take in the detail, work on their tactics, plan for the opposition etc... From a business point of view obviously you don't want to alienate any group of fans by making it too easy/too difficult, but would it be at all possible to introduce say a 'casual' and an 'expert' mode..?
  9. Interesting reading @Lillywhite Dean, your experiences sound all too familiar to me! I too would relish the challenge of fighting relegation or pressure from the board but for me the general outcome of starting a save with any club tends to be that you overachieve from the very first season. Winning a league title or a cup should feel like a challenge even when managing one of the bigger teams (albeit more achievable with a strong squad) but the reality is it's possible to challenge for titles with an average side without having to do too much in my experience. I understand it's an impossible job for SI to please everyone and at the end of the day it's a pick up and play mobile game.. but has an overall difficulty settings ever been seriously considered? I'm no expert in game coding so I suspect it's not as simple to implement as it sounds! As for my own experiences in FMM 18, I started a save way back on release day and it is still going now (started with Reggiana in Serie C, stayed there for 7 seasons before heading off to Brighton, then Tottenham, Bayern, Real Madrid and now with Liverpool) - I would have lost interest and stopped playing months ago though if I didn't hold back on certain things in order to keep the career somewhat challenging. Rather than go through career specifics, I will just summarise below some frustrations I've encountered, some of which have already been mentioned above: AI Training/Player Conditioning - This is perhaps the biggest source of frustration for me and goes deeper than you think. It is far too easy to get your players to 95-100% match fitness just days after playing a game, yet AI players seem to recuperate at a snail's pace and struggle to anywhere between 65-85% by the time their next game comes around. If you're playing a team that has played Champions League midweek for example, you immediately have a MASSIVE advantage as the majority of their first team just aren't fit enough to play more than 45 minutes. This often leads to the AI fielding weaker players out of position to plug the gaps, while the players starting with low condition are visibly slower and less responsive in the match engine than your players even when there is a massive gulf in attributes. I've also noticed that the AI are hit with a lot of injuries and red cards in games that don't involve a human player which again leads to the AI being at a significant disadvantage when you play them or them trying to remain competitive in the league. Also if you carry this over to the goal scoring charts, it means that top strikers are often little threat for the golden boot due to games missed, whilst your average centre forward bangs in 30+ in 38 league games. Intensive training has also been mentioned above - I choose not to use this as I feel it gives me an unfair advantage and it is something I can control. I've also dabbled with using only silver badged coaches and even sacking all physios to see if it creates more of a balance in terms of player conditioning but still my players all manage to get to 100% for every game more often than not. I feel if this was corrected you would straight away see a more challenging game. Transfers/Finances - This has been mentioned a lot so won't go into too much detail; it's too easy to make money and build a team of world beaters over the course of a couple of seasons whilst the AI will struggle to keep up. On top of that it is also far too easy to hold on to your better players no matter what club you are at; the AI should be more active in the market and as a result there should be more interest in your players when you are performing well. Manager Reputation - Although it's not difficult to overachieve, it can be VERY difficult to gain notoriety in the game world without winning the big trophies. As mentioned above, I started with Reggiana in Serie C and got them into Europe and won Coppa Italia within 6 seasons which surely you'd think wouldn't go unnoticed nationally in real life. Despite applying for jobs at similarly or worse positioned clubs on the way up, I received no job offer during my entire stay at Reggiana. Only when I resigned I managed to get a job offer, but Brighton in the Championship was the best I could get. Only by winning the FA Cup whilst in that league did my reputation finally jump up to continental and then Tottenham followed and so on... The most frustrating thing is AI managers seem to have an unbreakable reputation and will get jobs whether they've been successful or not, so you will often see the same manager go into a job, do poorly, get sacked but then still manage to get a job at the same level and the cycle begins again. Surely clubs would prefer to appoint someone who has had more recent success? That is just a few thoughts from me, to be honest I could have gone on a lot more! I really do enjoy the game and have taken the time to write this up because I want it to be better. To be honest I have had periods in the save mentioned above where I have struggled, and these were probably the times when I had most interest in the game! At the same time however, there have been points in the save where I've felt I've "cracked" it, but then I've handicapped myself one way or another (sell my best player, no transfers, tone down training etc) to keep it interesting..
  10. Have the in-game graphic pop ups (when there's a foul, offside, yellow card etc) been removed in FM13?? They're not showing up for me and I can't seem to find an option to turn them on :-s I hope its just me missing something!
  11. Tried this to see if it would get my real faces back but still no luck, completely out of ideas!
  12. I wouldn't say it makes the game unplayable, far from it. Just frustrating because I know they're there and they worked before! 4gb+ worth of player pics just sat there going to waste
  13. Player pictures I've added myself. Some player pictures are still working but I'm assuming they are the ones that came with the game
  14. I had no problems with them before the update, all of a sudden they're just not showing up. Club and competition logos are still showing up which makes it even more strange..
  15. Tried ticking/unticking it and still the same. Also tried moving the files out then back in again and still nothing. I really don't get what's going wrong..