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  1. Just to let you know, I've reinstalled and the problems with the inbox seem to be corrected. Thanks for your help
  2. Apologies - I've managed to resolve this, please lock this thread. I'd tried reinstalling the game but when installing again the app kept crashing when loading up. For info, what eventually fixed this issue was clearing the app data in settings.
  3. Still getting the same issue with the latest update, considering reinstalling the app to see if that does anything. If I do that, will my documents folder not be affected? As in I don't need to back up any saves etc?
  4. Ok, strange! The inbox thing has been happening right up to the date in the save. I'm just updating to 20.4 so will see if this has corrected anything. After the last couple of updates however, I've noticed that I've not been asked to "Confirm Data Download" from SI servers when opening the app for the first time. Is this right? Normally there's a 2GB-ish download after the initial update in the Play Store
  5. Hi, I've uploaded with the filename "ss03 070320"
  6. Here are some examples: Forgot to get a screenshot of the match preview news item but hopefully my explanation is enough. The below is a new one I've spotted, any items I'm getting from director of football doesn't seem to have a subject title anymore:
  7. No it's the default skin. Playing on a Huawei Mediapad M5 if that's any use?
  8. After updating to 20.3 I'm now getting the following issues Match stats in game - the passes completed, tackles won and headers won numbers and percentages are missing, although the bar is still there A load of detailed player stats on the team stats screen during a game are still missing - only passing and shooting seem to be available for breakdown Some news items aren't showing graphics correctly. The item you get before a game which shows the odds, form etc normally has the club logos in the top left corner but this area is now blank. News items where a player is highligh
  9. I reported this in the Android bugs a few months back, loads of stats missing. If I recall correctly it was a fallout from one of the earlier updates
  10. I'm playing on Android so can't do that with a touchscreen. I can try holding it down and see if that works...
  11. For injured AI players, I can see the "Inj" status but I can never find what the injury is and how long they're out for. Is this by design or am I just not looking in the right place?
  12. Hi I'm still getting the stuttering occasionally, just wondering what sort of things could affect this? Maybe number of nations/leagues running? Number of matches running parrellel etc? I'm playing in National League South so often there are 10 other games being played out 'live' at the same time. FYI I play matches in 2D
  13. No probs! I did a lot of research on Android tablets in that price range at the time and the Huawei M series was head and shoulders above the rest for me. Was originally going to go with the Lite as at the time I wanted it more for streaming and browsing but in the end decided to future proof and spent that bit extra for the better spec. Definitely worth it!
  14. I've got the Mediapad M5 10" (not the lite one) and it runs great on that if that's any help. I paid around £330 for it last year which is great value for the spec you get, and I imagine it will have come down in price since then. Would definitely recommend
  15. That's great, thanks for the reply!
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