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  1. Why can’t this fit my iPad screen anymore. You either zoom out so the match is tiny or you zoom in and lose some of pitch. The view worked fine a couple of years ago.
  2. Another game beating Juventus followed by a 3-0 home loss to Cardiff who are bottom of the league but .... proving they are no pushovers lol. Rubbish algorithims which force results on you when there is no real power to alter the result. You know it’s coming. You play you mature grown up first team. You get thrashed. Hahaha.
  3. I understand and thank you for response. I have an iPad 2017. Its not the graphics that I have particular complaint with. It’s more the match play. Without taking the magic away can I assume that the intensity of calculations was dropped from 2017 to 2018 so FMT could be used on more tablets? Which in turn makes for more predictable and shorter sequences during the match. I’m still confused as to why the match in FMT17 was so much more enjoyable than 18 and 19? stuck record I admit but considering the money I have spent down the years on FM I’d like some transparency
  4. Thank you A457 I’ll definitely try that. The annoying thing though is the terrible lacK of variety in the match. So ridiculous goals get scored very regularly. The match engine on FMT has gone backwards which is damning in gaming, the definition of which should be constant progression.
  5. Conceding so many goals to free kicks on far right of box scored by right footer and vice versa. Every once in a while , in real world, spectacular goals like that get scored but it’s rare. Really common in FMT19 though.. so many goals being conceded with far post cross from opposition and ridiculous near post volley from incoming attacker whilst my keeper and FB sleep. feels like game has limited variety so ridiculous goals need to be commonplace
  6. Last year SI admirably and honestly admitted degrading the match quality to access the older tablet market. Has the same happened this year and have any of the updates reduced the match intensity and coverage due to older iPad technical difficulties? as a paying customer I would appreciate another honest answer thank you
  7. Are there less variables in the match than FMT17. Moves have become predictable. It’s like every player is working to a strict and small number of options. Can someone with a technical brain please explain this to me. Surely the match should be at the heart of the game? FMT17 was really enjoyable to watch. Animations weren’t perfect but the flow was natural.
  8. Sorry lads.. If it was the fault of Android/ App Store then the PC FMT would have been upgraded. i guess FMT is cheaper and probably much lower revenue so they have to prioritise the main version over FMT.
  9. So I was 90 mins into a match and had to do something else so clicked away onto iPad home screen. When I went back the match reloaded but after 1 second of the match restarting the screen above appeared.
  10. Here we go. This is entering a match in the 90th minute. I have the latest update. Thank you.
  11. Can’t send screenshot as I get message saying game can’t be loaded and then it takes me to home screen.
  12. So in previous versions you could train a player to learn new traits or unlearn bad ones. Maybe it’s changed but I can’t find.
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