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  1. Interesting article. Shows how thin the margins between success and failure are. I won the europa league with spurs and got to final of world club championship. Within a few weeks I was losing 5-0 to West Ham. Statistically it was an even game. One of those matches that infuriates as you can’t explain why it’s happening on FM. but I guess, considering the above, klopp must have same frustrations IRL. and clearly has had it before at Dortmund. football bloody hell
  2. This is true. I’ve read plenty of articles trying to explain what the Liverpool problem is. it’s all speculation, even Klopp might not know. For what it’s worth my opinion is that it took all their mental strength to collect 200 points in 2 seasons and be unbeatable at home. Once that momentum was taken away they had no mental reserves left. (Although it could be salah is disrupting...) What is correct is retaining the EPL is bloody difficult. Probably for psychological reasons. But how does SI go about factoring all this into the game - hence why great teams stay great in FM.
  3. “By the end Liverpool had extended that run to five home defeats. It is a mind-boggling collapse on the back of that 68-game unbeaten run. Football is often cast as a science, the players as mobile data units, predictable in their movements, their chemistry, their interactions. But never let it be said this is anything other than a business of emotion, anxiety and human qualities, bound up in how the players feel. Sixty-eight without defeat into five in a row: this really is wild. No matter what we throw at it, football remains the most brilliantly unknowable of human activities.“
  4. And, as I mentioned, the system is working well for others. Let’s not over complicate...I’m playing him as a DLF in an attacking system. Not sticking him as a defensive FB. I don’t doubt other people rinse his qualities but let’s not forget last year, as an experiment, someone put a 17 year old keeper up front for Liverpool in fm20 and they scored for fun. So the ME may be a giant leap forward or nonsensical anomalies may still crop up. cheers for your help though TMS.
  5. Ah. I congratulate you on your humour. If not your assistance.
  6. Could be. I mean getting Harry Kane scoring shouldn’t be difficult! 18 games is faintly ludicrous tbh. Hence the post.
  7. 18 games without a goal for my CF Harry Kane. Someone going to blame my tactics? 4312 if anyone asks. His attributes are out of this world. He trains hard. We’re 4th in league. Previous season he missed 4 pens in a row 😂 this ME isn’t working right. It doesn’t look right. It doesn’t play right. It makes too many strange things happen. what happened to 21? It started so well! It’s drifting to the wilderness years of 18-20. Why???
  8. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve asked how to play earlier versions of FMT on iPad. The beta was exciting and flowed like a proper football match. Each update, like gravity, pulls it back down to 20.
  9. Yh I understand. I was just putting it out there tbh. Because iPads performance varies I wonder if Xbox and switch are better because SI don’t have to lower the quality to account for older machines.
  10. I’d assume they’re identical experiences. Isnt FMT the same across all platforms? And, if not, what are the differences?
  11. It’s a good game. I play on iPad Pro. I think the match graphics have been diluted with updates from first version of 21 but the ME is the best in a long time. Issues will always remain but it’s very playable without being the best version of FMT since launch
  12. Appreciate your honesty Harry. I’ve mentioned on another thread this clearly isn’t wilful on SIs part but I am disappointed that something which worked 6 years ago doesn’t work now.
  13. So there will be no highlights for iPads. How can a game go backwards? Had highlights for years. needless to say very disappointing. I know SI will have tried their best but really don’t understand why features are removed. Games should grow not shrink.
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