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  1. Have latest patch, think 20.4 ios 13 on a 5th gen iPad 2017 been playing fine since game first released but suddenly everything is very sticky. Match getting stuck. Tactical changes freeze etc. strange.
  2. I used to look forward to autumn and winter during FMT seasons as the game looked much better under the lights. Night games no longer exist and there is no shadowing. What happened??
  3. Yes I have a exactly same problem in every game. Without making any tactical changes. Also can’t find opp instructions. Fundamental issues tbh
  4. Was told a few weeks back that this is incorrect by Steam and full game is not available for remote play on tablet. I was also reassured By SI that this misrepresentation would be removed from Steam. It hasn’t been. I’m therefore concerned that others are shelling out money believing they can play the game in full on tablet. Please can this misrepresentation be corrected
  5. Great question and the diversity of the answers proves the impossible job SI have. i still think that for whatever reason the ME took a massive step back from 17 to 18 and has never recovered. I would like SI to be honest as to why this happened. EA have admitted to FIFA mistakes in past. But the 18 and 19 MEs were repetitive and had no or little creativity on show. It’s like the number of algorithms was deliberately reduced (maybe to save time which means saving money) I haven’t seen ME20 so can’t comment. If it's a slightly improved version of 19 it’s still worse than 17 and I sincerely can’t think of many products which are worse than a predecessor from 3 years ago so that would be a massive shame
  6. Sorry if this has been answered but will I be able to play full game on Stadia via my 5th gen ipad. Thank you
  7. Ah I wasn’t chasing FrazT. Just hadn’t been clear in years post
  8. Would appreciate someone from SI confirming this as steam support is very limited
  9. Which is huge. Does that mean I can play FM20 on my iPad remotely?
  10. This has always been my point about attributes. They’re arbitrary and have v little real world value as a true players attributes vary wildly during a season. My theory is that attributes should reflect your training performance in the week. They will be more variable but averages throughout the season will distinguish the best finishers eg Kane from the weakest eg Sissoko . They might suddenly have a 20 in a particular attribute for 1 week but you’ll need to be aware of all their perofrmances. The attributes will reflect the week and last 12 months average. It will make training much more interesting the the attributes much more realistic. and, as I’ve said before, it will give a great indication of future potential if eg a 17 year old has a few weeks gets getting high attributes in one area but has a low average it suggests that area should be a focus for development
  11. Realised how enjoyable seeing a match in 17 is. The graphics (obs never destined to be FIFA) are believable and the match is enjoyable! It’s like a proper football match. What happened in 18 and 19 and why? Cartoon animations with boring football. Please use then17 engine again, I won’t buy FM this year if the match is similar to 18 and 19.
  12. Heard in England commentary tonight Waddle said all England need to do is get ball to sterling. Nominating 1 player to get the ball whose having a great game would be a helpful manager shout
  13. I think attributes should reflect how the player has performed in training. I think this would be much more realistic and would give a lot more meaning to training ratings which currently exist. Of course some ratings such as speed and strength wouldn’t vary much but the technical side would give a clear indication as to a players current state of form. It would also allow managers to buy duds - someone not scouted for months and turns out to be rubbish in training. Future stars could be spotted by having unusually high attributes in training which could then be focused on. The average rating over a few weeks will give a good sense of a players standard but I think attributes need to develop to reflect the real world. Giving them much more fluidity will achieve that.
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