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  1. You sum it up perfectly. The lack of variety is the killer. Games are so monotonous. It’s wasn’t like this a few years back.I really don’t mind the silly glitches, they can’t replicate real life obviously but SI. seem to be tunnel visioned. When commenting a few weeks back Neil brock replied and said how much time and effort they put into the game should be acknowledged. I complained to BA a few years back, they didn’t reply by saying it’s really hard to fly a plane. SI just need to say they hear us. Because so many people are saying the same damn things. it’s boring, repetitive and really really lacks creativity. Frankly the ME20 is pretty awful. imagine playing FMT on an iPad Pro. FMT is really all about the match. Firstly three years ago they lowered the graphics quality but not the price. Now they’ve made the match a bore. Never has a game needed competition more than FM. It’s so far ahead of the competition that they’ve lost sight of the customer. I’d love to stop playing it but even a rubbish version with awful graphics beats everything else hands down. However, 21 is the first one I won’t buy blind. question for SI in advance so I don’t get disappointed.... are you working on a 2 tier graphics model for FM and FMT21 so that those of us with new kit can get decent graphics? or at least shading and focus on tablets so the players don’t look like blurred ants on 75% of the pitch on data analyst mode?
  2. To the really rubbish team when you’re unbeaten for 20 games. For no obvious reason. Your teams suddenly decides to play like jokers. How do you mitigate against that?
  3. Why is that the case? I just played a match where Ndombele was a deep lying playmaker in the anchor role for 60 mins and he was replaced by Eric dier as a ball winning midfielder for last 30 mins. The ONLY pass they Both played in the last third of the pitch was a looped pass out to the overlapping FB. With so many options why does the ME make them play this same stultifying pass all the time in EVERY game. Why do 2 players with different traits and instructions play the same pass. Why, after I begged lo Celso to only play killer balls does he play the same pass?? Einstein as we all know said the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again. Playing FM this year is madness. I watch every match hoping it will be different but it never is 😂 😂 😂 its genuinely appalling.
  4. Buying creative new players isn’t exciting anymore. They all do the same thing anyway. The match is so repetitive. Even when you play vertical tiki with complete emphasis on central play the only thing your creative AM does is feed the ball to the overlapping full back. which is what your DM with no vision does as well. The ME is opposed to give each player dozens of choices so why do they keep choosing the same one??? and SI getting defensive when the game is criticised isn’t a good look. Listen to your highly valued customers please, there is such a consistency in the complaints. It doesn’t devalue the amount of work you’ve done, just that we believe the match is going in the wrong direction.
  5. Tempo comes into this too. IRL How many times will you hear pundits say at half time a team isn’t moving the ball fast enough. And then at full time the manager says I just told them to move the ball quicker. no manager will ever send their team out to move the ball at a pedestrian pace, for some reason teams will drop into a safer mentality naturally. So I agree, tempo and mentality aren’t set parameters but behaviours based on how the team is prepared and motivated. i also think one touch instructions will be a good addition. That would move the ball faster and up the tempo.
  6. Wonder why google let us download a stadia app in the App Store?
  7. Smurf someone just told me you can’t play stadia on iPad. Are they wrong? Just need some consistent advice. Cheers!
  8. Someone replied earlier saying it’s fine. Thanks Mike I’ll get refund but the whole thing seems really confused.
  9. I’ve got an iPad Pro 20. I’ve downloaded the stadia app and FM20. But the stadia app won’t let me play and the chrome stadia page just sends me to the app. Can anyone help?
  10. And do I need controller. Sorry for questions but it’s all been a bit ambiguous!!
  11. Got both and then it works yes? Simple as! I thought iOS wasn’t supported. thank you!
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