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  1. So I was 90 mins into a match and had to do something else so clicked away onto iPad home screen. When I went back the match reloaded but after 1 second of the match restarting the screen above appeared.
  2. Here we go. This is entering a match in the 90th minute. I have the latest update. Thank you.
  3. Can’t send screenshot as I get message saying game can’t be loaded and then it takes me to home screen.
  4. So in previous versions you could train a player to learn new traits or unlearn bad ones. Maybe it’s changed but I can’t find.
  5. The tutorial says a manager must decide balance between match prep and individual training. Is the match prep the first tab?
  6. A few updates now and no player traits training still available. Is that a bug?
  7. Hi sorry chaps. Bug still exists and may be worse. Had a temp save outside a match and now FMT19 won’t load at all.
  8. Playing a pre season friendly in season 1. Got interrupted mid match, near 90th min. Shut down FMT. When going back in the game crashes before it reaches match screen.
  9. Mentoring groups, ratings for weekly training, changes to what can be trained and intensity. I’m not saying it’s radical but they’re positive changes.
  10. Ha. The graphics are our bugbear MMM. And you’re right they’re still back from 17 but thankfully forward from 18. Enjoy!
  11. The game runs smoothly. tactics and training innovation v welcome cant choose your manager experience or at least I missed it highlights are back analyst view in match still a but back from 2 years ago as can’t see whole of pitch. But the match does look much better. mojo returned. Great work. I can stop reading bloody books again now. Keown will be proud of me.
  12. FMT is a great game, slimlined for time but still gives a fantastic experience. As I’ve mentioned before, the developers made a mistake with the graphics on tablets last year by making them worse than the previous iterations. We’re yet to see what 19 graphics look like. If they’re up to standard I would highly recommend FMT.
  13. Sounds like a fan complaining tbh Mike. How many owners have come in promising wealth only to disappear when push comes to shove. To give AV unlimited funds in the game would be entirely speculative. At time of releasing the game AV don’t have much money. As dal81 said this may change in Jan and I hope it does for all villains as it’s a big club.
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