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  1. So your point is to showcase how routinely I’m irked by the ME. I don’t think this is what mods should be doing tbh. Yes the game does wind me up because yes there are anomalies and yes I’ve bought every version for years so I’ve got a right to convey my opinions. for the record ........I play Kane as a DLF and here are his stats under my watch. Cue knowing laughs between some of the mods and users. My team are always in the top 6. Always score plenty of goals. The most outstanding CF of his generation has barely hit double figures in 5 years. He missed the first 3 pens under my management in a row. He’s still pen taker. The game goes down inexplicable rabbit holes. Last year a 17 y o Liverpool keeper was the top scorer in the league in someone’s save. Its imperfect which is fine but I want to vent. You guys always end up getting really Allardyce (very defensive). IMO the graphics and ME in particular took a serious hit after 17. The problems therein still manifest themselves as strange moments, results and stats. Or do you think the game has only moved inexorably forward the last 5 years??
  2. I know you can’t see the full picture and I do appreciate you trying to help nonetheless. I’m taking your advice seriously. my setup was relatively conservative. My defensive line was average. These tactics and players had shut out Liverpool and city. I was in a neutral mode as I know the game wanted to sting me.....local derby, poor opposition wanting to prove doubters wrong etc. I don’t mind the ambiguity. I don’t mind the fact it happens. I’m not even that bothered by this result. I’m trying to call out a FM anomaly. The match that’s going to bite you on the bum. Your set up is conservative. Your team is full of leaders. Morale is high. Complacency is low. I picked a team which trained great that week......which concedes 4 goals! Despite strong CB performances. Without a shadow of a doubt a piece of code kicks in which supercharges the opposition (no the result isn’t predetermined) and they play at a supra natural level. It happens a lot I’m afraid.
  3. I get the points. All valid. It may be Onana, who after winning the golden glove last season, seems to be conceding a lot. Three goals were through balls behind de ligt who was pretty culpable considering I pushed him into a cover duty after the first goal. But the rating absolves him. Can really blame the FBs for through balls.
  4. Interesting. How would a FM player know this is irrelevant to their team? Is it in the manual?
  5. I did look at the stats. Nothing stood out. So what does side preference make a difference to?
  6. Haha. That’s not my argument. I don’t want the game to let me win. when I first buy the game I hate it if I win the league in my first season. I want a challenge TMS. but game should challenge with reasons and obstacles to be overcome...... not the ubiquitous ‘they’ve proved they are no pushovers’. You ,it’s find that monotonous. Even you TMS!
  7. I did t find anything obvious but....two goals were conceded by balls round the back of De Ligt who I’d played as LCB and having reviewed I see he prefers RCB. It’s something to look at. Cheers!
  8. I get that and do refer to it in my post. Shock results don’t disappoint me, it’s the manner. The discrepancy above refers to my CBs and CMs getting good ratings despite a bloody awful performance. That suggests a problem to me. Great CBs playing well at the same Conceding a hat trick to a very average striker. It feels to me that there was very little I could do. spurs defeat against Zagreb was all about squad morale and attitude. Both of which are supposedly excellent in my squad in the save.
  9. Lol. Sympathetic as ever TMS. I took the advice @HUNT3R gave seriously and re-assessed the stats. the game is full of artificial constructs. Obviously. It was confirmed by a moderator that the opposition suddenly changes their performance against you after half a season based on your first half results. As if game 19 is an official refresh point IRL. Nothing you can do but adapt. don’t pretend to me that the game hasn’t got a mechanism for weak teams raising their game against you. That’s fine. It happens IRL. But when you’ve constructed a brilliant defensive team, with very high leadership and experience, body language complacency is low why does it keep happening? Because the game needs it to. Otherwise we’d all end up with 100% records. The opposition aren’t doing anything clever, the AI isn’t capable. It’s a game mechanic to ensure perfection is almost impossible. No complaints about that but just admit it. I think people like me just have to come to terms with it. I enjoy the game but I call out it’s faults.
  10. What stats do you advise I should be looking for in particular Hunter? I’d love to find a solution to,these anomalies. like I say I don’t mind a surprise result. But the pattern is FM is too regular, programmed and predictable. Feels like nothing can be done. My teams have high leadership averages and we still only lose to the small teams.
  11. So many questions from this game but most of all....how did my world class defence which rarely concedes allow a striker with 1 goal in 8 games, very average attributes and poor movement to score a hat trick. how did the CBs then get good ratings? hiw can they shut out city and Liverpool but fall to pieces against Azmoun who??? it’s because the game decides it’s time for a freak result so a freak result shall happen. It’s not the tactics for anyone who wants to argue that, my team copes very well against far superior 4231. I deliberately wasn’t too attacking and chose balanced tactics. Funnily enough one of our ex players did the warning media comment about Azmoun before the match.....which suggests the game had decided it will be his day. I did check him out, he’s average at best. Form terrible. And yet, and yet he rips de ligt and skrinnar apart....who both get good ratings!! a lot of words for one match but it reflects deep frustration with the way SI get away with this. The match you can’t influence as it’s been decreed you will lose. Oh and I don’t mind freak results btw, they happen just as much IRL. it’s the manner in which they happen. The total implausibility of this striker suddenly becoming mo salah. Worst of all my CBs totally forgetting how to defend.
  12. I couldn’t agree more. It’s like they were warned off using the code. Why else make such a backward step? Gaming is meant to leap forward graphically. FM is the only game in history than went into full reverse. I still we suck it up! The drop in style between 17 and 18 was truly shocking. We’ve never been told why.
  13. All valid replies. I guess when somebody says that ambiguity is good and it replicates football there is a part of me which thinks isn’t that making it easy for SI? Liverpool Arsenal spurs are all great examples of ambiguity in 2021. But at least when klopp says mark a player he knows when and where. When he thinks of player attributes he knows if that’s a coaches assessment, his assessment or another metric. Etc etc It’s a great game which frustrates me. As a spurs fan it can’t get much more real life than that ha! I just think tactics and attributes need some updating. The same for a long time now
  14. I do kind of agree. And if the mysteries are revealed I guess it will make it a walk in the park. But I’d like more clarity with greater tactical and strategic challenges. It’s just a bit too much guesswork for me.
  15. Just thinking about how FM skilfully keeps its players in the dark about quite a few things.I think it’s intentional on the part of SI. I play FMT on iPad but it’s relevant across the whole stable of products. 1. training. I bought Camavinga from Rennes as a complete midfielder aged 21. Sure I’m not alone! Training him as a RPM, my favourite position being a Modric fan. Within Weeks his attributes are dropping like a stone and he’s gone from a 4.5 to 3 star midfielder. No explanation. No obvious reason. No obvious solution (in FMT). Just FMs little secret. 2. tactics. One of my least favourite players to play against is Saisa Milokenvic-Savic. He’s a brilliant Box to box. So do I tightly mark him? But he’s not the most creative so that’s probably an unnecessary distraction in areas away from my goal. If I don’t mark him tightly does that mean he gets more space for headers in the box which he invariably scores. Again v little official advice from SI. I think it’s a flaw in the tactics system, which has gone unimproved for way too long. Same goes for pressing. 3. mystery results. They’ve proved they’re no pushovers!!! Yes this does happen in real life but great teams have a way of overcoming it. It seems in built that SI doesn’t want a work around on these results, 4. Match stats. Are they really that accurate??? 5. attributes. Plenty of healthy discussion about these on forum but what are they as defined by SI. Please tell me. I don’t want to be spoonfed. But I want to know what the game parameters are so I can manipulate them from a position of knowledge. I think SI keep these deliberately ambiguous. I know there are tactic forums etc but I don’t want to copy others. I want the game to be clear and draw my own conclusions.
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