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  1. Fair comment. So the choices are; ask for refund. wait until bugs are resolved (and they will be) play the game in the knowledge it’s not yet complete. I just don’t think the devs deserve anger or demands. It’s a complicated year and you have to admit the game has changed radically.
  2. There are bugs. Undeniably. But they are programming issues which will be resolved. Bottom line is, at the core, this is a good game. That’s why so many people get frustrated by delays, bugs and errors. Secretly we love it.
  3. Your opinions are valid but I don’t think it’s unplayable. People seem to have very extreme opinions on the forum. There will be updates with fixes. It’s good that the shouts don’t have a massive impact. Each input should create small changes not wild swings. I’m sure the weather and highlights will return. the timings are wrong i agree but that will be fixed sad in the meantime just pretend they’re at other times your ipad sapping energy reflects how intense the game is. That’s a good thing. Would you like them so simplify the game so it uses less electricity? That would be a
  4. As above. I’m using them as team talks as well so always shout at the start of each half. You can definitely see reactions. It’s a great touch (no pun intended). I don’t think the effect lasts long though...I could be wrong but looking at the emojis the players seem to revert relatively quickly.
  5. Not sure if it’s in a different place but can’t see goals or other highlights once match has finished. Still on match screen.
  6. I’m on iPad Pro 2020. sub was in 2nd half after LB got red card. I had one sub remaining and brought on Sanchez (CB) for Moura (RW) in the tactics section. I noticed 5 match mins later that moura had stayed on pitch and moved to CB. He was also listed on bench and Sanchez had completely disappeared
  7. I’d put Sanchez on at CB and he’s completely disappeared with moura now at cb and on bench
  8. I haven’t seen populate yet. Played 4 matches to date. Full match thank You
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