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  1. I think attributes should reflect how the player has performed in training. I think this would be much more realistic and would give a lot more meaning to training ratings which currently exist. Of course some ratings such as speed and strength wouldn’t vary much but the technical side would give a clear indication as to a players current state of form. It would also allow managers to buy duds - someone not scouted for months and turns out to be rubbish in training. Future stars could be spotted by having unusually high attributes in training which could then be focused on. The average rating over a few weeks will give a good sense of a players standard but I think attributes need to develop to reflect the real world. Giving them much more fluidity will achieve that.
  2. Does this announcement mean I will be able to play full fat FM on my iPad? And will this impact development of FMT? thank you
  3. Played my last game. Looking forward to the next iteration even though I’ve found the last two to be very poor indeed (basically because the match has been screwed up). It’s the summer anyway so should be playing cricket manager..if it exists. i hope SI get the next game right, it’s a bit boring now. I know they try hard and mistakes aren’t deliberate but please focus on making the match more pleasant to watch and much less repetitive (1000 crosses per game for example)
  4. Hi Adam Never happened before or since.
  5. Playing at home spurs v Newcastle. 2-1 up at ht. shelvey does innocuous pass to winger on 46 mins and suddenly score is 2-2. Replays don’t show goal either.
  6. Any help,gratefully received... with the new tactics it’s become much clearer where the pressing starts which is great. However I still don’t really get the closing down in opposition instructions. If you have a low press but, eg, you set the instructions to always close down the opposition full backs, where does the press start? It seems like the instructions are conflicting. also do you close down great players to limit their abilities or rubbish players to increase their mistakes? I play with spurs on gegnpress and ask my players to close down all the opposition in the instructions but this doesn’t seem to work. Also......why would you not show all players onto their weaker foot (obviously excluding two footed players). It seems like a needless instruction. thank you in advance to anyone who replies.
  7. Hi Hugo youre agreeing that a game we’ve paid for is fundamentally flawed and asking us to play it more to send more bad programming examples...not so you can fix the game we’ve paid for but hopefully improve the one you going to ask us to shell out for again next year. Something is wrong with the game and the attitude of the developers right now. Real shame.
  8. What other management game do you test for. FM seriously needs some competition. Still by far and away no1 IMO
  9. Why can’t this fit my iPad screen anymore. You either zoom out so the match is tiny or you zoom in and lose some of pitch. The view worked fine a couple of years ago.
  10. Another game beating Juventus followed by a 3-0 home loss to Cardiff who are bottom of the league but .... proving they are no pushovers lol. Rubbish algorithims which force results on you when there is no real power to alter the result. You know it’s coming. You play you mature grown up first team. You get thrashed. Hahaha.
  11. I understand and thank you for response. I have an iPad 2017. Its not the graphics that I have particular complaint with. It’s more the match play. Without taking the magic away can I assume that the intensity of calculations was dropped from 2017 to 2018 so FMT could be used on more tablets? Which in turn makes for more predictable and shorter sequences during the match. I’m still confused as to why the match in FMT17 was so much more enjoyable than 18 and 19? stuck record I admit but considering the money I have spent down the years on FM I’d like some transparency
  12. Thank you A457 I’ll definitely try that. The annoying thing though is the terrible lacK of variety in the match. So ridiculous goals get scored very regularly. The match engine on FMT has gone backwards which is damning in gaming, the definition of which should be constant progression.
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