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  1. Have to use phone to take the photo due to iPad Pro screenshot more than 15mb in size which couldn’t be uploaded
  2. This year version probably the best FMT ever on iPad Pro. Totally almost similar with FM20, I play FM20 at home and play FMT20 at work. sharing some screenshot FMT20 very high graphics on iPad Pro
  3. First time experience this kind of pain.. you are on the winning side.. and.. 3 penalties given in 10mins time, and you lost the game. Sad. Hope this is not bug. Lol.
  4. Hi SI Team, wanna ask if you have any planning to add high graphics option setting for IOS? I own all FM,FMT&FMM every year since 1st FM release. I use FM at home, FMT at office & FMM at outdoor. When I’m in office working, I would prefer to use my iPad Pro to play FMT so I could distress from work. I always hope to have better graphics option 😬 and I believe IPad Pro 3rd Gen could support it, or maybe I’m wrong.
  5. That Origin.Unknown is just a new account dumb with a LOW IQ. He saw Neil replies yet bark like a B1tch.
  6. Hey dog, you read Neil post at other thread and you know the reason why PC is delaying, because of APP STORE. “ Apologies we addressed it elsewhere. There's a different submissions process for games available on Tablet, unfortunately this means that occasionally there can be slight delays in being able to release updates at the exact same time as those only available on Mac and PC. We also don't want to be in a position where you've got two different versions of Touch available which would cause major issues for anyone using cross-save compatibility. We hope to be able to update soon, sorry for the inconvenience. ” I hope a dog like you can read simple English.
  7. Go spend some money to buy the full version ? Stop barking here like a b!tch. Or your mom is the dog that born you such a stupid dog, LMAO
  8. Are you stupid or a dumb? They already updated the game. Is just the App Store is pending the release. Oh god. So irritating
  9. Anyway good luck, hope your team can done it before March, the transfer market end.
  10. My apologies if I being too blunt, I have been a quiet players for years already. And you can see my last post of asking iPhone X update.. 2months+ ago? Thank god Fm and touch version is a great success. But sometime I still feel frustrated when I can’t play FMH from my phone while I’m working at office.
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