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  1. Hey knap can you reproduce valverde barcelona tactic to fix in fm 2017?...plsssss
  2. Valverde's Barcelona

    Can you post more screenshots?
  3. Valverde's Barcelona

    Can you post the screenshots?
  4. Can you help me with screenshot pls...
  5. I can't dowloand...pls post me screnshot...
  6. I'm fan of 433 sistem and i wanth to play with stutgart...
  7. What player instruction do you use...pls post a screenshoot......
  8. But help me with a tactic that works in fm 2017?
  9. For fm2017 do you wanth to help me with a 433 tactic?
  10. This tactic works in fm 2017?what mens mezzala in fm 2017?thank you