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  1. I want to play with leeds ...to promovate in premier league and go to top 4 in first seazon and win the title in second seazon...i want ti play with your tactic money...do you thing i have to change some role in the tactic or let the tactic as she is?...sorry for my english...this is not my language
  2. Hey knap pls help me with a tactic 41221/ 433/ 4123....to work with a team that is media prediction 10 in every league from the europa...i whant a tactic that help me to be in 1 year top 4 and second year to win the league...tnhxx
  3. Hey knap what is your best tactic 41221/ 433 / 4123 tactic for underdog team? Thnx
  4. Can someone help me with the download link of the tactic liquid 4123 ??? Thnx
  5. It help me more if i change cwb with iwb s , positiv mentality and change the defens line to standart...do you think it's a good idea to make all if this changes in money 451????
  6. Hey knap do you have a tactic wchici replicate klop style and works with a undedog team...a 4 3 3 or 451 or 41221 ???
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