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  1. Depends, if you're on FM22 it is bugged so really can't use possession stats at the moment. If it is FM21, only things I'd suggest is changing your DM to a DM-D, they tend to recycle possession more instead of trying risky passes. Change the Mez to either a CM-Su or a DLP and open up your left side a little more, maybe change the IWB to a FB-Su or change the IF to a winger to allow passing options. Currently they seem a little bunched together. Maybe change be more expressive and just up the tempo up a little too!
  2. ME feels like another step back. FM21 seemed a huge step up from the previous version, with the inclusion of central play and other tweaks. Sure, it wasn't without fault but was the most enjoyable ME for a while. FM22 in beta form feels off. If you aren't pressing full on, the pressing feels off and doesn't match what you're asking them to do with lines of engagement. The balanced tactics from previous versions don't really seem to work and putting everyone attack seems to automatically work, which again shouldn't be the case. I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this but I find without everyone on attack players aren't stretching the pitch and it just becomes a tight cluster in the middle, with the CB's even running past midfielders with the ball often, just leaving such an odd shape in possession. I appreciate this is the beta so hopefully the changes will be made for the full release!
  3. In most games played possession stats are hugely in favour to the AI, which would be fine but the way they are doing it doesn't feel realistic. They are in their own penalty area and around like the below -
  4. http://<iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/yoJC2B1sHdXJjPTnEs" width="480" height="371" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/wetv-omg-flirty-yoJC2B1sHdXJjPTnEs">via GIPHY</a></p>
  5. This maybe a very niche suggestion, however I would like it within the tactics so that players always maintain some form of width, with the ability to spread an opposition team. Take a look at Man City for example, when the IWB cuts inside the winger maintains the width and when the winger is inside the IWB spreads the play by sitting wider. If both of them are sitting narrow you sometimes find the central midfielder providing that width. Too often I find all players occupying a narrow space, where in a real life situation their logical may tell them to pull wide to create more space.
  6. I'd look at changing the AF-A if you want more possession. You'll find that players tend to play long more to the AF who's constantly trying to break the line. You'll sacrifice a few chances but not loads if you try the CF-A just make sure it's the right player.
  7. Can someone tell me what the issues are if you set up like the below - DLF-Su IF-At AM-At IF-At CM-De DLP-Su WB-Su CD-De CD-De WB-su SK/GK I would use with a top team and would accept that the counter is obviously an issue. My goal is to provide width with the WB's, hold the ball and retain possession through the 2 midfielders and have attacking runs behind the line with the 'attacking 3' along with having the DLF interchanging. TI's would just be shorter passing and a higher line with the front 4 pressing more.
  8. Have to agree - my go to is the AM-A in FM21 for the number 10 and Bruno is consistently good. My Madrid side in the early days practically relied on him most matches to show up, which he did time and time again.
  9. Does the attacking mentality mean players will make more runs in behind? Feels that way but can't tell if its just a placebo!
  10. Did think that but its been the same across different saves and different players. When I move them into another position and role eg RW IW-At they seem to perform a lot better.
  11. Been trying to get an IF-At to produce the way I want him to, by being consistent. I've had multiple tactics and even though they score they just go missing in others, with possibly not enough opportunities for them in the right areas being an issue. Does an underlap help within this tactic? My go to is to overlap as it makes the WB more aggressive but can see how it is counterproductive for the IF. Does underlap help feed through balls to the IF more?
  12. Attacking mentality to get more forward runs, shorter passing and higher tempo.
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