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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've been tweaking the tactic around and this seems to get the best results for what I'm looking for... attacking football and controlling the game with around 60% possession most games - WBSu CBD BPDD IWBD DLPD BBMs IFA APSu WSu CFSu I can post more info if people are interested.
  2. Could do with a bit of help with this tactic - I typically like to control the game with possession but happy to sacrifice a little for a little more open attacking play. I'm not quite sure what is wrong with this tactic, I tend to find myself scoring mainly from set pieces and not many from open play with lots of ups and down with scoring. I reduced my TI's from dribble less and more disciplined and a few more to try play freer but hasn't changed in the scoring department. I've also tried changing the below with little affect - AM-S to AM-A IF-A to IF-Su/W-Su CM-D to DLP-D AP-A to Mez-Su CWB-Su to IWB-D AF-A to a lot of different things (my striker scores few goals, outscored by most of the other attacking roles) Is there anything glaringly obvious I'm missing?
  3. Is there a way to find out player & team stats across the league for previous seasons? For example - the top 3 for assists, goals & player rating? I would assume it's stored somewhere just can't seem to find it!
  4. Have to agree with everyone above, fantastic job!
  5. Will give it a try - thanks for the reply!
  6. I get it is a 'good player' guide but I can't seem to get the best out of Griezmann. I have tried him as ST (T - At), LW (IF - Su&At), RW (IF - Su&At) but to no real affect. He goes on international duty and scores for fun then comes back and gets 6.4's in a winning team. Any advise? Has anyone got him playing well?
  7. Is it possible on iOS? I have reloaded skin and turned on and off. Seems to only affect a few -
  8. I've downloaded one of the packs but missing Newcastle, Bournemouth etc. Is this a bug or just don't have them in the pack?
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