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  1. I've managed to have decent success with the formation below - Stats of the AP (yes I paid £98M, probably worth it!) -
  2. No defend duties outside the CB & GK, 4 attack duties, all with attacking mentality and winning everything. Why even bother trying to create balanced tactics?
  3. What's everyones experience with using IW in both the AMR and RB positions? Currently using it and seemingly works well, one sits in whilst the other goes wide. Is this everyones experience?
  4. Tried this too... just made the text smaller and nothing else! Can't get the resolution right either - seems to just make it look blurry...
  5. Tried zooming - doesn't change much. Think you're right. Don't think I can change resolution unless I change it source, which is just annoying to do.
  6. As good as the replies are they don't help me much Anyone got anything?!
  7. You can change the pace, acc, finishing etc through the in game editor anyway if you wanted to. I think changing things like game modifiers just makes the game more like an arcade rather than a simulation too so would rather they avoided anything like this as it almost feels like a step backwards. There's two points to note when people speak about the ME; 1 - Broken aspects of the ME that need fixing - for example in the current ME long balls & 1 on 1's clearly need looking at, which, when fixed should remove a lot of the complaints. 2 - I think your point with managers striving to have 'perfect games' also applies to FM however people are much less patient and declare the ME to be bad when it doesn't work out. I'm not sure you can please all of these people even if you make a whole load of changes.
  8. Bit of an odd one and I'm sure it's a quick fix but... Recently I've bought a new PC and started playing FM on it however on 2D the dots seem a lot larger than they were previously and seem to take over the pitch a little. Is there a way of reducing them at all?! Edit - screenshot makes them look smaller too which doesn't really get my point across!
  9. I love 2 or 3 good attacking midfielders especially when they're not even in my tactic
  10. Have to agree with the majority here. The ME in its current state isn't enjoyable. The balls over the top are too accurate and happen way too often. It hasn't stopped me from winning but the immersion of the game isn't really the same. I've actually resorted to FM19 until the patch comes out, which made think about the clear cut chances. When watching in FM19 some chances are definite clear cuts but don't register as so whereas in FM20 it's quite clear that there are too many. If they could find the balance between the two that would be my ideal. I actually use the clear cut chances, key passes, assists to assess how my players are playing and whether I should be changing their position/roles so getting this more accurate would help out when picking the right teams. I love the FM series and I quite like the additions that have been made for FM20's version so will be looking forward to playing it again once the patch has hit!
  11. I agree with this, I've removed all instructions to press and even had my lines both on low and still suffered from these long balls since the patch. Only way I've found is sticking both full backs on defend but low line and defensive full backs isn't how I really want to play. Would be interesting to see the tactics that currently don't have this issue...
  12. I'd be interested how you get on with this. I've tried a similar set up with the advanced/deep playmaker in the 3 and enjoy the way they play but always feel there is a little something lacking compared to a BBM or a Mez. Maybe somewhere else to look at is changing the IF & FB roles to create a bit of variety which could help improve your midfielders performances?
  13. After having successful possession tactics for the past few years in FM I decided to continue the tradition and try similar tactics in this years version however have hit issues with pretty much all tactics. They just don't work. I can't even seem to get shots off never mind scoring and I have no idea why... I have tried so many different tactics, with logical thinking with the exact same result. So I decided to try this... which 99% of people would tell me it stands no chance but I'm averaging over 3 goals a game and conceding less than 1 with at least 55% possession - Can someone tell me why this works however the below doesn't? - These are just two examples but plenty of others have been tried with very similar results, inclduing trying these on balanced and positive.
  14. The fullbacks are just pinging cross field balls when they have options and are on shorter passing. So frustrating!
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