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  1. Is there a way to find out player & team stats across the league for previous seasons? For example - the top 3 for assists, goals & player rating? I would assume it's stored somewhere just can't seem to find it!
  2. Have to agree with everyone above, fantastic job!
  3. Will give it a try - thanks for the reply!
  4. I get it is a 'good player' guide but I can't seem to get the best out of Griezmann. I have tried him as ST (T - At), LW (IF - Su&At), RW (IF - Su&At) but to no real affect. He goes on international duty and scores for fun then comes back and gets 6.4's in a winning team. Any advise? Has anyone got him playing well?
  5. Is it possible on iOS? I have reloaded skin and turned on and off. Seems to only affect a few -
  6. I've downloaded one of the packs but missing Newcastle, Bournemouth etc. Is this a bug or just don't have them in the pack?