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  1. Did think that but its been the same across different saves and different players. When I move them into another position and role eg RW IW-At they seem to perform a lot better.
  2. Been trying to get an IF-At to produce the way I want him to, by being consistent. I've had multiple tactics and even though they score they just go missing in others, with possibly not enough opportunities for them in the right areas being an issue. Does an underlap help within this tactic? My go to is to overlap as it makes the WB more aggressive but can see how it is counterproductive for the IF. Does underlap help feed through balls to the IF more?
  3. Attacking mentality to get more forward runs, shorter passing and higher tempo.
  4. I have to admit I've struggled with Messi through the FM's. Currently have him as a F9 this time though and he's banging in the goals, averaging more than a goal a game in around 30 games. ----------------------F9---------------------- IF-At --------------------------------IW-su -------------AP-Su---CM-At------------- ------------------DLP-Su------------------ WB-Su--BPD-De--BPD-De--WB-At The theory was that he has the options of runners around him to either pass to or use as decoys for defenders to have to pick up. Relies on high pressing to work wi
  5. Can someone explain to me how through the same season, I'm doing really well with this tactic below and then once the update has been in place I'm being overrun, every long ball seems to fall perfectly and my players seem to make silly mistakes often. Final straw is when I'm top vs a team that have lost their last 6 games yet they're having more shots and chances than I am... Defenders all have 14+ pace and strong positioning and it worked well previously. Was this a fluke before?
  6. Ok will give that a go then, thanks! I played before with just a higher LOE, which gave us more room with the ball but seems to reduce the pressing success rate as there was more room behind it. Standard LOE I feel sometimes allows the opponent too much time on the ball too.
  7. Yes originally had DLP as AP but find he's not as available that way and has less space to work in. Had the RMD as a T but didn't give enough penetration. CF-Su seems to work less in terms of scoring vs attacking mentality but ends up being booted up to him and didn't want that. Trying to see if anyone else could advise on role changes to improve.
  8. Just after a little advice on the below, where can it be improved?
  9. I set this to start with, fairly wide (positive mentality) but soon moved to fairly narrow. Couldn't get the pressing to work and in reality the passing play consisted more of long balls which isn't what I wanted. Only ones I changed was to hold position which kind of worked in a way. I actually tried the CM's but don't seem to get the right penetration. When I moved to the 2 AM's it worked surprisingly well so tried to work around that and dropped the wingers into the midfield spots rather than the AML/AMR. Made the DLP to Defend duty but there is just something I feel is off...
  10. Is there a way to set up any better than the below? I always struggle with the width aspect when playing IWB's as the wingers never seem to hold their width. Is it due to player traits or does PI's such as hold position help this?
  11. Good to know thank you - have only tried it with left footers so will try that too!
  12. I tried this tactic out last night with a few tweaks to TI's that I like to see but nothing major. Little issue I found was at times the lack of width on the right with the IWB & IW combo but then in others worked really well to create an overload. Think my tweak tonight will be to make the IW to stay wider to try create a little more width at times. Liked the way the IWB worked and typically helped to stop the counter as well as worked as another passing option.
  13. That's great, thanks both for the responses. Will definitely give that a read.
  14. This is really good - I've been struggling to perfect the way I want to play in formation and I've come close to what you're presenting here but just always find an issue I'm wanting to tinker with. I had issues when playing fairly narrow players would be to compact and made it hard to create chances and players to create their own space. Can I ask - What is the reason for focus play down the right? What affect does this create? Do you find the DLP has a lack of options with the IF-A and the CM-A? I typically find he's trying too many long range passes as players aren't close en
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