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  1. 3 players in midfield are playmakers which means they'll all be attracted to the ball. I'd suggest changing at least one of them (maybe to AP-Su) to reduce it. A BBM may work well to create a bit more of a runner down that left hand side too. 3 playermakers paired with 2 BPD's too means you're probably taking a lot of risk with your passing, maybe look to make one a normal CB to reduce this too. I'd experiment with your TI's too, maybe taking off shoot on sight to see if you're creating better chances rather than a lot of wasted shots. Worst case start from scratch and build up from
  2. I would try a control possession type tactic and sign technically proficient players. Less time off the ball should mean less running and fatigue, without the pressing and counter pressing elements. Make sure you have players back to avoid the counter as quick players won't be an option to get you out of the hole and maybe even defend wide to push them through the middle? Will probably result in low scoring games but could be an option!
  3. Thanks for the replies, I've dropped the narrow width, low crosses and counter which seems to be working ok. When I try take off WBiB it just seems as though my long shots increase with no real upsides. Dropped the LOE too a little but seems to give the opponents more freedom just to play through me as the initial press seems less effective. I think the counter to that though is more chances come my way. I changed the DLF to a PF, swapped the attacking duties round on the left side and made my winger more attacking to try create an overload down that right, which seems to be working
  4. I've been starting to build a tactic that looks at controlling a game, has a high press and looks to counter when winning the ball back. I've been trying it out with Real Madrid, with mixed results. Tactic is below - Idea is to have a few runners for penetration but options around the ball carrier too. Front 5 have close down more urgently and mark tighter trying to press from the front. Is there something glaringly obvious I'm missing or is it just about being patient and finding the players to suit?
  5. When I had both what I wanted was a role I saw Fernandinho play vs Arsenal last season, which acted as a CB out of possession but in possession stepped up out of that line and offered himself as a DM that didn't push up as much, which in the most part works when I sit a DLP in front of him rather than the alternative of a HB that I feel can be caught out too far forward at times. Was curious without the ability to play the game at this moment in time what changes in characteristics the libero has when a playmaker isn't there!
  6. I've managed to have decent success with the formation below - Stats of the AP (yes I paid £98M, probably worth it!) -
  7. No defend duties outside the CB & GK, 4 attack duties, all with attacking mentality and winning everything. Why even bother trying to create balanced tactics?
  8. What's everyones experience with using IW in both the AMR and RB positions? Currently using it and seemingly works well, one sits in whilst the other goes wide. Is this everyones experience?
  9. Tried this too... just made the text smaller and nothing else! Can't get the resolution right either - seems to just make it look blurry...
  10. Tried zooming - doesn't change much. Think you're right. Don't think I can change resolution unless I change it source, which is just annoying to do.
  11. As good as the replies are they don't help me much Anyone got anything?!
  12. You can change the pace, acc, finishing etc through the in game editor anyway if you wanted to. I think changing things like game modifiers just makes the game more like an arcade rather than a simulation too so would rather they avoided anything like this as it almost feels like a step backwards. There's two points to note when people speak about the ME; 1 - Broken aspects of the ME that need fixing - for example in the current ME long balls & 1 on 1's clearly need looking at, which, when fixed should remove a lot of the complaints. 2 - I think your point with manager
  13. Bit of an odd one and I'm sure it's a quick fix but... Recently I've bought a new PC and started playing FM on it however on 2D the dots seem a lot larger than they were previously and seem to take over the pitch a little. Is there a way of reducing them at all?! Edit - screenshot makes them look smaller too which doesn't really get my point across!
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