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  1. found workaround for italy and spain for Italy - Pro Piacenza and Matera have been removed from game causing error. +add Pro Piacenza to Serie C Girone A +add Matera to Serie C Girone C for Spain I opened "Spain leagues by claassen.fmf" and then saved/verified in the editor to convert to 19.3.0
  2. also cannot edit portugal and spanish advanced rules, same errors as above
  3. cannot edit advanced rules in Italian leagues please fix
  4. Right now we can only see goalkeeper clean sheets. In line with clean sheet bonuses for defenders, and as clean sheets are often responsibility for the whole defensive unit, perhaps allow a column be added to Statistics next to Appearances, Goals etc. for Clean Sheets.
  5. Basically the balance of the database is unrealistic Either PL teams are overrated or everyone else is underrated. Especially important is the example of clubs from smaller nations in qualifying. For this reason I spend a good amount of time addressing this balance in the database by decreasing the attributes of overrated PL players and raising some of the CA/PA of smaller european clubs, leaving a more balanced and less predictable game.
  6. What kind of evidence? The attributes are based on a researchers subjective opinion. I have just given mine.
  7. Sounds like there really needs to be more potential ability ranges - just a 20 point space instead of 30. I'm seeing countless players over the world never improving (or just a few attribute points to max potential) between 19 and 21yrs as their currently ability is already at the potential range lower range. Having another range will at least give you around a 10 point gap on average.
  8. Victor Moses' attributes really need a look at Crossing 10 > 9 Dribbling 14>13 Finishing 11 > 8 First Touch 12 > 14 Heading 10 > 11 Long Shots 11 > 8 Marking 4 > 10/11 Aggression 11 > 12 Anticipation 10 > 11 Bravery 9 > 11 Concentration 8 > 10 Decisions 15 > 11/12 Determination 8 > 13 Work Rate 18 > 15 Acceleration 16 > 15 Balance 14 > 16 Pace 15 > 13 Strength 18 > 13/14
  9. Excellent work. I have also witnessed this change from the update. Hope it can get looked into.
  10. After reading some threads it isn't so clear to me. My previous understanding is that DRIBBLING represents dribbling accuracy and error % when dribbling. PACE is top speed (over longer distance) ACCELERATION is burst speed (over short distance) However after reading some threads I am not sure this is correct. Alternative explanation: ACCELERATION represents speed taken to reach full PACE DRIBBLING primarily represents speed with the ball. Q: A player is dribbling a ball. Does a player with 8 pace and 8 acceleration but 15 dribbling, move faster, slower or the same speed (on the ball) than someone with 15 pace, 15 acceleration and 8 dribbling. Q: If Acceleration represents speed taken to real full Pace, why is it rare to see 17 Acceleration and 8 Pace? Q: Are Acceleration and Pace independent or are both attributes tied together?
  11. Nice job, that one looks good. Do you know where they source the faces from?
  12. Too much direct passing despite Cautious and Patient instructions. Balance issue needs readressing.
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