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  1. I have no idea who the hell that is
  2. I would expect scouts from Europe here next season (which is now, really, seeing as how ours is a summer league) based mostly on the fact that they already come watch our games. Oh and based on the fact we are sending kids abroad already by the dozens when they are 14-15, I'd say they are well underway with the diamond prospecting
  3. You are utterly bonkers
  4. I must say (as I've said on twitter) that I found it odd that at 4-0, 5-2 etc that you couldn't hear a damn thing from the 70k-ish French in the stadium while you could hear the 10k Icelanders loud and clear for nearly the entire game.
  5. Only team to score against France in open play (so far) Only team to score twice against France (so far) Should have had a penalty, ref was a bit of a horror show in the second half (both ways fwiw). This game sure as hell solidified any claim for video reffing. Once we didn't get a corner when we definitely should have, then there was the penalty, then there was a time where the ball went off a French defender, didn't even cross the line and they got a goal kick And to make it very clear before some buffoon makes the claim, nothing the ref did affected the result. Even if we had the penalty we were losing that game, the French were simple better. As for the "LOOK INGERLUND, IT'S THAT EASY!!"... They don't have half the players required to play the way France did ffs
  6. Ref got the decision wrong. Defender got the touch. This has happened so often this tournament. Need video reffing as soon as possible
  7. a worse rip-off than the Welsh attempt
  8. Think I've said that about 90% of the goals we've conceded with him in the team
  9. Hahahahahaha our national anthem not being a dreary piece of **** is probably the best joke I've seen you make.
  10. Our right back is also rapid as ****, it's the biggest reason he's a professional footballer, never mind in the national team. I wouldn't fancy Sterling to beat him in a foot race, especially if he's dribbling a ball in the mean time. 85 minutes later? I'd certainly fancy Rashford to win that foot race
  11. We don't have a :confused: any more? And not having Scholes as world class is just wrong, no matter if you hide behind "my obviously wrong opinion"
  12. I'm fairly sure Scholes didn't retire more than 18 years ago :confused:
  13. Second in our group, actually. The Czechs ended top. We did however kick the Dutch out, beating them home and away
  14. Was the exact same when we dismantled the Netherlands at home. Second half they just seemed to have left their brains in the dressing room and played right into us for 45 minutes
  15. It doesn't, it just means France (plus whoever it would be in the semis) have just been embarrassed too.