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  1. As it is stickied in the Football Forum, so shall it be stickied here: Do not ask or provide any information on such sites on these forums please. In future anyone who does will be infracted in accordance with the site rules. Asking for streams: 1st offence - A week long ban 2nd offence - A two week ban Providing streams: 1st offence - A week long ban 2nd offence - A two week ban Please note that these bans assume a clean infraction history. If you've already had a week long ban when you receive an infraction for this then you'll automatically be bumped up to the next ban wh
  2. I would disallow transfers in the first window for sure. Could make it a little competitive, awarding points for meeting certain milestones in accordance with how the real life club did over the season
  3. The Heskey one is brilliant, could work it differently to every other signup. PA/CA = 200, pick a load of 20's and see who can choose the worst
  4. Could (should) be possible in FM10 if you remake the English leagues, then you can set the price money yourself should certainly be a bit interesting as an AI experiment, that's for damn sure. Think it would be even better if you also reverse the league reps
  5. Should be manageable, surely. So basically I just compile the transfer thingys and send them to you after the deadline? How many are we talking?
  6. Sounds easy enough, when's the deadline usually? Or is that quite random?
  7. What does it involve robert? I do have some freetime most mornings-early afternoon. Not so much on weekends if that matters?
  8. Didn't actually mean you'd need group approval for everything. Darned work forcing me to rush through writing and not thinking clearly Say the game would be in country X, we would be managing team Y (we all have in the past, logical starting point). The save is posted and the group would have a discussion on what formation is thought to be best at the time. This would include preferred starting line-up and players for the future from the reserve/youth squads. This should give 11-15 names in the first team which players want to keep. A bid for them would have to be agreed by the group (majori
  9. New idea: A succession game. Read a lot of these on the civfanatics forum for civ4 and am thinking whether it would be a viable idea for FM as well. Basically I am thinking of having 4-6 players playing one career in unison. Each player would play 1-3 months at a time and then hand the save over to the next player. It is very similar to the monkies/southies game but this would differ in two ways: Shorter playing time, meaning it could at times be less than a week between your turns and more group involvement. All transfers and the like must be put to the group for decicion. Anyone have comm
  10. Don't know if I'll be around when the interest gauge is read but I'm definately interested that idea is steak sauce
  11. You broke the thread /o\ edit the post and use quote tags rather than code or at least have it in two lines rather than one. Apart from that it is way too long for me to even dream of doing it
  12. You've just made your experiment excpetionally interesting to me Keep with Iceland, it should be easy enough to make variables there. Keep the league rep (5/20 iirc) and increase the rep of the teams, do it the other way around, make them rich with low rep. Just go wild, every value for the league and the teams are low to start with so you don't have to change everything around each time
  13. I like the sound of it. Maybe doing it seperately will give a more accurate image of each of them but I also think running all together will be interesting as it shows the three in relation. Maybe it would be better to do it with nations that are a bit spread out? As these clubs will instantly be fighting over the same players, or so I would think.
  14. I think it might be a bit too similar but that's just my opinion, I tend to be wrong a lot
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