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  1. At least your football team doesn't have any Ivano Balic type players. In that case I'd probably be actually delighted you won instead of jokingly delighted
  2. Keep'em coming, I'm sure I'll be able to make some amazing fries and stuff with Croatian salt!
  3. What? Literally nobody with half an ounce of sense in their head thought Croatia would fail in the group stages
  4. Or when you beat us in the play-off for the last world cup or through any of our meetings with you jammy bastards in any sport ever. Don't look too seriously into pisstakes mate, you might get some splash back
  5. Oh god, who knew Croatian tears would be THIS GOD DAMNED DELICIOUS?
  6. VAR should have given that corner to Croatia fwiw
  7. I'm betting Lloris was just concussed from when he was barged into earlier
  8. Yeah but now he did it against the Croats and that's disgusting, you see
  9. What utter rot, he can't make a decision on something he doesn't see And they damn well should change the game right in front of our eyes, you are literally complaining that players aren't getting away with fouls ffs!
  10. I missed the free kick given in real time as I wasn't home just then but having seen replays, he's halfway to the grass before anyone touches him Definitely a dive or at the best just no decision to be made
  11. Just one word that needs to be added, really. "Wrong"
  12. So if the referee, like here, hasn't even seen what he should be making a decision about, France are just supposed to be ****ed? Whatever the intent you think VAR should be applied with, the intent it actually should be applied with is to help referees approach 100% correct decisions. This "oh no, only MASSIVE blunders, not minor ones" crap is just that, actual crap. We should be striving towards getting the fairest refereed games possible
  13. It should help make major decisions correctly. That was a major decision. The ref looked at it and decided he got it wrong the first time. VAR working as intended
  14. A minute more than I predicted, to be fair And yet people will defend this rolling clock with injury time until they are blue in the face.
  15. In before 2 added minutes #StopClockPlease What absolute nonsense
  16. There's just no way in hell that isn't a penalty
  17. On the other hand, you can't have goals ruled out by VAR without scoring goals :fingertotempleguy:
  18. Horrible how the poor Russian fans couldn't start celebrating the equaliser due to VAR Absolutely RUINED football
  19. Yeah, I was happy when I saw him not mess around with actually approaching the ball. Really felt like he was gonna stutter a bit in the end.
  20. There was one I found a bit suspect when it happened. Might have been Rashford?
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