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  1. It seems that the exact contents of a training schedule vary depending of what was trained the week before. Following of course applies only if training is set to be handled by manager, not assistant manager. For example, if my team has Balanced training scheduled set for this week, and I go through the available schedules for next week, I can see that Attacking schedule consists of the following for both attacking and defensive training units: Teamwork Decisions Technique Anticipation Work Rate However, if this weeks training is Technical, Attacking training schedule contains completely different set of attributes: Technique Heading Anticipation Crossing (for Att unit) / Positioning (for Def unit) Dribbling (for Att unit) / Decisions (for Def unit) Problem appears to apply to all schedules, not only attacking schedule. I'm using iPad 9th gen with latest game version. I'm playing with a semi-pro team that has only one day per week for training, haven't checked whether it happens with pro level teams. Steps to reproduce: 1) Set training to be managed by manager 2) Set training schedule to Balanced 3) Progress game one week, check the exact contents of next weeks available training schedules 4) Set next week's schedule to Techical 5) Progress game one week, check the exact contents of next weeks available training schedules. Save game and screenshots provided.
  2. Just noticed that you have to tick "More Options/Enable Attribute Masking" when creating a game to get it applied. If you tick it, masking works just fine. In previous editions it was possible to switch on and off when ever you wanted. @crchamp
  3. Scouting range is set by your club`s board and does not depend on your scouting staff. It`s more or less tied with club stature, bigger clubs have bigger scouting range. I`ve understod that HoYD uses scouting knowledge as base of the ”pool of youth” intake is taken from. In your case having an French HoYD in an Italian club, would increase the possibility of getting a French youth in your club. HoYD also tends to find youths close to his own personality, so it`s beneficial to have a HoYD with professional, determined etc. personality.
  4. When applying Attribute Masking unlockable, it doesn't apply to any player. Even unscouted players have their attributes fully visible. Situation remains the same if masking is removed and applied again, or applied and restarted the game. Screenshots of unlockable status and player profile provided. I'm playing in Swedish 4th tier and can see full attributes of unscouted player from a lower division of another country. Save game file also uploaded.
  5. Don't choose a club when setting up a game, instead tick "Pick team later" in right hand lower corner and Create a game. After filling or choosing manager profile you are prompted to choose a club. On top of the club view, there is an option "Start unemployed". Other options are "Single team" and "Both club and international".
  6. When problem appears: After a match has been played and you have returned to you inbox. Place where problem appears: Open last match's news item in Inbox, tap "Match report", then "Analytical Data" under Post-Match report, then "Teams" tab. Problem: When you tap open for example Passes menu, you can see how many completed, intercepted etc passes the was in the match. When you tap anything else, all numbers reset to 0 and no data can be viewed anymore. It doesn't matter if you tapped the amount of some Pass type, opened another menu, or tapped team name, pitch area or something else. After this every data entry in 0, even if you exit Analytical Data view and come back again. In fact, it seems you can see any numbers in Analytical Data only once right after match. You save a game right after match, then after saving view the Analytical Data and see all numbers reset to 0. Load the save you just saved (before you viewed the data), go to Analytical Data and open Passes menu, you see everything is 0. Clearly Analytical Data view can access the correct data of the match, as the numbers first shown are the same you can see when match event has ended, and you view stats and Analytical Data. Save games before and after the match uploaded to cloud, as well as screen recording of data disappearing.
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