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  1. Further info, I got a receipt from Apple for purchasing the unmasking of attributes unlockable. Purchase is titled "Football Manager 2019 Touch, Maskering af egenskaber" so perhaps this comes from the Apple AppStore and not the game itself?
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply! I can’t find the cross purchase option in downloads, perhaps because cross-sync is not enabled? I changed language and data settings and restarted the game, no effect. In fact the language setting doesn’t seem to change the desciption or titles of the downloadable content. Attaching a SS with data and language set as german, buttons and tabs are in german but titles and descriptions still in norwegian/danish, notes seem to be in german. I remember having the same problem with FM18 also. Fm19 version is now 19.1.3
  3. Titles and descriptions for all unlockables are displayed in wrong language (danish or norwegian propably) in FMT Downloads. Notes for unlockables are in english though. Bank boosts are correctly in english. I’m using iPad 2018 with finnish set as iOS language and english set as FMT language. Unlockables should be in english so you’d know what you’re buying.
  4. I also like to use fictional names, often with some kind of twist; Jose Loser in Spain, last save was Jean-Franck Dissasteur in France and just started a new save as Enrico Horribile in Italy. South Korean manager He-No Win is also coming at some point, as well as English mastermind Kevin Cunning-Bloke :)
  5. Tapping the Analysis button left of Quick Pick shows or hides this info.
  6. I presume this is a bug and not a feature as it was available in FMT 17. After match has reached full time, there seems to be no way to replay the highlights or goals of the match. After full time the time bar disappears so you can’t watch match highlights again, and I can’t find this option on any of the post match menus or tabs either. Next to ’Leave match’ button there is a small arrow, but tapping it only brings a small blue box visible with nothing in it. I’m running the game on iPad 2017 with latest iOS and game version is 18.1.4.
  7. This is only a guess, but I understand it so that your coaching team level is low compared to the other teams (perhaps of equal stature) in the league. If it appears on positives, it says ”have one of the best coaching teams in competition”. As scouts get similar notes of their own, i think this only means assistant manager and head of youth dev. And I also think it doesn´t mean the attributes of your staff but their star rating.
  8. I´m playing with Solihull in Vanarama National and experiencing also a lot of penalties. In 18 league matches so far i´ve had 9 penalties called against me and none in favour. I know the team is bad in terms of quality for the league but it still feels too much.
  9. When comparing two players in Attributes tab, the last line under attribute averages containing height, weight and some third bit of info is only partially visible. There is no scroll bar on this page so you can´t roll down to see the whole line. I´m running iPad 2017 with iOS 11.1.2.
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