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  1. I have been playing fm17 for a long time and haven't actually complained about it but when you see a young regen keeper with 12 vision from the ya I thought I might have a modern keeper in my hand but sigh. I mean how could SI decide that vison isn't required for gks when some in-game ones have phenomenal vision. I wonder if that's present in fm20 too as I haven't played long enough to observe.
  2. Set pieces need to be fixed big time. First they added curling physics in the ball soo much that it looks unrealistic, as if everyone is Roberto Carlos, 2nd the marking is very poor, every now and then they get a free header in the box, especially the DM and a CM are the ones who get those, a very few of them goes in though, but I'm talking about playing with Real Madrid here. Similar thing happens in the offensive SPs. Players like Sergio Ramos, Bale, Varane get get loads of free headers inside the box but scores none. That's not how football works. Another thing is Crossing. In previous
  3. use Chrome Remote Desktop, the best one available on market for doing graphical work. I use it all the time it works great n works great in playing 3D matches. There'll be minor stuttering but that's negligible.
  4. Same thing happened with Konami when they changed the overall engine from PES 13 at the expense of license they had specially from La Liga. Don't know why they don't learn. Why try to fix something which isn't broken?
  5. Look at the graphics here with strong contrast of FM17, a game I am playing right now Espanyol vs Real. Normal filter Strong Contrast FM 18, 19, 20 is just outright non compatible in front of this.
  6. Don't know if everyone already knew about it but I just found out you have to double click on both intros to skip them.
  7. well Ani-aliasing is worst this year in both ovr graphics n performance overhead. Put it to lowest, game will run perfectly smooth. Put it to medium or high you'll get no performance difference at all from medium to high and performance itself is horrible. If I get avg 29 fps in low, I get avg 16 fps in both medium n high which is super weird.
  8. FM16 is closer to real life stats but I think in FM17 other than cross-pass confusion key passes are highlighted perfectly n imo better. In my view a key pass should be the one which unlocks at least a half chance which is portrayed perfectly in FM17.
  9. league assists and all times assists in squad view and there should be 1 more menu when I press on a players history i.e. Overall Stats along with Career stats labelled as League stats.
  10. and the graphics too. In this world of advancing technology I just can't stand the dark coloured pitch and under-the-water graphics and very poor lighting in latter FMs. I don't know how they thought this as improvement over FM17 and they didn't even change it after FM18.
  11. Remove those add-ons, Open your game, go to Preference-Interface Clear Cache then check "Reload skin when confirming changes in preference" then tap Reload skin from right bottom. Restart the game.
  12. new optional position is good enough when he is accomplished. But to make natural which also depends on his other hidden traits for how fast he will be natural or is he going to be natural at all, play and train him there but he will lose could lose some familiarity with his old position which might never be recovered. Ex: if you are fond of Inside forwards but lacking in your youth graduates, you can train a striker in that role in a side opposite to his foot(i.e. left footed striker should be IF on the right wing position and vice versa) but you want him to be natural which he I assume
  13. so is the ping pass goals in FM20, but I'm not talking about realistic ME but better me. Ofc FM17 was far from perfect but so is FIFA 16, 17, 20 and so on! If you want realism go for PES which is a lot tougher and better but that ain't a management game so for a team like SI they did well in FM17 which was better than previous versions, animations were better than previous versions mind these bold words plz still it was bright and lighting were a lot better in some occasions a lot better than previous FMs especially the sunlight so were those animations. But my point is how the
  14. I get it but was that really game breaking? I have an advice use Wingers as Inside forwards, yes they will cut inside with his weaker foot but thats how the majority of traditional wingers play irl due to being shown their weaker feet and my main complain is GRAPHICS. I posted some pics earlier in this post and just compare them to shots of FM20. FM17 was a big upgrade in terms of animations and graphics over FM16 and then it went downhill instead. I mean dark pitches in broad sunlight? Dark floodlights, poor running animation and that Analog sprint I mentioned is just too painful to watch
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