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  1. It's about your tactics playing long balls on top of defenders and too many ccc. I haven't played FM20 but I watch it a lot on yt I find that long ball tactic overpowered and tou can score and create way too many chances with lower tier players against bigger opponents
  2. this has worked well for me so far, * keep the mentality Calm while giving pep talk both in KO and HT * when giving pep talk to players coming off the bench, * when you say You have faith, keep it CALM. * when you see Let's have more of the same from you today is available, keep the mentality Assertive. And don't use Assertive too much as it doesn't help and also 'Agg-Concentrate' helps during the game when players aren't focused and when players are looking Nervous change his shout to 'Calm-Concentrate'. When you are favourite and you just scored your first goal immediately shout "Asser-Concentrate" although remember the previous point regarding nervous players and if still couple of players are looking complacent or uninterested (worst case) you can only hope that he plays well or just sub him and use the previous point of sub to motivate them.
  3. FM17 if you haven't played. Imo it has the best 3d ME and the graphics and overall lighting looks much better than latter FMs and also the overall gameplay, yes it doesn't have some eluding features like training sessions and club dynamics but for me its better ME covers that up
  4. well I was looking for exactly this and I certainly found a way and sharing this if not solved for you, just copy the above code after this code in Settings file in your skin folder (in my case this is fm17 base light skin) <!-- attribute graph colours --> <colour name="graph line 11" value="blue 300"/> <colour name="graph line 12" value="cyan 300"/> <colour name="graph line 13" value="yellow 400"/> <colour name="graph line 14" value="orange 300"/> <colour name="graph line 15" value="deep orange 300"/> <colour name="graph line 16" value="brown 300"/> <colour name="graph line 17" value="grey 400"/> <colour name="graph line 18" value="blue grey 300"/> <colour name="graph line 19" value="indigo 700"/> <colour name="graph line 20" value="amber 700"/> <colour name="graph line 21" value="light green 700"/> <colour name="graph line 22" value="red 700"/> <colour name="graph line 23" value="purple 700"/> <colour name="graph line 24" value="pink 700"/> <colour name="graph line 25" value="deep purple 700"/> <colour name="graph line 26" value="teal 700"/> <colour name="graph line 27" value="green 700"/> <colour name="graph line 28" value="lime 700"/> <colour name="graph line 29" value="blue 700"/> <colour name="graph line 30" value="cyan 700"/> <colour name="graph line 31" value="yellow 700"/> <colour name="graph line 32" value="orange 700"/> <colour name="graph line 33" value="deep orange 700"/> <colour name="graph line 34" value="brown 600"/> <colour name="graph line 35" value="grey 700"/> <colour name="graph line 36" value="blue grey 900"/> you can put my colour scheme which you can modify later and you can get these schemes in skin-colour followed by ticking the advanced settings <!-- (additional) stats colours. used on scout, confidence bars --> <colour name="low stat" red="225" green="91" blue="73"/> <colour name="medium stat" red="223" green="161" blue="57"/> <colour name="good stat" red="69" green="149" blue="15"/> <colour name="excellent stat" red="63" green="225" blue="37"/> This was taken from the settings file of the legendary Virtex17 2.0, I just modified colour schemes so all the credit goes to him. And this is how it looks.
  5. FM17 has so much better overall graphics than 18 and 19th version, haven't checked 2020 yet, but I want some mod to make it more contrastful
  6. not only excessive strength growth but overall physicality. I can single out many players who are AMs with 18+ Agility and Balance but less than 10 dribbling. It is just an example of how bad the attribute distribution is in FM17, I don't play FM19 but if it still exists developers need to take a long hard look at this.
  7. his actual point is how many players irl can you find having 17+ strength but height less than 5'8" in top 5 leagues? In gaming world you will find 5 times more players than irl. Overall distribution of attributes of fm17 has been bad but I still play it. I'm currently playing my 40th season and despite this uneven attribute distribution I love this game but still his point stands which I don't like at all!
  8. I am still playing no 40 season will kick off after a couple months. I manage 2 teams Real and recently appointed a new coach at Barca, it is so much fun to play classicos with all set pieces attacking n defending set to default as I play with same tactic. 3 Classicos CL final Barca won the last one against the odds with 3-1 victory over Real.
  9. Well rivalries are rivalries, isnt it? Think about what happens irl, how a rivalry is created, there are many possible reasons, 1. Results and success, 2. Heated games, 3. Geographical rivalry etc. I am managing Real Madrid for over 38 seasons and currently in 39th season in FM17, as I have this long save going I didnt want to destroy it by switching games so I stuck with fm17, I have the newer iterations as well but I don't play much of them. So coming to the original point as I have been so long in the save i have quite an idea to what relations are in this game, there are basically 4 kinds of relations in the game Human(H) to Club(C), H to H, C to H, C to C. It will be a very long article if I talk all about it so just focus on the C to C part, where rivalries exist, well I mentioned how rivalries happen irl, but in the game the results matters most about the new rivalry system, and geography too in some extent, I saw Barcelona having many rivalries in the game in the latest saves as they went downhill after 10-12 years after retirement of their stars like Suarez, Neymar etc and as they were loosing games even against very small teams, their results went to became very unpredictable over the years and rivalries are born. In the current save Barca have almost 9 La Liga teams in the rivalry tab! Guess what as I said they are kinda mid table to lower half team thats bcz of their results, they have rivalry with even Alaves with the value set to 45!! And why is that, cz they are poor and their results are unpredictable opposed to now irl where Barcelona are a dominant side with odds of winning all games except the even ones like against both Madrids, Bayern, Juve etc who are their rivals. Going into long saves will get you nice idea about it,
  10. I upvoted this post bcz its true that gk ratings are total nonsense, makes tons of saves and his rating is 7 then a clear cut chance and opposition scores and rating goes down to 6.6 although he made 12 saves!!
  11. i signed in after a long time and first i didnt realize what post this is, then i realized "ohh that post!", I think this was my first post here, I still play fm17 im in 38th season n I love this mod, more of advanced modifications I should say.. I have learned many things about oppositions' tactics after using this I dont use it now but i did for 1.5 seasons.
  12. means it is a bug isnt it? i dont think i have seen this in the previous seasons i may be wrong though
  13. look at the player 'Miguel Angel Ramos' he assisted 2 goals there i'm sending screens n video required to describe this, The problem is his key passes are 'zero'(0) ! but he assisted goals one from fk and another from cross, The quality of the video isn't that good, so plz bother watching with eyes rubbed clearly 20181021_221949 00_00_30-00_01_15.mp4
  14. its the same settings as it was in white theme fm16, here are the screens, by the way this is fm17
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