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  1. Marc Duffy attributes changes: November 2018: Bravery 18 December 2018: Bravery 18.4 PPM: Dictates tempo
  2. You can never avoid crossing. It's a tactic any team is able to play any time they want IRL as well as in FM. IRL many teams choose not to play this tactic as modern football is more about passing and movement. In FM however, teams choose to go more direct due to limitations in match engine and/or the AI manager logic. I understand your frustration and passion but imo you need to get over it and move on instead of repeating yourself again and again in this thread. If a wide player is in space and you have asked him to cross early, it can not be coded to not cross. It looks ridiculous just like it was in the first public beta version where the dwelling on the ball was introduced.
  3. Sure. I can only post screenshots on Monday but here is the tactic: 4-4-2, balanced mentality, balanced width, slightly more direct passing, standard tempo, hit early crosses, float crosses, be more disciplined Counter, counter press Lower defensive line + standard line of engagement, extremely high pressing intensity, tight marking Player roles and duties: GK(d), CD(d),CD(d), FB(s/a), FB(s/a), CM(d), CM(s), DW(s), DW(s), PF(s), PF(A) Crosses from deep for FBs and DWs, get further forward for DWs and CM(s)
  4. This is not true at all. Just select the 'Counter' option in transition and your team will be looking to counter as soon you win the ball back. I'm playing this style at the moment to great success. All my goals come from direct counter attacks.
  5. I suggest people (specially those who are not satisfied) not to post their feedbacks on the ME based on one match. After the recent ME update, I played a match with same tactics which I used to good effect on previous ME, but the football played after the update was aweful. I then made some tweaks and played few more matches and watched them on full. I was pleasantly surprised by all the tweaks and fixes and posted my review here in detail here afterwards.
  6. Public beta right now is in a better condition than the retail version imo.
  7. My impressions of ME 1918 so far: Positives: - Attacking movement is better than the previous ME version. - Tempo is now slower so players don't attempt to hoof/clear at every opportunity. - Wingers now look to cut inside a lot more even if you play left footed winger on left and right footed winger on right. This brings unpredictability in attack. - Wide players don't dwell on the ball too much and look to cross early if there's space. Very good. - AI is lot more aggressive and less likely to sit back prematurely. If they are a goal down in last 10 minutes, you may see them go in steroid mode (i.e. super fast tempo and passing directness). - More central ground level through balls if there's space. Don't expect sexy through balls against deep and tight defenses though, it's not logical because there's no space. Negatives: - Tackling has been toned down a lot, so if you don't use 'counter press' on higher mentalities, you'll have a hard time keeping the number of shot attempts low against you. As a result of this, defending is slightly difficult than the previous ME version. - Players sometimes smash the ball from wide areas into the box like they want to murder someone with the ball. - The crossing accuracy is low which is ok but selecting 'Float crosses' doesn't seem to work as intended. Floating crosses look like whipped crosses right now, so speed and height of the ball need to be fixed imo. Floating crosses should be high and slow.
  8. That's just not true at all and is a very misleading fact. I played nothing but low block direct football on FM18 right till the day FM19 beta was released. It was not at all about possession football only. In one of my saves, my only aim was to get my strikers to score headed goals and I managed to succeed in that. I was also constantly asked in press conferences about headed goals. In one save, I targeted nothing but direct balls into space from deep for my pacy forwards. I also succeeded in that.
  9. The stuff in bold is quite frankly a ridiculous idea. It's a simulation game, not an arcade. Making defending less effective would be like introducing artificial difficult level, which SI has always avoided and rightly so. And how would that make the game more balanced anyway? People will start complaining they leak too many goals and the game is broken as defending is broken. The real issue right now is lack of movement in the final third against deep sitting defenses so the defenders never really have to break their compact shape. If the attackers drag defenders deep/wide, the runners from wide and deep areas can then find a hole somewhere, just like Guardiola's side do. As for crossing, the AI prioritises defending central areas and fancy their chances of not conceding a goal by conceding wide areas to superior attacking teams hence the narrow defending imo. When I tried a wide tactic myself, I was able to prevent crosses to a fairly low numbers and hardly allowed any dangerous crosses.
  10. Not having any of the issues above. I am able to play direct football with lots of closing down in the centre midfield. (Positive mentality)
  11. Has anyone tried possession football on lower mentalities (cautious and below)? What are the results?
  12. Any feedback on new ME 1916 changes? I won't be able to play FM for next 14 hours.
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