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  1. Any feedback on wide forwards positioning? Is it possible for to ask them to stay high and wide for the full backs to underlap like Mahrez/Grealish/Foden and Cancelo/Walker do?
  2. Welcome to MIT. You will be working as a spy and crack Soviet codes for us.
  3. Can we somehow have version 22.3.0 from March 2022 as a beta version this year? If yes, I will pre-order it straight away and ruin my real life with long term saves just as I'm doing it with FM21 right now.
  4. Both are there. I've seen penalties given for handballs and I've seen players yellow carded for arguing with referees.
  5. What do you guys think Phil Foden's role was against Liverpool yesterday? Winger, inverted winger or inside forward? He is left footed and played on the left. Pep has me confused yet again.
  6. May be animations were not there but that has always been possible in last 3-4 FM versions as far as I can remember. My wide players always pass back if I want them to. This depends on mentality, tempo, tactical instructions and player traits. All new changes seem promising.
  7. Wide center backs are welcome addition. Any new roles for wide forward/AMRL positions?
  8. Tactics: Alright guys, here is the tactics I created to score that goal. Just remember though, even though the tactics worked in that match against a specific opposition, doesn't mean it works all the time. I'm still having to make tweaks every match and sometimes it doesn't work. Also, that kind of football requires more than just tactics. Sure tactics plays the major part but you also need: - good team cohesion - good technical players - good dressing room atmosphere - good tactical familiarity - specific training regime It's not a plug-n-play tactics, FM has matured so much now, the AI reacts to your changes very well. You need to be very patient. Sometimes your team will take until last minute to score that winning goal and sometimes you will be tempted to make them more attacking against weaker oppositions. Team instructions: - 'Balanced' mentality to maintain the balance between going too attacking or too defensive. - 'Standard' width for good horizontal spacing between players and not influencing their passing decisions. At the same time, I also want to create wide overloads like Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique's teams do, which I have achieved through specific player roles and instructions. - 'Shorter passing' and 'play out of defence' are pretty much mandatory for any possesstion based tactics. - 'Dribble less' to encourage 'pass first' mentality. It reduces the time it takes for the players to make decision whether to pass or dribble. They instantly think about passing first. This encourages quick passing which is required to evade opposition pressure. - 'Be more disciplined' is the key here in my opinion. I've played without it as well as with 'Be more expressive' but with both of these my players were sometimes trying hollywood passes from the deep (may be it's just my players), and I wasn't happy with that. Also, sometimes I was getting pinned back to my own half by gegenpressing and stronger opponents. You can always create movement by giving adventerous roles like mezzalas which as you can see I have done. - 'Much lower tempo' for patience. You can increase it by one notch if you need a goal desperately. - 'Frequently waste time' is to get some respite after intense pressing and tackling. Resting on the ball. Again, you can reduce it according to match situation. - 'Hold shape' in transition is the key. I don't want to play counter attacking football. I don't even have players for it. My midfielders are all midgets with low strength and pace. They are very technical and intelligent though which is the prerequisite for this kind of football. Player instructions: SK-D: No extra PIs BPD-D: 'Stay wider' FB-S (both): 'Stay wider' DM-D: No extra PIs Mezzala-S (both): No extra PIs IF-S (Both): 'Stay wider', 'Hold Position', 'Hold up ball' PF-A: 'Take fewer risks', 'Roam from position' Front 3 are all on 'Attacking' mentality. One 'teamwork' and one 'defensive shape' session before every match for match preparation training. Let me know if you guys have any questions regarding the reasoning behind some of the instructions.
  9. Cheers. It was TV camera with my preferred height and zoom settings.
  10. We kept possession for 2 min. 20 seconds. I actually didn't want my boys to force the play and wanted them to keep moving the opposition to find space. After the first minute, I got quite excited and started cheering every pass. The climax with the goal was a pleasant surprise. Also, clapped for my players afterwards like they were real.
  11. As soon as I am back to my PC, I'll post the tactic which I invented to create this goal.
  12. German Bundesliga is fun for me. Everyone wants to gengenpress you to death. So if you like to play possession football, it is challenging trying to play around their press and keep possession. This kind of challenge is fun for me.
  13. Hi all, my team Koln just scored this sensational 65 pass Guardiola-esque team goal. Pep would be proud! Just thought I should share with you all. Have a look boys: Potential of this games is immense!
  14. Eureka!! Just scored this sensational 65 pass Guardiola-esque team goal. The potential of this game is immense! Have a look boys:
  15. BIG UPDATE: So I'm just not happy with pulling my wide forwards back to MR/L strata. Sure I can keep possession but it just doesn't feel right. They are too deep and this is not positional play of Guardiola and Enrique. My aim with this save is to replicate meaningful positional play based possession football even with the limitations of the match engine and lack of roles provided to us by SI. If I just wanted to keep possession for the sake of it, I could easily do it but that's not what I want. So my current solution to have my wide forwards stay 'high and wide', 'hold position', 'hold up ball' and 'cross less often' is to play my forwards in 'IF-s' role with their strongest foot NOT on the opposite flanks they are playing. Meaning right footed forward play on the right flank and left footed on left flank. This along with other instructions of IF-s role makes them play closer to the real life wide forwards in a positional play system. Oh and 'Be more expressive' team instruction doesn't work for possession based systems unless mentality is below 'Balanced'. With more freedom there are too many hollywood passes from the deep which we don't want. So I'm still on flexible creative freedom. Here is the modified tactic: Modified player instructions: Both full backs: Both IFs: PF-A: That's it. No extra instructions for SWK-D, BPD-D, DM-D and Mezzala-S. Just their default instructions.
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