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  1. Nice thread. Just one question. Do the OIs apply to set-pieces as well? For example, if I set the opposition CBs to be never tight marked and closed down, will they be left loose on set-pieces as well?
  2. Yes, that's pretty much the plan. I have started watching videos of Spain's Euro 2012 matches to study their methods. Yes, I would not go more conservative unless I'm at least 2 goals up. Sitting on 1-0 is too risky for me too. I'm going to post screenshots of my tactics and some results soon.
  3. Cheers! We are close here. - Positive mentality (to play mostly in the middle third to final third) - 4-5 defend duties (to avoid getting caught on the counter and giving away attempts at goal) - Shorter passing (to keep it simple) - Balanced attacking width (to find space wherever it is available) - Much lower tempo (patience is key!) - High time wasting (if the ball is not in the field of play, no shots on goal + time to recover stamina) - Hold shape (no counter attacking as it will give the ball away) - Be more disciplined (Follow my tactics, do what
  4. So after trying many different challenges over the years, I have decided to start a new save (FM21) with the aim of playing the most boring football ever. By boring, I mean a 1-0 victory every match with my only shot on target and 0 shots on target for the opponent (this is important!). I want to put everyone to sleep including myself. Here are some of my tactical considerations so far: - I want to restrict shots at my goal so 'parking the bus' won't work as the opponent will be playing too close to my goal and inevitably there will be shots at goal. - When I win the ball back,
  5. Thanks for the great work on the pitch texture! Just one question though. Is there anyway I can increase pitch brightness in my current save without adjusting it via monitor? It's too dark in day matches and I can hardly see anything without increasing my monitor brightness all the way up to max.
  6. In FM21, how do I know which mentality my opponent is using during a match? In the previous versions, I could see from the formation widget what mentality teams were using by the title of the formation like 'Positive 4-1-4-1', 'Cautious 4-4-2' etc.. but this year, although I can see the formation, I can't see the title of the formation during a match. Sorry if this has been asked before, I can't find anything from the search. Either that or I am a bit lost in the new match UI design.
  7. Good positioning and anticipation could be a factor. The wing back may be finding himself in good positions to make a tackle most of the time.
  8. Wow that's impressive by AI. What's their formation and manager's tactical preferences?
  9. Are there more injuries, fitness drop or some kind of penalty for using gegenpressing 24x7 in FM21 though?
  10. Are these observations from friendly or early season matches? Because if that's the case, then lack of team cohesion might me affecting the decision making of the players.
  11. Wow.. 71% find it too easy. Can't be a coincidence. Count me in 'too easy' camp as well.
  12. Are there any new player roles or changes to existing player roles this year?
  13. I like to manage mid to low table teams with ambitious to qualify for Europe in few years time. Any suggestions from Bundesliga, Serie A or La Liga?
  14. Play them on support but increase the team mentality so they have higher individual mentality even on support. Balance roles of other players accordingly so that you are still defensive overall. Also have less aggressive team instructions. For e.g. lower DL, lower LOE, less urgent pressing etc..
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