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  1. No, he hasn't. He used to play 4-3-1-2 at Empoli before he discovered his 4-3-3 at Napoli. He continued it at Chelsea.
  2. The closest you can come to this kind of set up is Italian style 4-3-1-2 formation, which uses a Trequartista as AMC behind two strikers who provide width by drifting wide/moving into channels. Marco Giampaolo's Sampdoria plays this way. But even they defend in a flat 4-3-3-0 formation without the ball. The FM's version of the front 3 not tracking back without the ball is just stupid sometimes.
  3. This year's FM is anti-plugandplay. That means AI is better than previous years when it comes to countering your tactics. So you can not plug a tactics and sit back and enjoy as it smashes all the points and goal scoring records. The AI this year tends to play very defensively away from home and is brave and aggressive at home. As soon as it plays aggressively against your ultra attacking 4-2-4, it finds holes and is able to exploit it. Try to be bit more conservative away from home.
  4. And this is how it should be. If the opposition doesn't want you to control the possession, you should be flexible enough to change your style sometimes. If they are playing high line, murder them with balls over the top. Just add 'pass into space' shout and change roles to allow your players to attack the space. The opposition will then drop deep which will allow you to play your possession football. This is how you make other teams play on your terms. This is why Bayern at home IRL was scared to death against Liverpool. Their back four dropped deep every time Liverpool had the ball. It was only because of brilliant individual skill from Mane, were Liverpool able to take the lead. No premier league team IRL plays high line against Man City because Man City are flexible enough to murder you with pace and through balls from deep. People playing FM need to understand that sometimes you need to adapt. 'Plug and play' tactics do not work in FM anymore. AI has evolved.
  5. But that is how defending works IRL. Teams prefer to defend the center of the pitch by conceding the flanks to the attacking team. There is nothing wrong with the way FM19 is representing it in this version. It was wrong in FM17 where wide players hanged out wide all the time and attacking teams where able to penetrate the center with ease. I remember my whole tactics was based on playing through the middle and scoring goals like Pep's Barca. It doesn't happen IRL anymore. Teams just don't leave the center open.
  6. - What's the theme in this year's FM? Strong defenses which quickly retreat into a deep, low block so it becomes hard to break down and play through the middle. - So, how do you break them down then? You stretch them horizontally and vertically. You need to invite them, you need them to come out of their shell. - How do you stretch them horizontally? Obviously by using more width in attack. You either do this either by 'play wider' TI or if you don't want too much space between your players, you need to get a free man (FB/WB or W or IF) out wide. - How do you stretch them vertically? You need to have 3-5 players back building the play. This will draw the opposing team onto you as they can not ignore your defenders and defensive midfielders passing the ball around otherwise a measured direct ball will surely find one of your attacker in space. On the other end of the field, you need at least 1-2 attack duties so someone is always willing to make runs beyond the defenses. If you have too many support duties against deep, tight defenses, who will score those lovely tap-ins and will get on the end of those low ground crosses like Man City do? Man City IRL almost always attack with 5 players. Look at their goals. They always have 4-5, sometimes 6 players in the box attacking. They sure play short passing but they always have 4-5 players back to immediately counter press, win the ball back and recycle if their attacks break down. - If you are using 'Short passing' TI, don't shorten it further for your defenders by ticking 'Play out of defenses'. Every good team IRL has their defenders passing direct if they see a good opportunity once in a while. Look at Mane's first goal against Bayern in the CL. - If you feel your players are not playing according to your tactical instructions, don't hesitate to use 'Be more disciplined' TI. It's not a defensive shout, sometimes it can make your team play beautiful attacking football which you won't see even with 'Be more expressive' TI. - Don't go too crazy with attacking team mentalities, sometimes a 'Balanced' team mentality is more attacking than the 'Attacking' mentality itself. - Finally, balance is the key unless you have super human players like Ronaldo, Messi, Virgil Van Dijk in your team.
  7. Mezzalas are perfect for your style. I've played 2 mezzalas in a wide 4-1-4-1 DM system and it worked quite well.
  8. This is exactly what I want to achieve in FM19. I want a very structured style where my defenders are very defensive (mentality of 3) and my strikers are very attacking (mentality of 15). I have enjoyed this style in all the previous FMs. Lots of real life managers like Conte, Mourinho, Ventura and many others play this style as well. With team shape gone in FM19, I'm not sure how I can maintain depth in possession between my defenders and attackers without messing up the defensive shape.
  9. Your trequartista is already occupying space between the lines. Combine that with mezala and advanced playmaker and now you have 3 players occupying the space between the lines. Only space left for your strikers now is the lateral space into the channels which is correct behaviour. If you want your strikers to occupy space deep, you will need your centre midfielders to occupy space elsewhere. Try changing your AP to DLP and mezala attack to mezala support. Let me know if it works.
  10. I don't think there's anything wrong with the coding logic of the tactics module in the current FM version. Cautious should be low risk with and without ball and attacking should be high risk with and without ball. This is how it is currently which is correct. What's wrong is the AI manager logic which currently doesn't know how to play low block quick transition system on higher mentality against a top side for example. If the AI manager can combine low block, low LOE, low press and lots of defensive duties on higher mentalities, we may get realistic real life results. As for the OP, play a patient style yourself. Since you have better players as Ajax, you won't give the ball away to your opponent. Ask your forwards to man Mark their defenders so they can't circulate the ball endlessly. It's actually not that difficult to get your team to play how you want. All you need to do is just watch a match in full and you will get the ideas. You can resume watching matches on key, extended or comprehensive once you have cracked your style of play puzzle. You can't just magically expect your team to be invincibles on FM these days. Your opponent also tries hard to stop you from what you are doing. The AI logic has improved in this area from previous FMs.
  11. Currently support and defend duty wide players and strikers take up different defensive positions in a formation than the attack duty players. This needs to be separated into different 'with the ball' and 'without the ball' sections. There are several real life examples of teams using compact formations where their wide players and strikers play ultra attacking on the ball but retreat into compact shape when defending. Currently you can't do that in FM and it is very limiting in this very important aspect of modern football tactics. Please consider this change for FM20. This will make lot of people happy for sure.
  12. Try a playmaker in the center. Try lowering the tempo and play with width so players can find themselves in the space.
  13. My DLF(s) and F9 always come deeper during the build up phase, which is how it should be. Don't expect them to drop deeper when you are attacking in the final third.
  14. Marc Duffy attributes changes: November 2018: Bravery 18 December 2018: Bravery 18.4 PPM: Dictates tempo
  15. You can never avoid crossing. It's a tactic any team is able to play any time they want IRL as well as in FM. IRL many teams choose not to play this tactic as modern football is more about passing and movement. In FM however, teams choose to go more direct due to limitations in match engine and/or the AI manager logic. I understand your frustration and passion but imo you need to get over it and move on instead of repeating yourself again and again in this thread. If a wide player is in space and you have asked him to cross early, it can not be coded to not cross. It looks ridiculous just like it was in the first public beta version where the dwelling on the ball was introduced.
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