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  1. Play them on support but increase the team mentality so they have higher individual mentality even on support. Balance roles of other players accordingly so that you are still defensive overall. Also have less aggressive team instructions. For e.g. lower DL, lower LOE, less urgent pressing etc..
  2. Thanks for all the responses so far. One more observation regarding their tactics- they foul a lot but they don't go to ground while making tackles, so definitely no 'Get stuck in' instruction required. It simply means they apply intense pressure on the ball and get really tight while doing so, hence high amount of fouls. In FM terms this means very high intensity pressing TI. Basically their style is to use pressing as a defensive strategy rather than wanting to win the ball back to play their game.
  3. Has anyone able to recreate Jose Bordalas' Getafe tactics in FM20? Basically his tactics has these elements: Defending: - Always 4-4-2 shape. - Extremely narrow and compact shape (both horizontally and vertically) while defending and attacking both. They just never lose their shape. - Ball oriented pressing. - Not allowing opponents to play their game. Disrupting the flow at every opportunity by applying constant pressure on the ball (not the men). - Keep opponent away from their 18 yard box as much as possible. - Lots of fouls. Due to extremely aggressive pressing. - Very disciplined. Carry out Bordalas' instructions blindly. Attacking: - As mentioned above, extremely narrow shape. Always 4-4-2. - As soon as they win the ball back, look for a vertical pass. Preferably to their 2 center forwards. - Cross at every opportunity. - Very disciplined. Carry out Bordalas' instructions blindly. Some facts: - Conceded least number of shots on target in the whole of top 5 European leagues last season. Man City were the second best. - Most number of fouls and cards in La Liga last season. - Bottom 5 in possession stats in La Liga last season.
  4. Your players take time adjusting to your tactical changes. Once they are familiar, they will be more responsive to your changes even on 'Much higher defensive line'. Not that it matters to you but look at Mourinho and Tottenham combination in real life at the moment.
  5. I don't have any problem with the same setup as yours so you must be doing something wrong tactically.
  6. I have seen my CBs play well inside opposition half so that statement in bold is blatantly incorrect.
  7. A hotfix is for a game breaking bug. There is no game breaking bug in the ME at the moment, hence no 'hotfix'. There may be a 'patch' but only SI knows.
  8. What's disappointing and unrealistic to see is Man United in the top 4 in almost everyone's save I have seen so far. Oh and just noticed they finished above Liverpool as well. What the actual fark? I'm not surprised to see Wolves doing a Leicester in the game tbh. They are a very good team irl managed by a very good coach.
  9. The ME got wiser this year to the gung-ho tactics and duly punishing everyone for it. Just like in real life. You can do the same to AI too btw. If you see a high line, what will you do? Pass it around in your own half waiting for them to get back in shape so you can get hit on counter again? The issue with ME imo is defenders not reacting to these balls in time. If that's improved, then it will be very interesting to watch matches in ME. I also think there should be less Toby Alderweireld and Virgil Van Dijk type passing in the game. At the moment my technique 6 defender can play a perfect pass sending my 11 acceleration striker through on goal against the opponent 13 anticipation and 14 acceleration defender.
  10. Where have I said ME is perfect for me? I was just saying you need to adjust with each new version and it takes some time figuring out those adjustments. Since you concluded ME is perfect for me, I would like to inform you that I have issues with ME myself. But I always try and see if I can do something to improve myself unless it's something officially accepted as a known issue, in which case I either wait for the fix if it's something I can't avoid (the determination bug and penalty bug for example) or I try to find an alternative way. Your problem is absolutely tactical and I understand it may be hard to figure out the solution for you or you don't want to tweak it any further. Only you know the answer.
  11. I can guarantee you if I played with an anchor man, deep back line and balanced mentality, my team would be lowest in CCC conceded in the league. Restricting chances need much more if what you have tried is not working so far. In the beginning of a season you may concede more chances due to lack of team cohesion (not tactical familiarity), couter, conter pressing and marking instructions, player roles, duties etc.. I understand it's not easy for everyone to understand where they are going wrong but you need patience and will to learn to find out the behaviour of AI. Finally, just because you have played FM for 50 years, doesn't give you automatic head star over AI. There would be no need for a new version otherwise. Believe it or not but every new FM comes with a 'learning curve' even for a seasoned veteran.
  12. The defenders (specially top defenders) randomly not reacting to the long balls allowing one on one to the inferior strikers is the single biggest disappointment at the moment. Yes, the high DL needs to be punished but it should look natural. Currently it looks as though the defenders are re-tard-ed which is main source of frustration.
  13. After playing 15-20 more matches, I also feel that the long passes are a bit too accurate and the defence reaction time to these long balls also looks a bit low. Only slight tweak is required in both these areas imo. Nothing too drastic.
  14. What a goal! There's so much off the movement in that clip! It proves what the current ME is capable of.
  15. First of all, the guy who posted the video above in the feedback thread was really happy with the movement of the front three and the subsequent goal that was scored. This proves the guy didn't think there was anything wrong with the movement and he also didn't think the wide forwards were narrow. He may also have been using narrow tactics which requires players to overload the center. Here is the original post in which the video was posted. The guy actually liked the ME:
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